Command Hooks to the rescue

When I first moved into my new home I realized very quickly how annoying it is not to have a home for everything.  I really couldn’t handle it and felt like I was losing my marbles.  The reason for that was because without a home for something I’d just put it down wherever and then of course the next time I needed it I couldn’t remember where I left it.  I had absolute moments of panic when I couldn’t find something, my heart would start racing and I’d break out in a cold sweat, no joke.  I HATE being overwhelmed like that and so frazzled.  And don’t even get me started on all the time I wasted searching for something.

I couldn’t handle it…AT ALL!  It affects everything which is why I haven’t been around here much over the last couple of weeks.  I had to get my house in order as I just could not live like that day in and day out.

The first thing I did was get out my 3M Command Hooks.  These are some of my all time favorite organizing products and let me tell you why.  I have commitment issues and these hooks aren’t permanent.  They don’t leave holes in your walls (or wreck your paint) which means I can change my mind whenever I outgrow a system or want to try something else.   They provide a non permanent organizing solution for many of my belongings leaving me less frazzled in the long run.  They are also reusable which meant I could remove them from my old house and turn around and reuse them in my new house using the refillable strips.  It also meant I didn’t have to fill holes at my old house saving me bucket loads of time.  I LOVE these hooks!

Now let me walk you through just some of the places I put them up.  As you can see I love to use the back of doors for additional storage space.






I used a clear one to hang my stained glass on the window

All these hooks may seem insignificant to you on their own but the sum of them all add up to create a bigger picture.    They, along with my other organizing solutions, represent a freedom for me.

A freedom from chaos.

Of course having the hooks and not using them would defeat the purpose so I always always make sure when I’m done using something to put it back where it belongs.   I love knowing that the next time I need something it’s right there.  That makes me happy and peaceful and those are the feelings I want to enjoy everyday NOT the feelings of frazzled and chaotic.  No way, that’s not for me.

There are so many different types and sizes to choose from to organize so many different things including keys, purses and activity bags.  You can see all the varieties on the 3M Command website.  I have used these for years and years and just removed all of them from my old house without any problems.  It’s very important to get the right weight for what you want to hang and to follow the directions for applying and removing the hooks but don’t worry it’s not complicated.

I wrote about my love of these hooks in the past as well:

Oh how I love my 3M Command Adhesive Hooks

3M Picture Hanging Strips

So who else uses Command Hooks to stay organized and who has never heard of them before (ack!)?

I have no affiliation with 3M at all (although I’d really like to…hahaha).

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42 Responses to Command Hooks to the rescue

  1. 1
    Sara says

    They are a lifesaver for all holidays: easter, Halloween, Christmas. We have a plethora of tacky decorations that need to be hung 🙂

  2. 2
    auntjone says

    I just bought my first 4-pack. I plan to put at least 2 smalls ones on the inside of my utility cabinet door to hold the whisk broom and dustpan. I’m thinking the other 2 will go on the outside of the cabinet, in an inconspicuous location, to hold the broom and Swiffer floor thingy. Just need to get the cabinet painted so I can put the hooks in place!

  3. 3
    Katie Chavanak says

    As a grad student, I have to say that these hooks/strips have been a life saver! I love them! I have hung things like towels and keys with them, but I have also used them to hang curtains in my apartments. I have never put a nail in a wall where I’ve been living. EVERYTHING on my walls is hung using command hooks and command strips. I love them!

  4. 4
    Michelle @ Mommy Misadventures says

    I am right there with you on the Command Hook Love. I use them in every room and especially during the holidays. I seriously don’t know what in the world I did with out them. I love the entire 3M Command line, especially the picture hangers since I hate, hate, HATE trying to hang pictures the traditional way.

  5. 5
    Lisa says

    LOVE THEM. we have an old house with plaster walls (ugh). These are a lifesaver.

  6. 6
    Kendra says

    We have plaster walls and my husband has a “phobia” of hanging things on the wall – so I have resorted to command hooks for hanging pictures and decorations on the wall. Works wonderful!

    • 6.1
      Danielle says

      My husband has the same “phobia”, but when it started to get hot and humid some of mine fell off the walls.

      • 3LittleBirds says

        I found this page by googling “3M hooks falling off in humidity.” It’s been in the upper 70s here for a few weeks and mine are dropping like flies! Not warm enough for the a/c yet, so I guess I will have to keep them off the walls until it’s cooler in the house. Such a bummer!

      • Maureen says

        Gosh! I came here googling for pretty much the same thing : command hook keeps falling off in bathroom. I have been using a large one to hang a toddler toilet seat from the tiled wall. But i think the humidity and frequency of use is a bit much for the hook to handle. Crumbs :-/

  7. 7
    Ashley says

    I use them throughout my house, but I’ve found they don’t always hold the amount of weight I want them to.

  8. 8
    Alexia says

    I’ve heard of them, but have never used them. Honestly, I haven’t bought any because I figured they probably didn’t work as well as they claimed and I didn’t want to waste my money.

    Looks like I need to buy some now though, because I have commitment issues as well. I’ve lived in my house for a year and have hung zero pictures up because I knew I’d want to move them and didn’t want to deal with the nail holes left behind!

  9. 9
    Jen says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Command hooks! We use them everywhere- to hang the kids’ coats, hold the kids’ clipboards with their papers I need to keep track of, inside a cabinet to hold the fly swatter, next to the back door to hold goggles for swimming, and on the side of the bathroom vanity to hold the little potty seat for my kids (beats setting it on the floor). I’ve even used them on the ceiling to create a way to hang floating ornaments in front of my bit window over the front door (used the clear ones with fishing line- it looked AWESOME). I keep several sizes on hand so that I can use them whenever I need them.

  10. 10
    s says

    LOVE em! I use them for xmas wreaths, for robes in the kids rooms, for my daughters bags, scarves, and belts. She has one for her dance bag and I am thinking of adding some more in her room – they are on the back of her door as well as on the wall behind her door turning all that “dead” space into something more useful. We also use command hooks to hang our stockings each year! My dog leashes hang on command hooks – one near front door and the other in the garage so we have leashes no matter which side of the house we are at. See a comment above about the potty seat – dang, I’ve been leaning that on the floor the last year! Just may have to hang that baby up behind the toilet!

  11. 12
    Michelle "Chaos Caretaker" says

    The unstickable, sticky hooks are a staple in our house. We use them for hanging wreaths on the windows at Christmas, hang fun signs on the kids doors without damaging them, and most recently…to fix a problem in our house that I wrote about here…

  12. 13
    Trixie says

    These are a little pricey, but they ARE WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY they are THAT good. I use them all the time and don’t know what I would do without them.

  13. 14
    Adrienne says

    I love them. I have a few of them in my kitchen to keep things organized.

  14. 15
    FoundProdigalDaughter says

    Thanks for taking the time to write about these…I have been wondering for quite some time now if they actually worked and it’s great to hear that they do. I’ll definitely have to look into getting some to help organize my space. Thanks again!

  15. 16
    Angi says

    Same here. We use Command Hooks all the time. I’m about to try the picture hangers but will probably wait to see if we’re moving before the years over.

    We even use them in our master closet to hang belts, robes, jackets, bags, and more. We have some places in our walk in closet that are not shelved so the hooks made those spaces usable.

    I also have one hanging in the kitchen that holds our weekly meal plan so everyone has access to it, can see what we’re having and plan around the meal if they don’t like it.

  16. 17
    Callipygian says

    I have hooks for my purse by the front door and towels in the kitchen and bathrooms. In my old home I also used them in the laundry room as a place to hang a few items.

  17. 18
    ~~Rhonda says

    We LOVE this product. Especially at Christmas time. Our kitchen ceiling is 12′ high, so we use Command Hooks to hang large snowflakes from the ceiling. We get lots of nice comments on the display. We also use them to hang garlands, ornaments and wreaths. Even a small half Christmas tree on the kitchen wall. Not to mention all the household jobs those hooks can do! Hanging bags and purses, clothes, pictures on the wall, etc. Really great! Just be sure to pull *slowly* when you take the adhesive off.

  18. 19
    Pam says

    My fireplace has a white mantel and I use a white command hook there to hang a sign that says “We Make Thee Kindly Welcome.” I didn’t want to put a nail into the woodwork and this works great.

  19. 20
    Pam says

    LOVE my Command products! I’ve never seen the clear ones though. Where did you find those?

  20. 21
    Andi says

    I love them!! I use them every year in my classroom, as I seem to change grades and rooms every year they don’t leave a mess for the next teacher in the room. They are amazing! Even after the kids spend a year stretching out the little tabs on the sticky strips and breaking them off, they still held up all year and I was easily able to pull them off when I needed to.

  21. 22
    Lori says

    I use them every where too. I especially love to use them on my doors to hang my wreaths. I have a stash and whenever I need a hook for something I have one. I’ve had the same one for the last three houses. I bought them as soon as they came out on the market. Love. Love. Love.

  22. 23
    Danielle says

    And they seriously don’t leave ANY marks when you remove them? I’ve been leary ever since they came on the market… but if they work.. I’ll run out and buy some!

    How about the picture hangers? I have a heavy mirror (not really heavy heavy ~ 4 lbs or so) do they hold a good size mirror? Or only light stuff?

    • 23.1
      Laura says

      Nope no marks. I have a set of the picture hanging strips here in front of me and it says the small ones hold up to 1 lb and the medium set holds up to 3 lbs. I would assume the large hold even more than that.

  23. 24
    Christy says

    Keep an eye out for coupons for these. You can find them on the Command Website and sometimes Target has store coupons so you can double up!

  24. 25
    Ginny says

    I LOVE Command hooks. They have to be close to the greatest invention of the last 10 years! I could probably use them for more than I do, but the price can get prohibitive. One of my favorite ones is in my shower – at the end opposite the shower head – on which I hang my shower cap. I used to get frustrated that my husband knocked it off the suction hook all the time, and when I went to use it, there would be water on the inside. No more! Come morning, I’ll be putting up some more Command hooks in the basement stairwell to hang lunch totes and reusable shopping bags. Did I say I LOVE Command hooks?

  25. 26
    Melissa says

    We use them in several places in our house. In our kitchen our pot holders hang by small ones inside cabinet doors as does a pasta drainer (flat piece that you put up to a pan – wonderful). In the bathroom it holds up a toddler potty seat (one child is done, but hoping that the other will get with the program soon and then I can remove it from the bathroom). In the hall closet I have several hangers down low for little people coats.

    So yeah we use them. 🙂 I have tested them several times over the years and they do always come off clean, which I was always leary of. I’ve seen that they have some with clips on them, but I’ve never seen those in the stores. I would love to get some of those to use for displaying our endless supply of artwork. 🙂

  26. 27
    Kendra says

    I really like these and they work great–I just have a hard time shelling out so much money for them. They’re EXPENSIVE!

    • 27.1
      Laura says

      Yes they definitely aren’t cheap that is for sure. I have noticed that now you can get value packs which seems to be a better bang for your buck.

  27. 28
    Karen says

    These hooks are great. As a renter with no experience with a hammer, they really work.

    One Question: does anyone have problems with them in the bathroom? I bought 3kg sized hooks to hang up the towels in the bathroom. They fell down. I figure it was due to the steam affecting the glue.

    Any thoughts how to make this work?

    • 28.1
      Laura says

      I’ve had them hanging in my bathroom for years without any problems. I’m wondering if perhaps you aren’t using the right weight of hook for wet towels. It might be too much for the hook. I use the 5 lb hooks in my bathrooms for towels and they work great. Hope that helps!


    • 28.2
      AW says

      They also make special bathroom strips that you can try. I know they come with a soap holder or bottle holder (for in the shower) they make but I know I found replacement ones somewhere.. Target doesn’t have those…I think it was Menards (regional chain) or Home Depot

  28. 29
    Caramel Cutie says

    I have seen these but haven’t bought any yet. When I do I plan to use them in my sons room.

  29. 30
    Norm Phillips says

    Never use Command hooks to hang breakable items, even if they are within the specified weight limits for the hooks. We just lost a beautiful clock, shattered on the floor, and the hook left an adhesive smudge on the white painted wall. The hooks are great for pot holders, towels, etc., but we will not use them on anything breakable in the future.

  30. 31
    Richard Lucas says

    Ever watched youtube channel “TooClip”
    The organizer of organizers.
    The absolute handiest gadget for pennys you’ll ever use!
    The best of two worlds, Binder clips and Velcro.


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