My 3M Command Hook Fix

So if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram then you already know that last week I shared how Target is now finally in Canada (!!) and how excited I was to go check out the store last Friday.  It’s not in the same town as I am but in the city a couple of hours away.  I wrote that I was most excited to check out the 3M Command hook display as I had a feeling it was going to be amazing after having visited a US Target last fall.

But first I have to tell you how beyond shocked I was to discover, after putting my Facebook status up, that there are STILL people out there that do not know what Command hooks are.  Ummm what?  Please say it isn’t so!!  I feel like I may have done an injustice to the world over these last 7 blogging years by apparently not getting the word out properly.  I must do better.  And no 3M isn’t paying me to say any of this although I have worked with them in the past which was pretty cool.  I simply consider myself the biggest fan there ever was.

Now let’s take a minute shall we to check out the display of Command hooks I had available to me in my local Walmart .  Not very exciting to say the least.


Although in all fairness they did just recently get in a floor display of a few more.  But look closely, not a clear hook in sight.

command hooks

You see all the old style white hooks now come in clear.  I only knew about them because awhile back 3M did sent me a bunch to review.  And it was love at first sight because now I don’t have to have a big white hook staring back at me if I don’t want to.

Anyway I headed to Target in anticipation of seeing rows upon rows of hooks and more hooks including those coveted clear hooks.  Boy I was not disappointed because here is the beauty of choice.  Choice upon choice upon choice.  I couldn’t even fit the entire selection into the picture.

Pure gloriousness I tell you.

And that my friends is what I call a swoon worthy moment.  Besides baskets, Command hooks are my #2 ultimate organizing tool.

The beauty of the them for those that don’t know (and I’m crying for you right now) is that you can put them up anywhere you need a hook but can remove them without damage to your wall should you change your mind.  And believe me I change my mind.  I almost never organize with a permanent solution.  That would be weird to me.  Next year I may decide I need a new system and want to change every thing around which I can easily do and re-use the hooks somewhere else.  I do not want to worry about covering or fixing holes in my walls, I am much to lazy for that nonsense.  Plus there are places you can’t use a permanent hook or nail, like in my vehicle.  They are awesome for renters too!

These hooks come off easily with no lasting effects.  I’ve used them for years.  AND I just want to say that I have never had a hook leave any damage to my walls.  If they do damage your wall I can almost guarantee to you that you aren’t using them right.  I’ve seen it happen.  You’ve got to follow the directions people!  Here’s a quick one minute video on how it’s done.  Also make sure you are using the right weight hook for the heaviness of what you want to hang.  Super important!

I’ve written about how I use these hooks all over my home many times before but I’ll share the links with you again just in case you missed them.  I must get the word out or I will cry if I hear one more person say they’ve never heard of them.  It’s very traumatic for me.

So check out below some of the ways I’ve used them and then go check out your own Target store for selection galore!  You can thank me later 🙂  Oh and nope Target isn’t paying me either….I think I must be doing something wrong 😉

In the garage:

To organize jewelry:

To stabilize frames with the frame stabilizers:

On the back of doors:

On windows:

To hang a calendar on a stainless steel fridge using the picture hanging strips:

To label baskets with the picture hanging clips:

To hang chore charts:

And in my vehicle to hang my garbage bag.  Everyone MUST have a garbage bag in their car!

There you have it, just some of the ways I use these beautiful babies.

Now who shares my love of the 3M Command hook and picture strips?  How do you use them in your home?

And for those that have never heard of them, it’s time to come out from under the rock you’ve been hiding under.  You can tell us, be brave!  I promise I won’t cry too much 🙂

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47 Responses to My 3M Command Hook Fix

  1. 1
    Kimberly O says

    The only problem with the hook in the car in Texas is that the heat is so bad it melts off of the car interior. I love my command hook but not in the car. ?

    • 1.1
      Laura says

      Hmmm well that is something I have never had to consider living here in Alberta Canada. We don’t get quite as hot as you do down there so we don’t have that particular problem. I never would have thought of that.

    • 1.2
      Sibyl Scott says

      Well crud—I just saw the command hook in the car idea and thought that would be neat for my vehicles—but I also live in Texas, and it stays hot most of the time—I guess I could try it—wouldn’t hurt too much. Laura thanks for the excellent ideas.

      • Laura says

        Yes please try it and let me know how it goes. I think it will be okay.

    • 1.3
      Katharina says

      Sorry to interrupt the hook mania 😉
      As for car litter solutions:
      We use a large rectangular flip top cereal container with those small bin liners (roll with extra bags stored on botton inside container). Great because you can actually close of nasty smells

    • 1.4
      VWestlake says

      Same in Florida! Then you’re left with a oozy sticky mess.

  2. 2
    sarah says

    are they reusable?

    • 2.1
      Laura says

      Yes absolutely. Usually the hooks come with one extra set of the re-useable pads and then after that you can buy replacement packs of the sticky pads.

  3. 3
    Deena says

    Totally stealing the garbage bag in the car idea. Love it!

    • 3.1
      Laura says

      It works really well, I highly recommend!!

  4. 4
    Kimberly O says

    Haha sorry about the question mark at the end of my comment, it was a heart but the Internet didn’t understand it. Yes ma’am it’s in the 100’s today! Congrats on the Target! I love their store. I love your blog. Great tips!

    • 4.1
      Laura says

      Wow that’s 37 degrees celcius (I had to convert it lol). We only have occasional days at those temps although I know my parents in Ontario get weather like that more often.

  5. 5
    Cheryl says

    I use them in the garage and have all the kids sports bags hanging on them. So when we leave for sports, they just grab their bag and go. Finally a place to put all their STUFF!!!

    • 5.1
      Laura says

      Whoot that’s what I like to hear!!!!!

  6. 6
    Jill says

    I use them in a coat closet to hang shoe pockets, but I store water bottles in them. So when the kids grab their backpacks out of the closet, they grab a container for water, too. Freed up a precious drawer inthe kitchen 🙂

  7. 7
    Kim S. says

    I never thought I would find another person as crazy for Command Hooks as I am!! My family teases me for it. I definitely am addicted. I use them from hanging charts, pictures, hooks on doors, etc. I love them… My name is Kim, and I am a Command Hook addict… 🙂

    • 7.1
      Laura says

      Junkies unite! 🙂

      • Kim S. says

        Totally!! 🙂

  8. 8
    Sarah says

    I like them too. I’ve used them to decorate my bedroom two different ways (thank you for removable hooks, though one did have the strip break off. Not sure how I’m going to get that off my wall…), create extra storage space inside cupboard doors, and I have a big, heavy-duty 7 lb. hook hanging up a cast iron frying pan (pretty sure that frying pan is more than 7 lbs – but it hasn’t fallen off yet!).

    • 8.1
      Brianna says

      To remove the strips off the wall, heat it with a blow dryer and then take some fishing line or dental floss and slide it underneath the strip, “sawing” back and forth. Works like a charm. I had to call the number on the back of the package to take a bunch of strips off after my daughter had snapped the hooks off in a rental house of ours.

  9. 9
    [email protected] says

    You are a genius!! I am going to do that for the garbage bag in my car!! Thank you for sharing this idea with us!

  10. 10
    Melissa says

    Holy crap, windows! Why didn’t I think of that. I have a clock I want to hang in our kitchen window so we can see the time from the pool and hot tub..I’ve tried a suction cup hook and it NEVER stays. I should have thought of command hooks. How well do they stick to wood? We just built a loft bed for the 10yo and I think some hooks and clips would be great on there to hang her random stuff on..but I wasn’t sure how well it’d stick to 2×4 sanded and painted wood. Love your blog and ideas!

  11. 11
    Kate Meier says

    What excellent ideas for hooks. As I am getting ready to set up a home base for my work at home stuff, I will need to try some of these ideas. I also love, love, love the idea of the calendar on the fridge! Thanks!

  12. 12
    Melissa A. says

    They definitely can damage your walls if you don’t take them down properly. My cat had some weird thing with trying to climb the walls, and jump at the hooks, tore 3 of them off the wall in my old apartment. 😛 I do lik them though! I find they are a bit pricy and I wish they went on sale more often. Target hasn’t opened in NS yet, but I’ll check out their display when it does.

    • 12.1
      Mary S says

      Sign up for their email newsletter and they always have coupons.Sometimes it’s in PDF format and you can print a bunch of them.I love their hooks and have them everywhere.

  13. 13
    hsmominmo says

    Love my 3M hooks! I use them for Christmas decorating – wreaths and garlands and stockings
    I’m using them now as temporary curtain hooks until I find a permanent solution for my sliding glass doors.
    I have them on back of doors for bathrobes and towels.
    Wonderful things, those 3M hooks!

  14. 14
    Crista says

    I have known about them (from you!) for years,but have only recently come to appreciate their awesomeness.
    Just this past week I have used them to hang a magazine rack on my bathroom door, put one in my kitchen to hang my aprons on, and put 3 in the bathroom for towels.

  15. 15
    @R says

    Excellent timing on this post! We (in BC) also recently got a Target (that I drive by on the way to work), and we’re moving over the summer. I love the Command adhesive stuff; good to know where I can look for a good selection. Great idea on using one in the car! Extreme heat isn’t likely to be a problem for me, either.

  16. 16
    Kari says

    Command hooks are FABULOUS! I share your love of them and use them often myself.
    There are packages of them in almost every room in my home, and in my office.
    Best invention since paper napkins! Maybe better! 🙂

  17. 17
    Lisa says

    What about using them on textured walls? No or yes? I tried using one in my van (also live in Texas) & it wouldn’t hold because of the textured plastic in my van. So yes, I have textured everything!

    • 17.1
      Laura says

      Hi Lisa, I would say no to textured walls. They won’t hold up. Sorry!

  18. 18
    Michelle says

    I am so addicted to the Command Hooks! I keep some in a drawer, and specifically buy some for organizing around the house! I didn’t think of using them in the car though, but I really like the idea!

  19. 19
    Deb says

    Love the Command products in my home and RV.

  20. 20
    Lisa says

    I don’t like having to buy more tabs and I have had some hanging for so long that the tab literally dried up and broke off when I pulled it.
    These are better! Try them!!

    • 20.1
      Laura says

      Oh my those look amazing! Unfortunately I can’t find a website for further information. Do you know how we find them? I left a comment on the video, hopefully someone will get back to me.


  21. 22
    Lisa says

    If you go to their website and go to the contact page, you can call or email your order. It’s the only option if you don’t have a store near you that sells them.

  22. 23
    Kim says

    I have them everywhere in my house I love them but most recently I have filled my camper up with them, we do a lot of dry camping (no electric) so I bought battery operated led lights, I used the picture frame command strips to hang the lights to the ceiling they work perfect, I can take them down and change the batteries and velcro them right back to the ceiling! I am one happy camper when it comes to command and organizing!!

  23. 24
    Meme says

    Hi – I broke off the back which holds the sticky part. Is there any way to fix this part?

  24. 25
    VWestlake says

    This may sound silly, but if the package says “16 pounds” does that mean all the strips in the package combined will hold 16 pounds or one strip will hold 16 pounds?

    • 25.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Hi there, I can’t say for sure without seeing the package but that does sound like a lot for one hook.


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