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The Happy Organized Life Bundle is Back and I’m Giving One Away!

Hey there, I never know in advance what I’m going to post about each week. I like to just let inspiration take over and pray that whatever I post will be helpful to at least one person in some small way. This week it came to my attention that the Happy Organized Life Bundle was […]

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It’s Here! My 2019 Merry Christmas Basket of Fun Giveaway!

Every year I get so excited to do this post. I love putting together a basket of fun to giveaway to one of my lovely readers every Christmas. Thank you for continuing to support me and my site by visiting, reading and sharing. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this year! So now […]

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Feeling Frazzled and Frantic? Here’s How to Take Back Your Time + Giveaway!

As I’ve mentioned a few times already, my amazing blog contributor Morgan recently published a brand new book! Morgan blogs over at her own blog, Morganize With Me, and has contributed posts here for the past four years. I’m so proud of her for writing this awesome book called Take Back Your Time. It’s all […]

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It’s Time For My Annual 2018 Merry Christmas Basket of Fun Giveaway!

Hey there beautiful friends! I’m super excited to once again be able to giveaway a basket of fun to one of my lovely readers. I have such a great time putting this basket together every year. Gift baskets just make me so happy with their assortment of goodies. I hope you like what I’ve carefully […]

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