A Pretty in Pink Grace Adele Purse, Clutch, Wallet & Jewelry Giveaway!

Oh my goodness, am I ever excited about this giveaway.  Some of you might remember at Christmas I did my first Grace Adele giveaway and now I’m back again with another EXCITING giveaway that you won’t want to miss.  The exact same collection I received to review, as you will see in all the pictures on this post, one lucky reader is also going to win!!   Ready to hear all about it?  Let’s go!

For those that don’t know, Grace Adele is part of the Scentsy family and is a complete collection of fun and fashionable purses and accessories available through a consultant near you.  I should start out by saying that I’m really not a total purse geek.  I don’t own a gazillion of them because when I find one that fits my purse criteria I tend to use it over and over again.   Do you have a purse criteria?  You really should because it will save you the hassle (and money!) of buying purses that just end up frustrating and annoying you.  I shared my criteria on my last Grace Adele post, but in case you missed it, here it is again:

  1. Every one of my purses needs to, first and foremost, be able to fit my treasured Purse Perfector.  Without that my purse would be a big jumbled mess and that would be no good!  Believe me, I’ve tried many many purse organizers and this one is the best one hands down!!  So yes size is important 🙂
  2. It has to have an outside pocket for my cell phone.  Regardless of whether or not it has an inside cell phone pocket, I like to keep mine on the outside.  It’s faster and easier to grab.
  3. I like straps that aren’t too long and not to short.
  4. It MUST have a ring on the strap for my key carabiner. Where would I clip my keys without this??
  5. I like a pretty lining.  This one’s totally frivolous I know but it just makes me happy if whenever I open my purse I see a pretty pattern staring back at me.

My last Grace Adele bag fit this criteria and more and it quickly became my favorite winter bag.  So this time when Grace Adele asked me if I’d like to put together a summer look I of course jumped on the chance (I’m not totally crazy!).

Grace Adele makes it very easy to “build a look” on their website.  You start by selecting your bag and move on to the various other selections from there.  I selected a Shelby purse in pink with a Shay zebra clutch and a pink dahlia flower clip on.  Then the company threw in some extra surprises for me (and for one of you!) which I totally wasn’t expecting!

Oh my goodness girlfriends, this bag is awesome and trust me I’m not just saying that.  Hopefully you know by now that I never say what I don’t mean, that’s just not my style.  Instead when I find something I love I shout it from the blog tops lol.

Grace Adele Bag

So here is what I received and one of YOU will win the exact same Grace Adele collection including the fun extra  surprises!!

Pink Shelby Bag (comes with shoulder strap as well)
Zebra Clutch
Zebra Padded Tablet Tote (also comes with a shoulder strap – love this piece!)
Clip on pink Dahlia flower
Pink Zip Wallet
Pink Necklace and Earrings

Grace Adele Shelby bag

The Shelby bag is a really nice size and includes one zippered pocket inside (on the side) along with two snap closure deep pockets and a couple of smaller open pockets for storage.  I love that my Purse Perfector fits inside alongside the tablet tote.  It also has a place inside to clip your keys but I always clip mine to the outside ring for quick and easy access.  As you can see the outside also has a zippered pocket.

Grace Adele Bag inside

Grace Adele Cell Phone Pocket

Grace Adele Tablet Tote

The really neat feature of this bag though is that the zebra tablet tote is designed to snap into the inside  of the bag keeping it secure or if you want you can attach the shoulder strap to the tote and use it as a bag all by itself.

Grace Adele Clutch

The clutch in front can be used with the bag as a cute accessory or separately as a clutch for evenings out.  I just really love the versatility of this collection.  You can mix and match all the pieces and colors to create whatever type of look you love.  I picked this combination of colors and prints because I just thought it was super colorful for summer and with the touch of zebra a little different as well.  I love the way they look together and it brings out my wild side hahaha.

The winner is also going to receive a matching pink earring and necklace set as well.

Grace Adele Jewelry

Grace Adele Necklace

This entire collection is valued at over $300.00 and one of you is going to win it!!  Whoot!!

Grace Adele Collection 1

Grace Adele Shelby bag

To enter to win the Grace Adele Pink/Zebra Collection please use the Rafflecopter entry form below (it might take a few minutes to load).   Commenting on this post will be mandatory (make sure after you comment you let the Rafflecopter form know by clicking “I commented”) and all the other options will be for extra entries if you want.  Totally up to you.  Good luck everyone!

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301 Responses to A Pretty in Pink Grace Adele Purse, Clutch, Wallet & Jewelry Giveaway!

  1. 1
    Mo says

    I always look for a few small pockets, for things like my phone, lipgloss, a pen and grocery list.

  2. 2
    Anna says

    Lots of pockets!!!


  3. 3
    Jill says

    Love all the pockets and it’s cute.

  4. 4
    Debbie Peterson says

    I love the outside cell-phone pocket. This is such a cute set! I had no idea that Scentsy had branched out.

  5. 5
    Kathy J. says

    OMG, I think we were sisters in a past life! Every one of your “purse criteria” goes for me, too! Including my Purse Perfector! Amazing for keeping the clutter organized.

  6. 6
    Leila says

    It has to be cute, not too big or too small!

  7. 7
    Priya Bradfield says

    I need a bag with pockets and easy access to things like pens and keys.

  8. 8
    Jamie says

    It must be big enough to fit the toys and such my children bring along and then ask me to hold! 🙂

  9. 9
    Susie Brown says

    I love the colors and the fact that the purse is the perfect size. Very cute set!

  10. 10
    Jen says

    Outside pocket is a necessity and straps long enough to carry on your shoulder.

  11. 11
    Sara says

    My purse must be big enough to carry everything I need for the day… and with a 4 month old daughter, that’s a lot! diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, toys, clothes… all kinds of things..

  12. 12
    Car says

    Love this purse

  13. 13
    Anne says

    I have to have an outside pocket as well for my phone. Thanks for the chance to win this cute set!

  14. 14
    Leah L. says

    I also must have an outside pocket for my phone.

  15. 15
    Courtney says

    A purse must have dividers on the inside. I carry too much stuff to have it all in one place.

  16. 16
    Stephanie Jennings says

    A purse must be big enough to fit my kids 2 epipens. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  17. 17
    Kristi says

    My purse must make it easy to find things so pockets, dividers, etc.

  18. 18
    Lynda says

    My purse must serve double duty as a diaper bag too! Lot’s of pockets are a necessity! 😉

  19. 19
    Delana Bradbury says

    I need a bag with at least 1 outside pocket for phone and keys!

  20. 20
    Erin says

    I just love how bright the bag is and the flower detail on the outside.

  21. 21
    Serena Paulus says

    An Organized Pink Purse!!!! Oh My Heart!!!! <3

  22. 22
    Elonda says

    Wow, that is my perfect purse. It is like you read my mind with the color and prints. So pretty!

  23. 23
    Rozelyn says

    I love the color you chose. Very summery!

  24. 24
    Melissa L says

    I love the bright color and all the fun pockets

  25. 25
    Raelynn says

    my must have for a purse is that it can’t be too big-other wise my children think they can put all their stuff in it too!

  26. 26
    Kristen says

    Pockets and room for a water bottle.

  27. 27
    Jamie says

    I LOVE THESE! In the words of Shelby (from the movie Steel Magnolias) ‘Pink is my signature color’

  28. 29
    Rebecca says

    I love the little outside pocket! Perfect for keeping my cell phone from getting lost in the depths of the purse.

  29. 30
    Julie says

    Looks like a good color for spring – and I LOVE pockets – lots of things to put in them, and gives the grandkids something to do.

  30. 31
    Rachel says

    My purse or bag must fit comfortably over my shoulder. Not too long, not too short.

  31. 32
    Cassie says

    The color is the best. It’s so spring/summer!

  32. 33
    Michelle says

    It must have an outside pocket for my keys and phone.

  33. 34
    Marilyn H says

    I have to have it organized- so lots of pockets and a longer narrower rather than super deep bag is my preference!!

  34. 35
    Tabitha P. says

    I look for one that my coupon binder can fit it.

  35. 36
    Robin E. says

    Super cute and looks like it would be a great organizer!

  36. 37
    Lisa G says

    Outside pockets for cell phone and keys.

  37. 38
    Dana N says

    I am a self-proclaimed purse-aholic – that bag looks fantastic! I too need designated spot for my cellphone, one for my keys, and one for my work id cards.

  38. 39
    Pauline says

    I love that purse – I have similar purse criteria, I used to keep trying different styles and have now come to the realization that I need multiple pockets and most importantly one on the outside to house my phone!!

  39. 40
    Deanna says

    This looks amazing! Thsnks

  40. 41
    Valerie says

    I love this set! I have been fascinated by the Grace Adele line for a while now. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  41. 42
    Lisa Muniz says

    I need pockets. One is essential, two even better. The more the merrier. I love having a place for everything. I also love the rings. Easier to find my keys if I can attach my caribiner to something. This selection is beautiful. Would LOVE to win it.

  42. 43
    Charity Andrews says

    I absolutely must have lots of pockets! and pink is always a plus

  43. 44
    Vicky C says

    Love the color! I would love to win!!

  44. 45
    Blair says

    Where has this bag been all my life?!?!?!
    It’s perfect!
    I must have a bag big enough to fit all my stuff. It must have lots of pockets or be able to fit lots of little make-up bags for organization. Oh, and it MUST be cute 🙂

  45. 46
    Linda says

    Wow! I LOVE the pink with zebra!

  46. 47
    Kristi Dollar says

    Love it!

  47. 48
    Ashton says

    I have to have a purse with pockets…. I see no point in owning one with out at LEAST 3

  48. 49
    The Mommy says

    I’m not a purse snob, either, but I am VERY picky. This one looks lovely! I’m with you – my bag has to have an outside pocket for my cell and keys.

  49. 50
    Kayla says

    I HAVE to have at least two smaller pockets for my keys, lip gloss, cell phone, and the little essentials I tote around, plus at least one larger pocket for my wallet, sunglasses, and toys for my kids. Can’t go anywhere without a toy or two. 🙂

  50. 51
    Beth Y says

    Oh my, that is a fabulous purse!

  51. 52
    Jacque R says

    A couple of pockets or pouches; not too big or too small; good strap size. A good purse is like finding the perfect pair of jeans – you’ll have it forever!

    Love this purse – very fun!

  52. 53
    Jennifer H. says

    Such a cute purse….have to have a cell phone spot!!

  53. 54
    Rebekah Woosley says

    I like that the tablet tote will snap into the larger bag!

  54. 55
    Carol Marden says

    I am new to site but would love to win this purse! Need a new one desperately and love pink.

  55. 56
    Heather A says

    I love it! It would be a great summer purse with places for everything you need!

  56. 57
    muriel says

    Easy access to my phone & keys. I prefer a zipper closure. And the size needs to be big enough to easily fit my stuff plus some extra toys for my son.

  57. 58
    Debra N says

    Love the purse! Like to have everything organized in my purse and the cell phone easy to get to.

  58. 59
    Renee says

    My purse has to be CUTE!! Colorful!! Fun!! And Big enough to carry all my junk!! This is a darling give away. Thanks.

  59. 60
    Becky Perry says

    Wow, it’s beautiful! I’ve never entered a contest to win a purse before but I really like this one. I especially love how deep it is and how easy it is to get to our keys.

  60. 61
    Skye says

    That’s so pretty!

  61. 62
    Missy M. says

    The easily accessible cellphone pocket is always my main requirement

  62. 63
    Tina says

    My must have in a purse is easy access to the wallet. It amazes me how few purses actually have practical in and out for the wallet.

  63. 64
    Deborah says

    I love that they are so soft. I also love all of the pockets and organizing pockets. I just purchase my second Sarah. Best purse I have ever owned (even better than all of my Coach purses – which there are many because it too me years to find the perfect one.) Not with the Grace Adele purse. Perfect purse on the first try. Hope I win so I can try another style.

  64. 65
    Linda says

    Looks amazing!

  65. 66
    Angela says

    Oh, it’s gorgeous!!

  66. 67
    Shari says

    I MUST have a light-colored lining. Otherwise, my purse becomes one huge dark hole, with items disappearing, never to be seen again!

  67. 68
    Jen says

    I love the gorgeous color contrast, storage and versatility. Well done!

  68. 69
    Katherine says

    It has to be big enough to hold a few diapers, a small wipes container, and my coupon file, along with the usual purse stuff.

  69. 70
    Nikki B. says

    My purse must haves are very similar…size for all my container bags and organization, shoulder strap (even if it’s in combo with short straps), outside cell pockets and must close, either with a zipper or snaps.

  70. 71
    Hilda @ From Overwhelmed To Organized says

    I have to have lots of pockets in a purse to keep things organized and so I can find what I need quickly. Thanks for this giveaway and for making it open for Canadians 🙂

  71. 72
    Lisa DeCourcey says

    Great giveaway! Thanks for your blog. Love the helpful tips and hints!

  72. 73
    Sarah says

    must not be a black liner or I cannot find a thing, must have pockets on the inside

  73. 74
    Melissa says

    I have to have outer pockets because that’s where I shove my phone and keys. Thank you!

  74. 75
    Kristie says

    Love it!!!!! 😉

  75. 76
    Julie says

    Cute! I’ve been looking for a new purse. This looks like it might be the one! Love the pretty lining and the pockets outside!

  76. 77
    Michele says

    My must have for a purse is a pocket for my cell phone. I prefer a shoulder strap option.

  77. 78
    [email protected] Beautiful Home says

    Love that design and color combo! What a beauty!

  78. 79
    Lisa says

    A zippered pocket inside.

  79. 80
    jen n says

    love zipper pockets

  80. 81
    Marcy says

    I must have a zipper on my purse because it gets banged around

  81. 82
    Cheryl says

    I had no idea scentsy branch out. I love all the little extras and the zebra print.

  82. 83
    Tiffany T says

    I love a purse with lots of space and pockets. With four kids, you need to be able to take lots of “stuff” everywhere you go! I have a pink and zebra print wallet so this purse would suit me nicely! Very cute! I have a friend that sells scentsy. She carries a really cute dark purple purse. I love this pink color though!

  83. 84
    Tonia says

    Love it! Zebra print is my favorite!

  84. 85
    Bethany LeBedz says

    Yes, please!!!!!! I have a total bag/purse addiction, and I’m not afraid to admit it! I’m pretty sure I need this complete set up to make my summer complete!

  85. 87
    Jennifer Gentry says

    Oh my!!!! What a prize! I am a purse addict and a hot pink addict so this is so PERFECT for me!
    Love the zebra accents that make it TOO perfect for words! Thanks for the chance and love your blog!

  86. 88
    Tricia says

    My must have is a zippered compartment because I have a tendency to drop my purse. 🙂

  87. 90
    Ellen B says

    This is an amazing bag!! Thx for the giveaway 🙂

  88. 91
    Erica says

    What an amazing bag – thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway. I live for a bag with lots and lots of pockets. 🙂

  89. 92
    Karin says

    I have to have a purse with lots of pockets to help me stay organized and it needs to be big enough to hold my wallet and snacks for my 4 yo son!

  90. 93
    Barb says

    Love this set!

  91. 94
    Jen says

    Adorable! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  92. 95
    Donna says

    How fun and how pretty!! Would love to win it!! I will promise to give it a good home! 🙂

  93. 96
    carol says

    I love the color

  94. 97
    Rose TheMonkeyFam says

    I LOVE the inside pockets! The fact that it’s like 3 bags in one is just a bonus.

  95. 98
    Janice Murphy says

    For awhile now because of health problems every aspect of my life seemed out of my control. I have been working very hard to get my home, my finances etc..organized. My purse is like the land of the lost. I carry everything in there. Having a purse so well organized and in my favorite color would definitely motivate not only get organized, but stay organized. My bills,planner, ipad,, and phone are just a few of the things I carry. Thanks for the opportunity to win such useful (and pretty) things

  96. 99
    Joni says

    We have so many of the same criteria! But I need a pocket fod my cell phone and ring to clip my keys on. This purse looks like just what I’ve been looking for!

  97. 100
    Kristin Peterson says

    I must have something to clip my keys to to hang on the outside – I prefer metal rings that connect the handles to the bag (just like the pink Grace bag!). I also need outside pockets.

  98. 101
    Kayla says

    One of the must-have features on a purse for me would be at least 2 pockets, one big enough for my phone (because my phone is too big for traditional sized cell phone pockets) and one for either my keys or my loose change or both! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  99. 102
    Amy P says

    So cute…love the pink!

  100. 103
    Jenny says

    I love the deep pockets AND the color- eyecatching and practical all in one!

  101. 104
    Donna says

    Organization is the key! Love the pockets that hold all the little things that get lost in my purse.

  102. 105
    Sophie says

    Love the purse! I’m completely enamoured with big compartments in a purse, but everything must have its place, especially the one thing I seem to keep losing in my purse; my phone! I need a place for it or else it will simply ring, lost and distant, while I scramble for it one knee holding up my purse and everything else just flying to the floor. Eech!

  103. 106
    Mindy says

    My purse must have a pocket to hold my cell phone and another zippered pocket for my badge for work & an extra set of keys.

  104. 107
    Kiki Fed says

    Love the pink! I agree about the ring for keys. I use a carabiner clip too!

  105. 108
    Sarah says

    I love the side pouch for the cell phone. It’s perfect.

  106. 109
    Jessica says

    My ideal bag has lots of pockets. I love everything to be organized and have it’s own place. 🙂

  107. 110
    K. Lee says

    It’s nice to be able to put mommy gear in the bag and personal “grown up” stuff in the clutch. Such a great idea to be able to interchange the purses, clutches, tablet tote, etc to create new options.

  108. 111
    Lucrezia says

    I Love Love Love this Bag. I love the size. I love the pocket on the outside. I love that it is pink.

  109. 112
    Harley says

    I am a Geek! So, my main features of my bags MUST have: Room big enough for my I-Pad, my two cell phones, and a few small pockets for things like my headphones, lip gloss, sanitizer, lotions, etc. I also need room for my wallet. I am very neat and organized when it comes to my bags! So having a wallet is very important to me.

    College has practically destroyed my bags. Since going back to school, I haven’t been able to really afford a nice bag but I make do with the ones I have until after I get married and graduate in order to get something nicer.

  110. 113
    Ashley says

    I like having a zipper pocket on the outside for chapstick.

  111. 114
    Missy G says

    What a great system! Totally love the pink/zebra combo.

  112. 115
    Shelley says

    Gorgeous bag, the size and colour are perfect.

  113. 116
    Lyndy says

    I love pockets in a purse so that you can store biz cards, frequent customer cards, and unmentionables!

  114. 117
    JonAnn says

    So Cute!!!

  115. 118
    Linda Kish says

    Straps long enough that I can carry it on my shoulder. And, at least a couple of pockets so things are not just tossed in the bottom.

  116. 119
    Patricia Espinoza says

    I love, love, love this handbag!!! Not only is it a beautiful pink but I love all of the compartments. It is so modern looking also. The pocket for the phone in the back is unique!! Would be so very happy to win!!! 🙂

  117. 120
    Tracie Trump says

    Lots of storage and pockets are a must, I usually go with the tote style since its big enough to accomendate all my stuff, [email protected]

  118. 121
    Sara D says

    Love this! I am one that loves pretty on the inside too. Plus I need pockets on the outside for cell phone! I can’t have a purse without that!

  119. 123
    Nadine says

    Love the pink purse!

  120. 124
    HopeS says

    Gorgeous set!

  121. 125
    HopeS says

    Gorgeous set! I always need a place for my ipad mini!

  122. 126
    Julie H. says

    I like to have an outside pocket for my phone so I don’t have to dig for it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. 127
    Beth Shurtleff says

    Absolutely love your purse criteria.

  124. 128
    Connie R. says

    I like a purse that has an exterior pocket. In the pocket are slots to hold i.d., credit cards, etc. That way, when I’m shopping, I’m not trying to shuffle a purse AND a wallet while I get out the necessary cards and credentials.

  125. 129
    Nass B. says

    Multipockets, Bright colors , multi use….and CUTE !!!! What could be better for busy moms who love to be fashionable and can hide a diaper next to super cell phone, purse with 1000 creditcards, make-up, & mini water bottle!!! LOVE IT!! The PInk and Zebra matches an outfit I bought for a soon to be born baby….how could it be more perfect?

  126. 130
    Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    A small pocket where I can slide in my debit card and money.

  127. 131
    Carolyn says

    What a cute purse, and so many cute and functional accessories. Very impressed with this product!

  128. 132
    Barbara says

    Oh how adorable. I usually don’t go for pink, but totally love this set.

  129. 133
    Jen Calder says

    Lots of pockets, some must zip up

  130. 134
    mila says

    good size, with some pockets

  131. 135
    Amy Hoeh says

    The Pretty in Pink Grace Adele Purse Clutch. Organizing tote & iPhone pocket r best features. I Love it!! I would wear that purse proudly!! Thanks for the chance!! <3

  132. 136
    annie says

    This is a beautiful bag. I am going to have to save up for one and it would be nice to win one too.

  133. 137
    Haley D. says

    What a fab giveaway! I love the bags and the tablet cover!

  134. 138
    Sheila says

    Beautiful giveaway for spring!

  135. 139
    Laura @ Casual Fridays says

    For me my purse has to big enough to hold all my essentials but not too big where they get lost inside the purse. Also the size cannot over power me when I carry it as I am a petite girl 🙂

  136. 140
    Katie M says

    Love the zipped inner pocket and the outer cell phone pocket really is a MUST!

  137. 141
    Sue says

    So pretty! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  138. 142
    Toni W. says

    I have to have a pocket on the outside for my cell phone. My color is pink so this is perfect for me!

  139. 143
    tammy d. says

    Small pockets and dividers. It makes it easier to keep organized.

  140. 144
    Brenda S. says

    I need to have a “home” for everything ~ keys, debit cards, cell phone, etc. This collection would certainly meet my needs and more! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  141. 145
    Stephanie says

    Cute purse!!!!

  142. 146
    Imani says

    I need lots of pockets to stay organized

  143. 147
    Tania says

    What a brilliant purse! I love the outside pocket for the cell phone. I’m always missing calls trying to get to the little pocket on the inside of my purse. And I will definitely be looking into the Purse Perfector! my bag is full of small cosmetic bags that have all my ‘extras’ organized (one for actual makeup, one for electronics, one for first aid…and so on).

  144. 148
    Noel says

    Love all the pockets on that purse! It seems perfect for staying organized.

  145. 149
    Ellie says

    Fantastic giveaway! Love the color and how everything coordinates. This is a great way to be organized and have that put together look. Thank You!

  146. 150
    Heather says

    Adorbs! I love the coordination and organization!

  147. 151
    Theresa M. says

    Love the color of this purse and all the organization!!!

  148. 152
    Lena Blair says

    As a big girl, I look for decent length straps so that the purse fits me comfortably! But also, since I am not much of a girly girl and do not have a ton of clothing and only 2 pairs of shoes, I want my purses to be pretty, they are the only material possessions that I always want to be “pretty” Otherwise I am very much a tomboy!

  149. 153
    Jennifer Madigan says

    I love that the clutch can be used separately from the purse. I LOVE this setup.

  150. 154
    traci mcmahon says

    easy phone access

  151. 155
    Jennifer B says

    I love to keep things organized, so I know exactly where they are and can find things in a snap. A must-have in purses for me are pockets. Pockets of different sizes, with zippers and without, to contain my treasures!

  152. 156
    Mary T., IL says

    I Love the look of this purse. I am not a “pink” color person (green is my fav.), but this purse is very stylish and the perfect color for summer. It looks like it has just enough pockets for me. I like the look of the necklace too. Thanks for the contest!!

  153. 157
    Kristine Farley says

    Need a new bag and this would be perfect for summer! Love the pockets and accessories. Thanks for the opportunity!

  154. 158
    Linda Lee Steaples says

    OMGOSH I love all of it so cool… ThanksLinda

  155. 159
    Larissa Borg says

    So cute! Love the design. I need some organization in my purse badly!

  156. 160
    Angela Coel says

    I’m a pocket junkie. One for phone, one for lip gloss and one for my inhaler.

  157. 161
    Yvonne M. says

    Beautiful and my FAVORITE color! PINK!

  158. 162
    Alison says

    Thank you for the giveaway chance!

  159. 163
    Alison says

    i already subscribe to the blog!!

  160. 164
    Kimberly Buerger says

    An outside pocket for my cell phone is an absolute must!

  161. 165
    Barb says

    It must be cute. I like that you listed the requirements, I never made a list, but you are right it’s helpful soo I’m going to.

  162. 166
    Kara Clymer says

    Beautiful system. I love the pink with zebra stripe. My daughter would love it too.

  163. 167
    Theresa G says

    I have to have an outside cell phone pocket. The one on this purse is so cute and what a great idea. I’ve not seen one like it before.

  164. 168
    Alli says

    My newest must have in a purse, is room. It has to have enough room to hold my planner, a notebook, and ideally, a novel or two. Good quality craftsmanship is another must. There is nothing worse than having a purse fall apart because of poor quality.

  165. 169
    Teressa says

    That is a really cute color match!

  166. 170
    Sara says

    My purses must be easily cleaned

  167. 171
    Lana says

    Comfortable handles for carrying.

  168. 172
    Roberta F says

    I love that purse. The outside pocket for the cell phone is a must.

  169. 173
    Nicole says

    I require an outside pocket too!

  170. 174
    Cathie says

    What a great purse – in my favourite colour combination!

  171. 175
    Susanne says

    Ooooo, you had me at the words purse and giveaway! My must have in a purse…at least 2 sections inside the purse and being able to zip it closed all the way.

  172. 176
    Susan Baughman says

    My must have feature is size. I need a large bag to carry everything with the kitchen sink.

  173. 177
    Melanie says

    Love bags with pockets, inside and out, great colors, fabric that can be easily wiped down, and a cell phone pocket on the outside.

  174. 178
    Jessica Porter says

    Love love love this giveaway!!!

  175. 179
    Kristen says

    I MUST have multiple pockets in all my bags so I can organize things well!

  176. 180
    J says

    Love the bright pink

  177. 181
    ghaisani says

    Pink Shelby Bag is the best anyway for me, love pink so much.

  178. 182
    Cody says

    I love this set!

  179. 183
    Jessica W says

    I really love a purse with multiple compartments…as opposed to one big black hole where everything gets lost!

  180. 184
    Laura L says

    Love it!

  181. 185
    Laura L says

    Love the size if the bag and the pockets.

  182. 186
    Ann says

    This combination of colors is so cute! Any bag that I even consider has to have lots of pockets & room for organization–my planner, wallet 2check books, makeup & more. I know I carry too much, but I’m lost with out all my stuff!

  183. 187
    Melinda C says

    Always Love bight, fun and functional bags! Need Lots of pockets to hold all my crazy pocket needs! This is adorable!

  184. 188
    Linsey says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grace Adele and have been looking to add a pop of colour to my purse collection and this would be absolutely PERFECT! Love the pink! 🙂

  185. 189
    Tara says

    This looks like so much fun and a great way to keep organized.

  186. 190
    Cherie Montorio says

    I like it to have outside pockets and functional.

  187. 191
    Teresa says

    I just recently started carrying a purse again. I would absolutely carry this one!! Love it!!!


  188. 192
    Christina says

    I know some people like small purses, but any purse I buy must must MUST have room for me to carry a book at all times. In addition to all the usual necessities, of course.

  189. 193
    Amanda says

    Love it! Very fun!

  190. 194
    Carey says

    Very cute giveaway!

  191. 195
    Kathy Cervantes says

    What an awesome prize. Hope I win.

  192. 196
    Stephanie says

    I love bright purses!

  193. 197
    Connie says

    Hi! I like having extra pockets inside the purse as well. I also like a pretty lining in a purse to see things better. The purse must have good straps not chains on it as well. 🙂

  194. 198
    Michelle says

    I always love a place for everything–phone, keys, wallet, pen, etc.

  195. 199
    Monique says

    Loooove this!!! All of it! I would love to win it! Thank you for the chance to win it!

  196. 200
    Amiee says

    Love the pink and zebra stripes 🙂

  197. 201
    Inez Foreman says

    Wow, the color and the style is just great.
    The collection is just perfect all together amazing.

  198. 202
    Jami says

    My purse must be able to be organized…with interior and exterior zippered pockets

  199. 203
    Lalena says

    Whenever I buy a purse, it has to have enough pockets to store little knick knacks and other things I stuff inside my purse.

  200. 204
    Barbara says

    Oh how pretty. I’m a pink person. Can never have enough pink. And, I’m kind of a purse addict too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  201. 205
    Alyssa says

    Love this purse I love to stay organized in my purse and this would be perfect

  202. 206
    Michele says

    Love Scentsy, now love these purses.

  203. 207
    polly says

    has to have at least 1 zippered pocket

  204. 208
    Connie says

    Love the unique cell phone pocket and how the zebra pouch appears made on the purse but is remove able!

  205. 209
    frances says

    So FUNctional!!!!!

  206. 210
    Megan says

    I really like a separate key pouch

  207. 211
    Crystal says

    One of my must haves in a purse is an inside side pocket. I’m not very organized, so I need things like my phone and chapstick to be easily accessible amidst the rest of my mess, lol. 🙂

  208. 212
    Caitlyn says

    One of my must haves for any purse is the ability to fit a book in it. I always like to have either a paperback or my Nook with me when I am going out.

  209. 213
    Rachel says

    My must have is an outside cell phone pocket!

  210. 214
    Jessica says

    I love the idea of these purses! I love how many pockets they have and how easy it seems to make everything organized! I also love the removable clutch!

  211. 215
    Emilia Rodriguez says

    i look for a shoulder bag with straps or a handle thats long enough to hit at my ribcage so that it doesn’t add bulk to my waist or my chest. Because If it falls at your chest you will look uncomfortable and bulky and if it falls at your waist it will make you look frumpy.

  212. 216
    Ellen C. says

    I prefer a nice big opening because to many pockets just get me all caught up. Thanks for the chance.

  213. 217
    Melanie says

    I love to have lots of pockets & dividers to help me organize a bit!!

  214. 218
    Kim says

    So cute! My purses have to fit my purse organizer and my Kindle.

  215. 219
    Gaby says

    What an awesome giveaway, I love the colours.

  216. 220
    helna reneesh says

    my favorite features of a hand bag is a mobile pocket,
    my grocery list,my wish list of items i want,a small book so i can read rather than playing mobile when i am waiting..

  217. 221
    Katie says

    The best thing about my purse as a mama of a curious 11 month old, is that it has a zipper to close it! 🙂

  218. 222
    Hilary says

    I love this purse!! I’m not even a pink person and this is so pretty!!!!!!

  219. 223
    Lori says

    I’m so excited to see there’s a place to keep your keys safe.
    My day is spent carting around 2 teenage boys to all their
    activities. If I put my keys down, I know I will not find them right away.
    Having a place for keys is extremely helpful.

  220. 224
    LB says

    It must zip!! Things always fall out of my bags so I really need a zipper

  221. 225
    Eydie says

    The organization & it already matches my planner! It would make a great birthday present for myself!

  222. 226
    maeve says

    a bag has to have a little spot for me to put gum and loose change!

  223. 227
    Melissa says

    At least one outside pocket! A quick go-to!

  224. 228
    MIssie says

    I commented! I love this purse!

  225. 229
    Sara Westhead says

    I’m a tote hog, so I absolutely have to have loads of storage space!

  226. 230
    Gena Thomas says

    Oh so totally LOVE this! Never one anything before adn would LOVE for this to be my first!!!
    Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  227. 231
    Kelly says

    I love the color, pink purses with zebra stripe accents are the best! My favorite feature is the cell phone pocket on the outside. My cell is forever diving to the bottom of every handbag I carry.

  228. 232
    Kari wiessner says

    I NEED this

  229. 233
    Betsy says

    I Love Pink!!

  230. 234
    Erica says

    I need a bag that is a step up from a diaper bag!!!

  231. 235
    Peggy says

    Gotta have pockets for my phone, pens, etc. I can never find my keys if I can’t hook them on a ring, or slip them in an outside pocket.

  232. 236
    Kristi says

    Wow! I’m not normally a “pink” person, but I’m having my first girl in a couple of weeks and pink is really starting to look more appealing to me. This bag is very cute and I love all the accessories. I haven’t used a purse in quite awhile since I’ve had a diaper bag with me the last 4 years and obviously that’s not going away soon, but this would be totally fun for nights out with the hubby or friends! Great giveaway! =)

  233. 237
    Lisa says

    Easy to access pockets for different items. Must have in this busy world.

  234. 238
    Joni says

    Oh my gosh! This would be a great purse!

  235. 239
    Julie says

    Love! Love! Love! …. the zebra! 🙂

  236. 240

    I love the way this made to be organized.

  237. 241
    Karrie j says

    Would love to win this!!!!

  238. 243
    Melissa W. says

    Outside pocket for keys is a must and also room for my Kindle!

  239. 244
    Annette Shelton says

    Too cute!

  240. 245
    Becky Sanders says

    I really love that bag!

  241. 246
    Linda says

    Really like the size of this bag and love the necklace.

  242. 247
    Lisa Castle says

    Shape is important to me. I’m a purse freak but only allow myself to buy maybe twice a year. I still haven’t found the right summer purse, but I think the pink Adele purse would be awesome AND satisfying. Thanks for making me aware of the company. I’d never heard of it. Now I’m reconsidering a home business.

    Oh, I have my keys on one carabiner, my customer rewards cards on another, and one of tjose mini bottlles of hand sanitizer that comes with a rubber strap for attaching to things. My purse HAS TO HAVE a way to attach all three from the strap or on the exterior. I also need some interior pockets and an exterior pocket big enough for my iPhone in an Otterbox. It must also fit my son’s inhaler, my epipen, sunglasses, tissues, Bible reading and checkbook balancing highlighters and pens. I’d like it yo fit my Kindle, too!

  243. 248
    Nichole says

    Love the bag, and the necklace and the accessories! I am in desperate need of a new bag but always have trouble spending money on myself and often cannot find the “right” bag so end up shlepping the same old bag around all year. My current bag is a mess as the shape and inner organization are just not right for me. A bag like the one you show here would go a long way to improve my day and I could finally get the purse perfecter!

  244. 249
    patricia mcsherry says

    I have been doing alot of things on your website to make my life easier. thank you for good ideal. the purse and all the extra would just be the lcing on the cake…

  245. 250
    tisha says

    pocket for phone and keys!

  246. 251
    Samantha says

    Awesome purse collection! Love the colors and pockets 🙂

  247. 252
    Lisa Jean says

    It’s soooo Barbie! I Love it!

  248. 253
    Tamera says

    Absolutely gorgeous purse.

  249. 254
    Tracy says

    Love it! A woman can never have enough purses ????

  250. 255
    Amanda Redman says

    Must have in a purse, compartments that are easily accessible!

  251. 256
    Kathy says

    Like everyone else, I’m an organizing freak. I need POCKETS! The more the merrier. They need to be able to get to.

  252. 257
    Angela says

    I am a purse fanatic! I love the outside pocket, which I tend to use for my keys. The colour of this one is gorgeous and the compartments are great! Would love to win this!

  253. 258
    cindy vance says

    Thank You for this oppurtunity

  254. 259
    Nancy Drew says

    What a fun cute and happy purse! I love unique looking purses…a nice giveaway.

  255. 260
    Audrey says

    I like a purse with lots of pockets, Pocket for Cell phone, i hate digging thought purse to find 🙂 I also love bigger purse~ Such a pretty purse that is

  256. 261
    Beth says

    I SO need some purse organization. Would love to win!

  257. 262
    Cindy says

    I have seen this purse in person and it is beautiful, practical, and made very well. It was designed in such a way that they thought of everything. I love the extra compartments.!

  258. 263
    Christine says

    Freakin LOVE this purse!!!!

  259. 264
    ppenny newton says

    i love Grace Adele but really can not afford it right now. i love the collection you have choosen. i would love to be choosen to show it off for you.

  260. 266
    Jennifer says

    This is a GORGEOUS bag! My bags must be deep enough to hold a diaper along with all the other necessities!

  261. 267
    Megan says

    Such a fun bag! I love the idea of the purse protector!

  262. 268
    Becah says

    I have to have a bag large enough to carry all of the items that I might need on a given day. And a place to clip my keys so I don’t have to dig through my bag to find them!

  263. 269
    Renee says

    Must have feature – at least one pocket for my keys, I’m forever losing them in the bottom of my bag! I LOVE this set – would definitely gift it to my niece as she loves zebra print AND today is her 20th b-day!!

  264. 270
    Megan Stalvey says

    My must have on a purse is a spot for my phone, it’s needs it’s own little pocket or it gets lost in the mess.

  265. 271
    Vanna jones says

    Whoot whoot!!

  266. 272
    Bridget Daigle says

    A purse must be stylish, have a lot of compartments for organization and be economical.

  267. 273
    Donna says

    Pink is my favorite color & I love me some zebra stripes!!

  268. 274
    kimmie says

    Too cute! I love the colors!!!!!

  269. 275
    heather says


  270. 276
    Meredith Sheehan says

    I would LOVE the chance to win this Grace Adele set! So CUTE!! Thanks for sharing the love with your followers! 🙂

  271. 277
    Kristi says

    I have been looking for a great summer purse and this looks perfect !!

  272. 278
    Cindi says

    Thank you for the giveaway! Love he prize 🙂

  273. 279
    Keylee says

    Versatility! it has to double as a purse, diaper bag and catch all for this busy mom of 4 & pastors wife.

  274. 280
    Debra Clem says

    I LOVE THIS PURSE!!!! A must have feature for me is a pocket for my cellphone. There is nothing worse than to be driving, and your phone start ringing, and you have to dig through your purse to find it.

  275. 281
    Megan says

    I MUST have an outside pocket for keys and phone. 🙂

  276. 282
    Deb says

    Not to be one big black hole. I really like an outside pocket too for the phone.

  277. 283
    Ginny says

    My purse needs to be large & I like at least a pocket for cell phone & an inner zippered pocket.

  278. 284
    Nicole says

    I must have at least one pocket on the outside for my keys and a place for easy access to my cell. This purse would fit all my needs and it is so cute! Who could ask for more?

  279. 285
    Claudia Hernandez says

    I love big bags. I carry so many things in my bag all the time. this one looks lovely. I too like to carry my phone on an outside pocket.

  280. 286
    laurie says

    I like lots of room

  281. 287
    Tawnya says

    Love this idea. I’m checking out the Grace Adele website next!

  282. 288
    Tawnya says

    My bag has to fit a few diapers and a wipes container. It also has to have an outside pocket.

  283. 289
    Delaney Dunvant says

    It must have lots of pockets

  284. 290
    Julie says

    like lots of pockets and medium size

  285. 291
    Maxime says

    My bag needs plenty of space!!

  286. 292
    Maxime says

    My bag needs plenty of space and pockets.

  287. 293
    Diana Camden says

    My bag needs to have pockets to help me organize my main things, like a pen, compact, and keys. That way they don’t fly out if my bag rolls off the front seat and onto the baseboard, which can happen when driving in the city.

    Diana C

  288. 294
    Nicole says

    That purse is perfection! I would love to have one!

  289. 295
    Kelly Tenney says

    I LOVE that Pink/Zebra combo! Thank you for sharing Grace Adele with your readers! I’m pretty addicted to her myself 🙂

  290. 296
    Freda Buckner says

    I am new to Grace Adele! I would be so excited to win, then let all of my friends know that I won.
    Thanks for the opportunity!


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