Menu Plan Monday ~ April 23/18 Weekly Dinner Inspiration

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Menu Plan Monday for the week of April 23/2018 - weekly dinner inspiration to help you get dinner on the table each night with less stress and chaos

Hey all! Not one of you were freaked out last week when I said I love Mondays. You are kind. So I’m going to step out on another limb and admit this week that I love grocery shopping. Is that weird? Like I really really love it in a really really big way. Ha!

I love the challenge of trying to stay in budget and watching the prices in case their is an error. In Canada at certain stores if you catch an error (an item scanned in at the wrong price) you get it for free (up to $10). No Frills and Walmart both follow this Scanner Price Accuracy Code and I’m not kidding I get something free almost every single week from one of these stores. Last week it was Terra Chips from No Frills. They won’t mention it to you. You have to mention it to them that your item should be free and then they’ll deduct it off your bill. It is sooooo worth it to watch your prices. Do you have anything like this in the US?


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8 Time Saving Tips for Successfully Selling Your Clutter Online

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Helpful Organizing Resources March 2018

The end of March is here, happy Easter to you! Before I get into sharing some awesome organizing resources with you, I wanted to remind you of some of the small space organizing posts I did here this month. If you missed any of them, please check them out. You might find them especially helpful […]

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