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I Finally Did It! Tips for Traveling with Carry-On Only

this post about flying with carry-on only is not a sponsored post however affiliate links are used which means I will make a small commission on purchases made using my links. This is at no extra cost to you. For years I’ve been dreaming of traveling with only a carry-on bag. I have envied others […]

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The Perfect Purse Organizer + Giveaway! (closed)

There are many ways to keep your purse organized and my wonderful contributor, Kristin, just recently shared a great post on 8 Ways to Keep Your Purse Organized.  Today I want to share with you what I use to keep my own purse organized.  I use an amazing purse organizer called the Purse Perfector and […]

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Back to School Organizing Tips, Drawer Organization, Pantry Makeover + more!

Hi friends, so nice to see you all here as we head into a nice long weekend, whoot!  School starts on Tuesday for us and I’ve been on an organizing whirlwind.  So much so that I keep forgetting to stop to document it all for you.  It’s just nice to be getting it done.  The […]

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SugarSNAP Files ~ Diaper Bag Organization

This is a terrific product for diaper bag organization.  Diaper bags are an essential part of traveling anywhere with babies yet they can often become bottomless pits.  In this video you’ll see why I love the SugarSNAP Files so much and how handy they are for keeping your diaper bag completely organized and hassle free.  […]

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Great Tools for Organizing Drawers

I love organizing drawers.  There I said it.  They don’t usually require a lot of time and there is something about it that I find so methodical and calming.  It’s a quick project that provides a great “high”.  Whenever I want to zone out for awhile I usually go and dump a drawer 🙂  So […]

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Off The Floor Organizers Review + Giveaway! (closed)

If there is one thing I look for in an organizing product it is versatility.  I always like to ask myself “can this product be used in multiple ways for multiple functions?”.  Why is this important to me?  It’s important because a product that can be used in multiple ways is a product that will […]

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