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Organizing Rules to Follow to Be an Organizing Junkie Like Me!

At one point or another, in the past 14 years, you may have heard me mention all these rules. However, they need to be repeated because some of you are breaking these organizing rules and aren’t even aware you are doing it. I definitely don’t like to use the word rule around here too often […]

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Smile Sparks ~ A Movement to Ignite More Smiles Everywhere

Something you may not know about me is how much I love to smile. Not only do I love to smile but I also love to make others smile. It brings me great joy to bring a smile to someone’s face. Whether it’s with a silly dance, a funny costume, an out of tune song […]

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Organizing Experts Share Their Secrets for Living a Happy Organized Life

If your desire is to live a happy organized life in 2020, then you’ll be very interested in today’s post. Are you struggling to get your home in order? Do you wish you had the mindset and discipline it requires to get it done? Do you have particular areas of your home you just can’t […]

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Intentional Living and an Organized Home ~ Part One

The following is a guest post about intentional living and an organized home from regular contributor, Kristin at The Gold Project. Welcome to 2020! The start of a new year is always refreshing. It seems like a great time to make new goals with a new attitude. I used to make new year’s resolutions. Then, […]

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3 Necessary Steps for Intentional Goal Planning

The following is a guest post with 3 necessary steps for intentional goal planning from regular contributor, Morgan from Morganize with Me. I started 2019 with gusto! In fact, I even got my husband, David, to join my goal planning with me. Last January, I went out and purchased two poster boards, one for each […]

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Do Yourself a Favor and Just Say NO to Negative Emotional Clutter

The following is a guest post about saying no to negative emotional clutter from regular contributor, Kristin at The Gold Project. I have spent many years and countless hours worrying about other people’s “important keepsakes.” Those items that were passed down to me or gifted to me that served zero purpose in my life. It […]

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