5 More Organizing Tasks to Tackle at Home This Week

Hi friends, I’m so glad you are here. This has been a tough week for everyone as we try and figure out our new normal. It’s so hard not to get wrapped up in all the worry and fear. I am leaning on my faith so much right now to keep the anxiety down. And it is working and I’m so grateful. I will continue to pray for you all and if there is anything specific I could pray for you please reach out to me. Last week I shared my first list of 5 organizing projects you could do while social distancing. And this week I am sharing 5 more organizing tasks to tackle while at home this week.

To review last week, those first 5 tasks were as follows:

1. Organize your freezer

2. Organize your books

3. Organize your t-shirts

4. Organize the school papers

5. Organize your pantry

If you joined in on this challenge, how did you do? I’d really like to know!

5 More Organizing Tasks to Tackle at Home This Week at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

Are you ready for this week’s top 5 tasks to tackle? I’m trying to mix them up and give you a good variety of tasks each week. Let’s get going!

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1. Organize your entryway:

If you have an entryway closet, take the time to give it a good cleaning and purge. If you haven’t worn a pair of shoes or a coat in a year, it’s time to part with them. A one year rule is a good measure as it covers all the seasons. You didn’t grab them to wear for a reason in that time so consider that when making your decisions on what to keep and what to purge. I shared my own entryway closet on the blog back in 2018 and it’s still organized the same way. That’s saying a lot! Check it out if you need some ideas.

small organized entryway closet

2. Makeup purge & brush cleaning:

Now is a good time to spring clean your makeup drawer or bag. Makeup has expiration dates and so it’s important to regularly go through it and purge out what’s expired and no longer worn. And while you’re at it you might as well clean those brushes too! Makeup goes on so much better when using clean brushes 🙂

All the information you need to help you do this can be found right HERE.

cosmetics spring cleaning

3. Fridge organization:

Last week I had you organize your pantry because we are all carrying a little more stock these days. Same goes with the fridge. Take everything out and give it a good wipe down with soap and water.  In my own fridge I use simple plastic placemats to make it super easy to clean. I can pull them right out and clean them in my sink. I found an empty fridge picture to show how it looks. It’s definitely not empty right now though so don’t worry.

fridge placemats

Set up your fridge in zones to make it easy to find what you need.  Check out Morgan’s fridge organization post to get some additional tips.

fridge organization

4. Living room refresh:

Take a look at your living room right now. What do you see? Piles of paper? Clothes? Books? Toys? Dirty dishes? Covered surfaces? Cluttered floors? It’s time for a Power Pickup! <– Follow that link for all the details.

power pickup

Here are some small organized changes I made in my own living room.

small organized changes in my living room

And one more thing to take into consideration….clutter blindness! When you become so use to having every space filled that you don’t even realize how much it’s affecting you. It’s only once you remove it that you can often breathe again.

Every empty surface does not have to be an invitation to fill it.

5. Organize your nightstand:

My final task for you is a quick one to complete. It’s time to give your nightstand a tidy. If you have a drawer, dump it out, sort it out and put it back. Minus the junk and clutter of course. Use dividers if you have them or for now just use cardboard boxes with the tops cut off. Check out my organized nightstand post for more ideas. You’ll also want to clear off any piles and random odds and sods that don’t belong on the top surface. Clear the space and breathe again. Are you seeing a pattern here?

organized nightstand drawer

Okay there are your next 5 tasks to tackle. Are you up for it? Keep it simple and just use what you have on hand. Share you before and after pictures on Instagram if you want and tag me so I can see them.


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    Tami says

    Thanks for the list of areas to declutter. Keep them coming.


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