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Get Organized HQ ~ FREE Online Organizing Event!

Hey there friends, I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret from you and today I’m finally allowed to tell you. I’ve been asked to participate, along with 40+ other speaks, in an online organizing conference. I’ve already recorded my session and I’ve watched some of the other speaker videos and they are fantastic. You […]

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Chatting All Things Organization on the A to B Organizing Podcast

Hey there lovely people, I wanted to pop in quick to tell you about an awesome organizing podcast that I’ve been loving lately. I listen to podcasts every day on my morning walks and it totally makes the time pass by so quickly. One of those podcasts is the A to B Organizing Podcast with […]

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What is the difference between organizing and simplifying?

Last month I sat down for a super fun interview with my blog friend, Mridu Parikh, from Life is Organized. Mridu is as passionate about organizing as I am as you will clearly see in our interview.  We both were just giddy talking about our favorite subject.  Seriously it was a good thing she had […]

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