I’m on the Clutter Interrupted Radio Show!

I’m so excited today to tell you about a new organizing site that I think is just fantastic!!  The site is called Clutter Interrupted and it is run by two fun (not to mention pretty!) gals Tracy and Chelle.

clutter interrupted gals

I recently got to “meet” them both when they interviewed me for their weekly radio show.  Gosh it was so much fun, I could have talked with them both for hours.  Tracy is a professional organizer, speaker and mother of four, and Chelle is a self-professed slob, media producer and mother of two.

This is how Tracy and Chelle describe their site:

Are you overwhelmed by clutter? Do you feel trapped, stuck in a rut or weighed down by too much information?

Does “getting it together” seem impossible?  If too much stuff is affecting your home, work or family relationships, then put a STOP to it. Clutter Interrupted provides useable, realistic answers to lighten your load.

And I would have to say that they are doing just that.  I just love their weekly radio show.  They have interviewed some great guests already and each interview is about 30 minutes long.   Not only do you get to listen to great discussions on organizing but you can be doing other things while doing so if you want to.  You know like organize a drawer or something :)

Welcome video:

Take a look at this fun welcome video they put together:

Win an iPad:

clutter interrupted ipad

Also I want to be sure to point out to you that up until June 30th you can enter to win an iPad on their site simply by signing up to receive their regular updates which you are going to want to do anyway so you don’t miss a single radio episode.  To enter, go to their site here and look for more information in the top right hand corner.

My Interview:

If you would like to listen to my interview you can find that here.  Let me know what you think!

Happy organizing!!

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