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Sanity Saver: Free Printable Screen Time Tickets for Kids

Hi friends, I’ve been trying to come up with useful material to help you and your families as you spend more time at home. One of the biggest hurdles is monitoring screen time. At least it is in my house. Something tells me I’m not alone in this. So today’s post will provide some help […]

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Age Appropriate Chores for Kids with Free Printable Chore Chart

Long time readers here will know that I used to talk non-stop about the importance of children doing chores. It seems in recent years I’ve talked less about it however that doesn’t mean I think it’s any less important. To have everyone contribute in someway to the household responsibilities is one of the best decisions […]

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5 Tips for Moving and Organizing College Students

The following is a guest post with 5 tips for moving and organizing college students from regular contributor, Morgan from Morganize with Me. Well, it’s getting real! Our oldest is heading off to college. (Stop the clock!) While we’re thrilled for her to launch, we’re also really sad that this is now going to be […]

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My Three Go-To Tips for Organizing Outside Toys in the Garage

The following is a guest post with her three go-to tips for organizing outside toys in the garage from regular contributor, Morgan from Morganize with Me. Summer…is it almost here? I’m not feeling it quite yet, mainly because we just had a snow day here last week in Colorado! Oh well, soon enough it will […]

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Small Organized Spaces: Simple Art and Office Caddy

Hi friends, happy Friday to you all. I’m back today to share a simple organized art and office caddy with you. This post is part of the small organized spaces series that I’ve been doing. This particular art supplies and office caddy setup was originally shared by Rachel, a former blog contributor here, a couple […]

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Organized School Memory Storage Boxes

The following is a guest post about her school memory storage boxes from regular contributor, Kristin at The Gold Project. Back to school is in full swing for most of us, which means school papers are coming home almost every day. Or, it seems like every day to me. I have two children. My daughter […]

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