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Ikea Raskog Cart Makeup Organization

The following is a guest post about her Ikea Raskog cart makeup organization from regular contributor, Kristin at The Gold Project. My makeup collection isn’t the biggest in the world. I actually use the same products every single day, so everything can fit on one section in my Ikea Raskog cart. I started using this […]

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Small Organized Spaces: Small Entryway Closet Seasonal Refresh

Hi friends, have you done anything this week to make your home more organized and functional for you and your family? This can be so difficult to do with busy schedules. Often creating functional spaces is what gets put off for other pressing tasks. That’s why I am such an advocate for making small organized […]

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Small Organized Spaces: Organizing & Decluttering DVDs

Okay so we tackled the books not long ago and now it’s time to think about organizing and decluttering DVDs. It’s hard for people to part with books and I know for many it’s hard to part with DVDs as well. Decluttering DVDs is hard for me, as you will see below, I totally get […]

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Small Organized Changes in My Living Room

Hey y’all, today’s post is all about more small organized changes I’ve been making. My husband recently bought me some new living room furniture for our 23rd wedding anniversary. We’ve actually been looking for awhile, ever since we painted our living room last year. Of course it took us awhile to find the right one […]

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Small Organized Spaces ~ Lazy Susan Cabinet for Spices

This past week I was cleaning up my kitchen as I do every morning and before I knew it I was emptying out my lazy Susan cabinet and organizing my spices. My current spice set up wasn’t working for me anymore and needed to be fixed. I went back to the blog and realized that […]

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