7 Daily Habits for an Organized Home with Free Printable Habit Trackers

Hello, I hope you all are having a great weekend. I’ve written many times about how my organized life is a direct result of daily habits. I have a bit of a squirrel mentality so I’m prone to getting easily distracted. Plus I tend to be on the lazy side. So I have learned over the years that what works for me is implementing daily habitual routines to keep me on track. Basically once these habits are in place I don’t really have to think about them anymore or be worried that I’ll get distracted and thrown off my game. Habits and routines are what keep me disciplined which makes life so much easier.

I’m organized because I am disciplined. I’m disciplined because I have routines in place. I have routines in place because I developed habits. This might indeed be the secret to an organized life.

7 Daily Habits for an Organized Home with Free Printable Habit Trackers at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog


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Small Organized Spaces: How to Organize a Kitchen Drink Station

The following is a guest post about how to organize a kitchen drink station from regular contributor, Morgan from Morganize with Me. In our current season, raising three teens, our front door and garage door both feel like revolving doors. We often have kids (or young adults) lined up at our kitchen island chatting, eating, […]

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The Hard Task of Decluttering Books

The following is a guest post about the hard task of decluttering books from regular contributor, Kristin at The Gold Project. Over the past couple of years, I have been in nonstop decluttering mode. If I think about getting rid of something for too long, then out it goes. But, until recently, every time I […]

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Menu Plan Monday ~ Feb 4/19 Weekly Dinner Inspiration

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! Hi friends! How are you? We have been experiencing some cold temps up here in Northern Alberta, Canada these past couple of days. Yesterday I stayed warm on the couch under my cozy blanket reading a book and it was wonderful. I don’t even have to convert this temp for […]

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Cupboards Without Wire Shelves!

Happy Friday y’all! I think of you all as friends so it only feels right that I share something important with you today. I wouldn’t let you go around with spinach in your teeth and so I absolutely cannot let you go one more day without wire shelves in your cupboards. I’ve got your back […]

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January Purge Piles and Organizing Resources Monthly Recap

Hey there, how are you feeling about your organizing efforts this past month? Were you able to corral some of your clutter and get it out the door? I hope so! And if not, I’d love to know what is stopping you? I can’t help you unless I know. Last week I shared with you […]

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A Look Back at Some of My 2018 Popular Organizing Posts

Hello! I’m late getting this up this year but I still wanted to do it because I like having a consolidated list. You know how much I love consolidating anything so basically I can’t help myself. I recently hit up my analytics to find my 2018 popular organizing posts so I could share them with […]

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