5 Organizing Ideas Under $25

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Shannon at AKA Design.

Hi Organizing Junkies! Has your summer begun yet? We’re hanging in for the last week or so of homeschool and then it’s summa-time for my three littles. This week is also super special because our oldest little actually turns 13 – which I can hardly believe! Not so little anymore.

Anyway, this week I want to share 5 Organizing Ideas Under $25. These can all be found online and may just make your life easier. You know if you’re like me and you like easier. :)

1.   Box Topper Lid $3.99 Each


Okay so this idea won’t necessarily organize per se. But if your kids are anything like mine, our cereal boxes look pretty ragged after they tear into them. With the box topper lid, things will look a lot tidier. And to me tidier = more organized-looking.

2.   Door Rack Pantry Organizer $23.99

Over Door Rack Pantry Organizer


If you are blessed enough to have a pantry, this over the door rack may come in pretty handy to organize the smaller things that may get lost on bigger shelves. It could also be used in a closet for mitts and hats or flip flops too.

3.   Over Cabinet Hair Dryer Holder $7.99

hair dryer organizer

Kitchen Stuff Plus

I don’t know about you, but my hair dryer is always getting buried beneath a pile of other hair accoutrements. Especially with my daughters using my stuff these days! This nifty dryer holder may just keep the blow dryer front and center.

4.  Wire Plate Shelf $6.49


Canadian Tire

I have a couple of these – and they are amazeballs! Not a word? Oh. Well they are amazing. Really. You can use them for plates or bowls. Or even for oil and vinegar in the pantry like I showed you last week.

5.   Tool Organizer Bar $22.98

garage organizer


How messy is your garage? Ours could certainly be better organized. One of these would be pretty helpful, don’t you think? Perhaps it would help avoid an embarrassing Three Stooges moment when you step on the rake!

Do you have any organizing ideas or products that you swear by? Please tell us all in the comments.


shannon Shannon Acheson is a passionate interior decorator, frugal DIYer, sometime graphic designer, wannabe writer, homeschooling momma and adoring wife. She is the co-owner (with hubster) of AKA Design and the main writer/designer for the blog of the same name. Shannon recently moved from a war-era bungalow to a cozy backsplit in Oshawa, Ontario with her husband and their three children, and during spare moments can be found scouring local shops for decor bargains, rearranging the furniture again, or scrubbing paint off her hands.




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13 Responses to 5 Organizing Ideas Under $25

  1. 1
    Linda Stoll says

    Hey … whoever designed that boxtop lid deserves every cent they make!

    Too cool and very smart.

  2. 2
    Melissa says

    Love the pantry door hangy thing. I don’t have a pantry, but I have a laundry room attached to my kitchen where I keep the trash etc…this might work well on the back of that door for a sort of small pantry area. Thanks!

  3. 3
    Tragic Sandwich says

    Those wire plate shelves ARE amazeballs, real word or no. They were a lifesaver in our first tiny kitchen, and we make good use of them even with more cabinet space.

  4. 4
    MaryJo @ reSPACEd: Home Organizing says

    Oh, what a great post! I LOVE organizing on the cheap! If you can do it without spending ANY money, all the better! (Ok, shameless self-promotion: I wrote a whole blog post about getting organized when you have very little money. http://respacedpdx.com/2013/02/have-no-money-you-can-still-get-organized/)

    I agree that it can be mind-blowing what a difference wire plate shelves can make in your cupboards. I use them to organize my boxes of teas, my cans of food in the pantry and my cleaning products in the bathroom under-the-sink cupboard.

    But the one inexpensive item I recommend over and over is an stair-step file sorter to sort your mail. They are about $12 at a big box office supply store and can instantly solve the paper pile problem.

  5. 5
    Brittney says

    Awesome ideas! I love the hair dryer holder!

  6. 6
    Tia says

    Hey we use a shoe organizer for our cleaning stuff in a closet…you know one that hangs on the door I have yet to find something that doesn’t just slide right in the shoe slots. Well except the gallon jugs but that is an obvious duh…helps keep the cleaners out from under the sink if u wanna use that plus could always use in the other closets to hold first aid, wash cloths, in a kids room for toys or paint….so many fun idea..when I got mine it was just $6…couldn’t help from giggling


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