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    Lora says

    Sign me up!

  2. 606
    romina says


  3. 607
    Teri says

    I need help.

  4. 608
    JoAnne Sisco says

    Awesome site!

  5. 609
    jean d k says

    Let’s get busy!

  6. 610
    Missy says

    Please sign me up.

  7. 611
    Sue Polgar says

    sign me up please?

  8. 612
    Meemaw says

    A grandma who never got her stuff together but doesn’t want to leave the family with a mess,

  9. 613
    Bonnie says

    Other than clearer skies, happier planet, the only other upside to this horrible pandemic is having time to find you on internet! Hey Soulmate, where have you been all my life? I cleared area by tv/reading chair, my scary messy nest. Hurrah! Even cleaned!!! Put all tiny bits I use at night, that end up on floor or chair (ouch, nail file) in a pretty flip top box. Can’t lose top… Thought I was hopeless. Neverending battle distressing, overwhelming. Honestly, no more! I CAN LIVE MY LIFE and have already succeeded in less than a week. You are awesome. So am I! OK to edit this…


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