Sanity Saver: Free Printable Screen Time Tickets for Kids

Hi friends, I’ve been trying to come up with useful material to help you and your families as you spend more time at home. One of the biggest hurdles is monitoring screen time. At least it is in my house. Something tells me I’m not alone in this. So today’s post will provide some help in this area for parents with younger kids. These screen time tickets are a great way to add a little fun in an otherwise tense and hostile situation. And they might even alleviate some of the nagging that we as moms constantly seem to do. It’s worth a shot anyway, especially since they’re FREE!

Sanity Saver: Free Printable Screen Time Tickets at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

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Free Printable Screen Time Tickets

Since my youngest is 14.5 now, I haven’t actually had an opportunity to use these tickets with him. I’m told teenagers are far to cool for such things. Okay he didn’t actually tell me that but one can only assume by the sighing and huffing that goes on around here. However I definitely think these would have been right up my son’s alley when we was between the ages of 4 and 11. Too bad I didn’t think about creating such a thing back then. But I can help you and that’s what I’m here to do!

These free screen time tickets come in different time intervals with a blank one for you to write down your own number. You can have kids earn these tickets by completing chores or even just for good behavior. Maybe they help out with a sibling or do a task without being asked, give them a ticket! I’m all about focusing on the positive rather than the negative. Call a family meeting and sit down with your kiddos to write up a list of ways they can earn screen time throughout the day. Keep it posted for all to see.

Some suggestions include, exercise for screen time – do 15 minutes of exercise, earn 15 minutes of screen time. Or reading for screen time – do 30 minutes of reading, earn 30 minutes of screen time. Another example would be to play outside for an hour, get an hour of screen time. You can also assign time increments to various tasks. Additionally, have them earn tickets by helping with meals and laundry. The list is endless really. I bet you can come up with all sorts of creative ways to use them. Grab your free printable by clicking on the link below.

Download here your free printable screen time tickets

Free printable Screen Time Tickets

Oh in case you were wondering what I’m using to monitor my teenage son’s screen time, I use two methods. I use the Family Sharing option that comes built in to our iPhones to turn off certain apps at certain times. And I continue to use the Circle device as well to monitor internet usage in conjunction with the Family Sharing. Those together seem to cover the bases of what I need right now. I wrote more about the Circle device HERE.

Some other free resources I have available to help you out with kids at home are as follows:

Free Printable Age Appropriate Chores for Kids with Matching Chore Chart

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids


Free Printable Reading Punch Cards with Tips on How to Get Your Kids to Love Reading!

Free Printable Reading Punch Cards

Let me know if you decide to use any of these resources and how they work out for you. I do hope you find them to be a sanity saver in the midst of long days at home.



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