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Teaching Your Children to Organize: Stop Tossing Their Stuff!

I’m digging into the archives today to republish this important post about how to teach your children to organize. And, surprise, it doesn’t involve tossing out their stuff on them. Teaching our kids how to organize is essential to their future. My kids are now 21, 18 and 12 and my advice below still holds […]

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Need More Storage Space? Consider This Before Deciding to Love Your Home or List It

I’ve been binge watching old episodes of Love It or List It Vancouver lately. It’s similar to the Toronto version but based in Vancouver with hosts Jillian Harris (designer) and Todd Talbot (realtor). For those that aren’t familiar with the show, let me explain. Basically a couple is torn between loving their home (after extensive […]

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8 Time Saving Tips for Successfully Selling Your Clutter Online

The following is a guest post from Sarah at Organized With Kids!¬†with tips for successfully selling your clutter online. Sarah is a super nice fellow Canadian that I “met” online through Instagram. After seeing how successful she was selling unwanted items from her home I asked her to share how she does it with us. […]

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8 Tips for an Organized and Successful Garage Sale

The following is a guest post with tips for an organized & successful garage sale from regular contributor, Yuni at Love Your Abode. Hey friends, I’m sure you are all getting for the holiday season that is quickly approaching us. I hope that you will purposely try to slow down and really savor and enjoy […]

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Power Pickup: The Easy Way to Reset Your Home

After a few busy weeks with company visiting us I desperately needed to do a house reset and thought some of you may be interested in how I do this. I call it my power pickup and this technique is especially effective if you have random stuff piled up everywhere and are feeling overwhelmed with […]

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Clutter Blindness and How Doing This One Thing Can Make all the Difference

Now I know this is a topic I’ve touched on many times before (and you’re probably over me talking about it) but I recently had a related experience happen that I want to share. That topic is clutter blindness and how we often just stop seeing it. It happens to all of us including me. […]

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