What is the difference between organizing and simplifying?

Last month I sat down for a super fun interview with my blog friend, Mridu Parikh, from Life is Organized. Mridu is as passionate about organizing as I am as you will clearly see in our interview.  We both were just giddy talking about our favorite subject.  Seriously it was a good thing she had a set time limit because I would have went on and on and on.  So many great questions from how I got so obsessed with organizing to the things someone can do immediately to start getting their life organized and so much more.  We also touched on menu planning and the laundry system that changed my life.

Be sure to check out Mridu’s site as she offers both coaching and workshops to help you declutter the unnecessary stuff from your brain, life, schedule and home.

Organization tips from the Organizing Junkie

My favorite question is when Mridu asked me the difference between organizing and simplifying.  I do think there is a difference for sure but I also think the definition of simplicity will vary by person as well.  For me, I fell in love with organizing long before I ever fell in love with simplifying.  My house was organized but the amount of time it took me to keep it that way was exhausting I’m not going to lie.  Simplicity came in to the picture for me when I realized that I could take it one step further by making necessary changes to create a less complicated life, not just an organized one.  To me that meant less stuff and less activities that took up so much of my space and time. It was a journey to say the least because we are so programmed to society standards that say our kids need to be signed up for so many things or they will never keep up with their peers or that we need to have the latest and greatest stuff to keep up with our neighbors. So many fall into the trap, including me, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  The constant “more” race is one you cannot win and it took me quite awhile to learn that.

Anyway more on that in the interview which I’m going to share with you below.  However I do so hesitantly because there is only one way to describe the person that I am. I am a silly, giggly dork, it is what it is. Someone after watching it wondered why I was laughing so much, thinking I was nervous. That made me laugh (as I do) because I wish I could say that was the reason. Nope it’s just because I’m a goof ball. I realize it’s annoying, I annoy myself sometimes so can we just agree to ignore those bits?  Pretty please. You’re the best, thanks! :)

Have a super weekend, everyone!  Don’t forget to make some time for organizing and simplifying too!!!


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    Marcia Francois says

    I have LOVED watching this interview :) And I don’t think the laughing was out of control ;)


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