4 Quick Fixes for the Kitchen

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Shannon at AKA Design.

Hello Organizing Junkies! How are you this week? I’m actually down and out with a summer cold that’s kicking my butt, but hope to be up and at ‘em again really soon.

For the last couple of months we’ve been talking “Box it Up” kits for the house and I’ve still got a few kit ideas up my sleeve. But for this week we’re going to change gears and look at 4 Quick Fixes for the Kitchen.

Let’s face it, the kitchen can either be one of the most disastrous or one of the most organized rooms in a house. Here are 4 quick ways to make it the latter!

Problem: You’re always in and out of cupboards looking for the same items when prepping food.

Quick Fix: Corral frequently used items on a pretty tray on the counter top beside the stove or prep area. Things like cooking utensils, salt and pepper, cooking oil, etc.

Problem: Taller bottles won’t fit into cupboards or you need extra storage space for many bottles.

Quick Fix: Use a wire cupboard shelf to double your storage space. Tighten bottles and lay on their sides.

wire cupboard shelf

Problem: The junk drawer is a disaster and you can’t find anything when you need it.

Quick Fix: Use simple small plastic baskets to organize items by use in the junk drawer: birthday candles with matches, pens and pencils with markers, etc.

dollar store drawer organization

Problem: You have to look in ten different places just to find the things you need to make a cuppa joe or a spot of tea.

Quick Fix: Pick a drawer or two to store tea boxes, coffee, teaspoons and rests, etc. Keep the kettle and coffee pot close by. Our tea and coffee drawers are right under our kettle and coffee pot, beside our mini fridge for a drinks station of sorts.

tea and coffee drawers 2

So what quick fix could you incorporate in your own kitchen this week? Or leave a comment sharing another quick fix you’ve tried that worked for you.



shannon Shannon Acheson is a passionate interior decorator, frugal DIYer, sometime graphic designer, wannabe writer, homeschooling momma and adoring wife. She is the co-owner (with hubster) of AKA Design and the main writer/designer for the blog of the same name. Shannon recently moved from a war-era bungalow to a cozy backsplit in Oshawa, Ontario with her husband and their three children, and during spare moments can be found scouring local shops for decor bargains, rearranging the furniture again, or scrubbing paint off her hands.




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11 Responses to 4 Quick Fixes for the Kitchen

  1. 1
    Lauren@Momhomeguide says

    I love your tea and coffee drawers! I have a drawer for tea and coffee in my kitchen, too.

  2. 2
    Vicky says

    Fab ideas! I have already (finally) done my junk drawer but am loving the tray with frequently used items – this is next on my blitz list x

  3. 3
    christina says

    Keeping like with like has worked for me. I need ideas on pots and pans and the like. My large below counter is a disaster of pyrex with can’t find the lids. It’s dark and cavernous with no obvious way to light it.

  4. 4
    VBarkley says

    I have a ton of cooking utensils, and use them frequently. They don’t fit in the small crock I bought for them originally, so I’m using my mom’s old pressure cooker pot to hold them all. Sentimental value, plus it holds everything I need – spatulas, ladles, whisks, wooden spoons, etc.


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