Chatting All Things Organization on the A to B Organizing Podcast

Hey there lovely people, I wanted to pop in quick to tell you about an awesome organizing podcast that I’ve been loving lately. I listen to podcasts every day on my morning walks and it totally makes the time pass by so quickly. One of those podcasts is the A to B Organizing Podcast with hosts Autumn and Bethany. Autumn is a Professional Organizer and Bethany is a Kindergarten teacher who desires to be organized.They make a great team and it’s fun to listen each week to what they are organizing next.

A to B Organizing Podcast all about the wonderful world of organization!

Autumn and I met years ago through our blogs (she blogs at Space for Living) and she has even guest posted here for me a few times back in 2011. So when they asked me to join them as a guest on their podcast I jumped at the chance even though I’m totally self conscious about listening to my own voice. Not to mention the nervous giggle I tend to have that can get pretty annoying sometimes but thankfully I think I held that in check this time around. Whew!

I had no idea I was their first interview guest, what an honor! We had a great time chatting all about organizing and I liked being able to go into a little more detail about my personal organizing philosophy. So okay I went into a lot of detail about it and might have mentioned it a few times over, oops. I guess I just really wanted to get my point across. Ha!

So I hope you’ll go on over and have a listen to it. You can find the A to B Organizing Podcast on iTunes or you can have a listen directly on their show notes page HERE. Let me know which piece of organizing advice most resonated with you and whether or not you have any questions for me or something you would like me to elaborate on in future posts. I want to help you be successful in your organizing endeavors.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Don’t forget to take some time to organize something, even a focus 15 minutes a day will make a huge difference.

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