3M Command Brand Giveaway! (closed)

This giveaway is now closed.  The winner is #362 Shana!!

Last week I mentioned that I have a love affair with the 3M Command Brand line of products.  I have been using their hooks and picture hanging strips for years and years and my jaw always hits the floor when I hear someone say they’ve never used them.  Umm what?   Seriously they are amazing.  I use them everywhere in my home because they aren’t permanent and I can change my mind whenever I want to (which happens often).  I have never once had one ruin a wall when removing it.  I have found those that have had problems didn’t follow the instructions properly so it’s important to use the right hook weight for the job.

Here are a few posts I’ve done using Command hooks and strips:

In the garage:

To organize jewelry:

To stabilize frames:

On the back of doors:

On windows:

To hang a calendar on a stainless steel fridge:

To label baskets:

To hang chore charts:

I absolutely adore the Picture Hanging Strips and have used them to hang almost every single picture in my home.

And 3M now has an entire line of clear hooks with clear adhesive strips which is perfect for anywhere you really don’t want a big white hook showing.   The clear hooks they use to have in the past still came with a white adhesive backing that would stick out like a sore thumb and it was a big pet peeve of mine.  Now the whole thing is clear which is so awesome and exciting.

They come in all sizes and are especially perfect for hanging holiday decorations. You can get an idea of what I mean in this video here except just imagine the colored hooks now clear.  Sweet!

Gosh I love these products!!  So much versatility, it’s crazy!

An example of how I’ve used the clear hooks in my own home include on my son’s window to hang his dream catcher:

And in my vehicle to hang my garbage bag (you have a garbage bag in your car right???):


I’m so excited that 3M wants to giveaway a Command Clear prize package to one of my readers valued at $50.00!!  That’s $50 of pure organizing bliss!  It will include an assortment of 3M products for you to go crazy organizing your home.  Believe me you’ll become addicted to the fun of it all and won’t be able to stop :)

To enter simply leave a comment on this post, telling me if you are a 3M virgin or a 3M junkie like I am, prior to September 20th at 2:00 pm PST.  Open to everyone and winner will be selected at random from the comments left.


Here are some coupons for you to use as well if you are interested:



Thanks everyone and good luck!!

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487 Responses to 3M Command Brand Giveaway! (closed)

  1. 1
    jennifer schmahl says

    I love love love command products!

  2. 2
    SalBug says

    I’m a junkie for sure – – I’ve got every style in every room, but always need more! Love them.

  3. 3
    amybee says

    Shockingly, I’ve never used them. Would love to give them a try.

  4. 4
    Renee says

    Finally bought a pack of the command hooks and I am loving them – I may have a new addiction!

  5. 5
    Kristin says

    Not a junkie but not a novice either. I know how great they are but honestly never thought to put them in a car. Genius!

  6. 6
    Kelly Osmond says

    I’m a semi 3M virgin…I haven’t gone all the way. Used a couple of time and have a couple on standby!

  7. 8
    Beth Gallagher says

    I’m a virgin!

  8. 9
    Lacey Graham says

    I am a 3M junkie!! (all thanks to college dorm rooms)

  9. 10
    Cat says

    I have one in my bathroom for my robe, but that’s it! Definitely could use more.

  10. 11
    Brenda Winters says

    I just tried them recently in my daughters room and I’m hooked! (no pun intended…lol)

  11. 12
    Aimee says

    I am a 3M virgin. I have been looking at some lately though, namely to hang my girls jackets up on their level…and raise them every few years.

    • 12.1
      Courtney says

      That’s a GREAT idea!!!!!!!!!!! Glad I scrolled through the comments. :<)

  12. 13
    Dana Nelson says

    I had tried them on these textured walls in my daughters room but they didn’t work on the textured wall….so I have never really tried them other than that…but I am very interested in using these for Christmas decorating and then who knows…I like looking at the ideas on the doors and stuff…most of my walls are textured so this definitly gives me many more options seeing all the great pics!

  13. 14
    Corrie (Brennan'[s Mom) says

    I first used them in 2004 at work to hang Christmas decorations and I’ve been hooked (haha) since! I use them in our motorhome to hang keys, towels and kitchen utensils. I use them in our home for calendars and for decorating during the holidays. They have never ruined anything I’ve attached them too (including wall paper) and they are a cinch to put up and take down!

    • 14.1
      Sam says

      Hey – Did they work on Wallpaper? As I want to use them on wallpaper but on the command website it says not to. I have a wallpaper with a shimmery finish and don’t want to ruin it if I need to take the sticky thing off!

  14. 15
    JennB says

    I love the 3M Command products…especially the picture hanging strips! I’m very excited to see the all clear hooks. I have my coupons printed!

  15. 16
    Priscilla Cavalca says

    I have never used them… But I have so many places where I know I could!

  16. 17
    Becky says

    I’ve tried them once, and will definitely be hanging all of my pictures by 3M Command products once I move in a few weeks!

  17. 18
    janet @ ordinary mom says

    I am SUCH a 3M command junkie. I love them and have done posts on them as well. I love the velcro strips for keeping frames in place (I use a piece at the bottom of every picture in my house, no more straightening them after I dust the frames!!)

    Here is where I use them most – in my kitchen: http://www.ordinarymom.ca/create/index.php/2012/08/a-neat-tip-off-the-floor/

    I would love love love to win a prize package. I am so excited about the clear strips. I have used the clear hooks for years but always hated when the white tapes would show.


  18. 19
    Christy says

    Also a semi 3M virgin. Am looking forward to getting more organized, though!

  19. 20
    rebecca says

    I am a command virgin!

  20. 21
    Hilarie says

    I have used them once but thought about buying them several more times. (I don’t know why I haven’t!) I’d love to try them in more places. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. 22
    Marilyn says

    I am somewhere between the 2- started using them but don’t have them everywhere quite yet…. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  22. 23
    Tammy Skipper (@Tammy_Skipper) says

    Total junkie! I just went to the store this week specifically for two more when organizing my closet. LOVE the new all-clear sets, I didn’t know they had these :)

  23. 24
    Kristi says

    LOVE the 3m hooks!!

  24. 25
    Teri says

    I am a 3M junkie!!!! DH’s mom used to work at 3M in the 40s, when the ladies were working in support of the war effort. She loved it there.

  25. 26
    Leslie Carlton says

    We use command products all year round, but especially at Christmas! They are great for holiday decor!!

  26. 27
    Amanda says

    Can never have enough command strips! (Just wish they were cheaper – especially for christmas decorations)

  27. 28
    Susie E says

    I have 2 kids in college dorm rooms….we are all 3M junkies! The dorm dwellers out of small space necessity, but I’m addicted because I have “commitment issues” with wall art. I change my mind…alot!

  28. 29
    Melissa says

    3M junkie here! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their products. I have bought some of new clear sets and feel they don’t work as strong as the white strips. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

  29. 30
    Elana says

    3M virgin :)

  30. 31
    Kara says

    3m Junkie, I have used them everywhere in my house. My closet, kids closet, kitchen, entryway, bath tub. For some reason I’ve never thought about putting them in the car thought, good idea!
    Recently used them to hang pictures, so great! I love hearing that little ‘click’ so I know my pictures are safe on the wall.

  31. 32
    Meghan says

    I am in the “love affair” category with 3M products!!!! Just yesterday was lamenting that these were not in existence when I lived in my dorm (many unspecified years ago!).

  32. 33
    Tabitha Pyle says

    i am a 3M virgin!

  33. 34
    Andrea Scoville says

    I’m with you – I totally LOVE 3M. Thanks for the great opportunity to win and thanks for all of your great ideas and inspiration – I always look forward to reading your blog!

  34. 35
    Amy says

    I have never tried them, but it’s the word on the street.
    Oh, shoot there I go again reciting Murray from SS.

    Please get me started!

  35. 36
    Pam says

    I love 3M hooks! My daughter can hang stuff in her room and then change her mind without having to patch any holes!

  36. 37
    Jessica g says

    I love these! So convenient.

  37. 38
    carey says

    I <3 3M, actually their headquarted in the town next to me! I wish they had a retail store on site, but oh well! :D

  38. 39
    Rachel says

    I am a Command Strips Virgin, but I did just buy my first pack! I’m going to put them up this weekend I hope!!

  39. 40
    Elizabeth Soucy says

    I am a virgin to 3M. We are starting to use 3M organizational supplies. Wish I could get a coupon or win the prize.

  40. 41
    Jen V. says

    I love the Command Products! Just recently found the Velcro, super stuff!

  41. 42
    Jessica says

    I love 3M hooks! They’re great for hanging brooms and such in our linen closet.

    • 42.1
      Elisha Lovell says

      I am in LOVE with thepicture hanging strips. We use them on everything hanging that our toddler can reach and they are amazing!!

  42. 43
    Vicki says

    I’m in between – have used them quite a few times but haven’t hit junkie status. But I will if I win!!! :)

    Thanks for the chance!! :)

  43. 44
    Lisa Hoeme says

    I am a JUNKIE. I use these things EVERYWHERE!

  44. 45
    Brooke Ducharme says

    I use one on the kitchen cabinet to hang my recipe cards – so I can hang it at eye level and out of the gunk! I love 3M Command and use them quite often as I can find them on sale.

  45. 46
    Pip says

    3M junkie..unfortunately they won’t stick to my walls after I paint them no matter how long I let the paint sit (2yrs for some walls). Not sure what the problem is as they stick before I paint!

  46. 47
    Erica says

    I am a complete and total Command junkie – I almost have palpitations when I find new hooks in the stores. I use them everywhere! I couldn’t hang my Christmas decorations without them – nor my Halloween decorations either. Nothing thrilled me more than the first time I found them in stores many years ago!

  47. 48
    Dawnette Thomas says

    I am in between a virgin and a junkie – I have only used them twice.

  48. 49
    Leanne says

    I’m in between – we have some, and need more! :)

  49. 50
    Julie Bestry says

    Clients joke that I recommend 3M Command-brand products so often that I should really own stock in the company. (Hey, I should stick a Post-It® up to remind me to do exactly that!) My favorite products are the Command hooks, because there are so many different styles and fashions (and not just utilitarian ones), but they all live up to the promise of ease-of-use without damage to surfaces.

  50. 51
    erica says

    my mom used 3M products growing up, but i am sad to say, i am a 3M virgin, myself…

    hope that changes soon, though! :)

  51. 52
    Denise says

    I have to admit that I have not used the command products either. I would love to try them – so many neat ideas of ways to use them. Thanks for the opportunity

  52. 53
    Kristina Burke says

    Junkie… we use them to hang all of our pictures around the house… we have paneling so the 3m products are great… we also use them to hang colored lights and other decorations for the holidays

  53. 54
    Rebekah says

    Total junkie here…I was even in their command clear commercial!!! So, yeah, junkie. :)

  54. 55
    Nicola says

    Total newby here, I’d love to try them on my picture frames. I have so many that need to be hung and keep putting it off. It would be so easy to just use these 3m strips and get this job DONE. :)

  55. 56
    Denise S. says

    Junkie for sure! It is just so nice that they are removable!

  56. 57
    Alissa C. says

    I love Command hooks, though I have found I need to be choosy about which ones I use for which purpose – they have been known to break off the wall when we (the kids) hang something too heavy (backpacks) on them! But they are great and easy to move around!!!

  57. 58
    Alli says

    I’m a total 3M junkie! I love their products. We used them all over our old house. And now that our new home is a rental, I find them even more of a must have, especially for hanging pictures. I’m slowly spending a fortune on them, but in the long run it is so worth it.

  58. 59
    Lauren says

    I am a Command junkie! Love that I can hang anything anywhere without damaging our walls.

  59. 60
    Kendra says

    I have used them in various places around the house & especially at Christmas to hang decorations. Love them!!

  60. 61
    muriel says

    I love the 3M hooks.

  61. 62
    Courtney says

    I love them!!!!!!!! I use them for hanging pictures mostly because I’m not so good with the measuring/nailing thing. :<)

  62. 63
    Rita says

    Suprisingly I have never tried 3M hooks but I would love to!

  63. 64
    Marji says

    I keep buying them, and not using them, so they’re collecting in a drawer. This may be just the incentive I need to put them to use.

  64. 65
    Gwen says

    I think I inhabit the middle of the spectrum you’ve described! I would like to get a
    pack of peg hooks so I can hang clipboards.

  65. 66
    Tara M says

    3M Virgin but have been longing to try!!

  66. 67
    Katie says


  67. 68
    Sarah says

    I really like what I’ve seen of Command strips so far. I’ve had a couple of hiccups (had one hook fall off the strip on a hot night), but they are generally quite handy and strong. The most useful one I’ve got is an extra-strong hook in the kitchen – it’s rated for 7.5 lbs. but is holding up my cast iron frying pan – which has to be at least 10 pounds! The only drawback I find with them is that they cost too much for me to use as much as I’d like. ;-)

  68. 69
    Emily M says

    I’m a 3M virgin, but those look fantastic and I would love to try them!

  69. 70
    Teresa says

    Total 3M virgin here…just moved into an apartment after living in a house for over 7 years and have lots of pictures to hang too. And to top it off, my birthday is Tuesday, my 50th at that. :) I soooo would love to win this giveaway!

  70. 71
    Nadine Ursuliak says

    3m junkie! Would love to add to my collection!

  71. 72
    Joanne says

    I love 3M products they are so useful around the house!

  72. 73
    Laura says

    I live 3M Hooks. I use them all the time! :)

  73. 74
    hsmominmo says

    love, love, love my 3M Command hooks! Use them in closet doors, for my Christmas stockings and garlands, for wall hangings. Never thought about the window, great idea!

  74. 75
    lisa says

    I absolutely LOVE 3M command hooks! I kinda feel like a virgin bc there are so many different kinda now!

  75. 76
    Kendra aka The Meanest Momma says

    Not quite a virgin, have used them, but only a time or two and not recently. sounds like i need to acquaint myself!

  76. 77
    April V says

    I’ve seen these everywhere, but sadly I’m a 3M virgin as of right now… can’t wait to try them!

  77. 78
    Rachael says

    I’m definitely a 3M Command Hook virgin. I’ve NEVER used one, but have always been interested in them!

  78. 79
    Shelley says

    I am a total junkie, just like you. But they can be pricey – I’m gonna go print off the coupon. Thanks for sharing!

  79. 80
    Leah says

    We just moved, and I really need to become a 3M junkie…my walls are bare!

  80. 81
    Laurie says

    I use Command stuff all the time in my house. Would love to win some!

  81. 82
    Brittany says

    I used the hooks to hang letter spelling oitsdoe my daughters name above her crib–used.them to eliminate putting all kinds of holes in the wall since the room has to grow with my daighrer–and they are wonderful!!

  82. 83
    Ellen says

    3M Junkie – the hooks are already all over my house :-)

  83. 84
    Pamela says

    I’ve never used these, but would definitely want to try them out.

  84. 85
    Madison says

    I’m neither a virgin nor a junkie. I’ve used them before while working at a craft store when we needed to hang decorations, but I’ve never actually bought them for myself. However that’s probably going to change this weekend since I found out they have little clips to help arrange cords. Cord organization for our computers will be our project this weekend! Would love to win some free ones though!

  85. 86
    Judy says

    I’m a virgin!

  86. 87
    Sarah says

    I’ve just started using a couple…. I’d love to try more though!

  87. 88
    Robin from Frugal Family Times says

    I’m with you, Laura. The 3M hooks are addictive. So many uses, I’d hope I win. I’d like to use some to hang our lunch bags in the kitchen, until we do something more permanent.

  88. 89
    Marci says

    Eek!!! I’ve never used the products but keep thinking I need to!! I’m sold….hitting the store this weekend. :-)

  89. 90
    Erin says

    i am not a newbie or a junkie – just love their stuff. :)))

  90. 91
    Laura K says

    LOVE 3m command products!!

  91. 92
    Chelsea says

    I am a 3M virgin.

  92. 93
    Eden says

    I am a 3M junkie – love their hooks and picture hangers!!

  93. 94
    April says

    A wanna-be junkie! Not quite a virgin (ha!), but haven’t reached addicted status just yet!

  94. 95
    nebuchudnessar says

    I love 3M command hooks and picture hangers, I have used them everywhere!

  95. 96
    Jenni Shaver says

    JUNKIE!!! I use these for EVERYTHING! I could really use that $50 to up my stash.

  96. 97
    Heather Loveless says

    3M junkie

  97. 98
    Tracy @ usingtimewisely.com says

    Love 3M products, but I disliked the white command hooks. I have no white walls in my house and the white on a colored wall made the hook stand out. But with the clear hooks, I might get carried away. You just never know. Thanks for the giveaway, Laura!

  98. 100
    Joyce M says

    We have some and would love some more to hang things up around our house. :)

  99. 101
    Katie says

    I am definitely a 3M junkie!

  100. 102
    Kathy T says

    I am a 3M virgin. I have not used them before but I think I am in real need. My daughter and I have things we really want hung up and haven’t done it yet. Maybe this will be the kicker and help us unCLUTTER!?

  101. 103
    K Ward says

    I’ve not tried these hangers. I’m sorry to say I’m still putting holes in my walls! Would enjoy giving 3M a try.

  102. 104
    Marie-Christine says

    Junkie! Love, love, love.

  103. 105
    Lindsey says

    I recently just bought a 3M Command product when I read your blog about your Martha Stewart products from Staples and have absolutely fell in love!!! I really want to try more of their products around the house, they are just so versatile!! Thank you so much for introducing it to me, you are my saviour!! :)

  104. 106
    Debbie says

    I haven’t been converted to a junkie yet, but definitely would love to try these, especially to hang pictures on the wall!

  105. 107
    Lauren G says

    Haven’t tried them yet~

  106. 108
    Terri says

    I have used them a couple times.

  107. 109
    Amanda H says

    A 3M Command virgin. These products really look amazing. I am going to go and purchase some today. I hope they have them here in Australia

  108. 110
    Justasiam says

    I am an absolute junkie…have them everywhere and even have some extras on hand in case I find a spot in my house that needs more!!

  109. 111
    RST says

    I use a lot of 3-m command hooks — I hang quilts on the wall with two hooks supporting a dowel that runs through a sleeve on the back of the quilt. I also use them a lot with adaptations we make to my son’s wheelchair. They’re so useful in many settings — I keep a variety in my cart at Amazon, and if I need to add just a few dollars to an order to get free shipping, I add to my stash.

  110. 112
    Kim Gumapas says

    I am a 3M virgin, I love to organize and would love the opportunity to try out their products…the wheels in my head are spinning, thinking about all the possibilities!

  111. 113
    Rebecca says

    I love ALL THINGS 3M!!! One of the best brands out there for sure!

  112. 114
    Suzanne says

    Use them all the time.

  113. 115
    Tami says

    I use them as much as I can. They are great in the shower to hang washrags on and I use them for towels as well. Sooooo many uses! I’d buy a ton if I had the income to do so! Love to read the many uses others use them for. :)

  114. 116
    Jenni says

    I’m just getting started with 3M Command Hooks. I’ve used them for Christmas decorating before, but would love to use them all over the house all year!

  115. 117
    Sonya says

    I’m a junkie and I’m trying out the picture hangers this weekend.

  116. 118
    Sarah says

    Love them…should use them more. Have only tried a few but they work great.
    Great product!

  117. 119
    Linda Kish says

    I have used them a couple times but not recently. That makes me a newbie I guess.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  118. 120
    joan s says

    well I’m kind of ashamed to say …nope, never tried them before. Love how you attached the trash bag in the car. I have one hanging off the lighter and it bugs me so I’m gonna give it a go!

  119. 121
    Leah says

    Well, I’ve used little plastic hooks before and loved them, but I’m ashamed to say mine were probably a cheap brand, not 3M. :-)

  120. 122
    Melissa R says

    Major 3M junkie! Just moved out of a house and into an apartment… Love that there will be no holes to patch!

    • 122.1
      teri says

      Just starting to discover their magic. I would categorize myself as a future junkie!

  121. 123
    Sarah R says

    I love their products but boy did you think of some new ways to use them! I LOVE the idea of holding up a trash bag in a car and using them on the windows for decorations! Both of my kids have sun catchers in their rooms that had to be taken down because the suction cup that came with them kept falling off. Now I know how to get them to stay! Great use of a great product!

  122. 124
    Kelly D says

    I have not used 3M products, but I would like to. I need some help getting organized.

  123. 125
    Amy W says

    Love command hooks! I use them to hang my kids backpacks and coats. They work perfectly! I would love to try more!

  124. 126
    Laure says

    Just started trying them and LOVE them!

  125. 127
    Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist says

    I am absolutely a 3M junkie! I have the hooks in every room in our house. They are great for renters like me.

  126. 128
    Samantha Gettler says

    I’m a 3m Virgin!! I was thinking about using them, but just haven’t yet!

  127. 129
    Gina says

    I’m just like you, Laura, I have 3M hooks everywhere! They’re on the back closet walls in everyone’s closet, holding belts, purses, backpacks, you name it. They’re in between cabinets and the wall, holding aprons, superhero capes, and more. They’re in the basement for paintbrushes, toys with straps, our dress-up corner, and the kids have the clear picture hanging hooks in their rooms so they can change out their art whenever the mood strikes. My girls have a hook on their door with a sign saying “No Boys (except for brother).” And he has the opposite sign on his door. We love 3M!

  128. 130
    Beth says

    LOVE them–have them throughout the kitchen and my classroom!

  129. 131
    Margaret C says

    I love 3M stuff…first started at work where a corner of my office had a steel column that intruded from one of the corners. The strips were perfect to put plaques on.

  130. 132
    Christina says

    Love Command hooks!

  131. 133
    terri says

    I am new convert…love them!

  132. 134
    Elvia says

    Loge them. Sure would like to win the freebies. Then I could really have fun.

  133. 135
    Veronica says

    I’m more like a wanna-be junkie! I’ve used a couple of these, and would love to use more!

  134. 136
    Rory says

    I love 3m and I am a complete junkie! I have used the hooks all over my houseand the animal shelter I work at, the organizers to hold everything from my glasses (attached to the side of my bedside table so my cat doesn’t mess with them) to my spices (inside my cabinet doors), the picture hangers (which are great because I can put up pictures and live with them for a while and decide if I like the placement before hubby has to make a hole in the wall for a permanent placement), the cord organizers, the velcro strips (for putting decorative trays on the wall and remotes for light switches).. I could go on ..and on. That is awesome that they now have clear strips (that was one thing that always bothered me)

  135. 137
    Lawfrog says

    Absolute 3M JUNKIE here!! Love all of their products and like yourself, I use their hooks to hang tons of different things and the strips have been holding up my pictures for years. LOVE 3M!

  136. 138
    Sheena says

    I am a junkie! Love them!

  137. 139
    Lyn says

    I would love to become a 3M junky and I think this kit would get me starting in that direction

  138. 140
    Susie N says

    I am a junkie as well! Never thought to use it on my stainless steel fridge!

  139. 141
    Nicole says

    JUNKIEEEEEE! I love these so much.

  140. 142
    Catherine Brown says

    Love 3M stuff and so want to try the hooks. I have always wondered if they really stick with no damage and actually hold stuff.

  141. 143
    Miranda says

    I’ve never used these products but I’d love to win some!

  142. 144
    Laura says

    JUNKIE!!!! As a renter I LOOOOOOOOVE 3M!!

  143. 145
    Leila says

    Not quite a junkie yet, but headed down that road, especially if I win :)

  144. 146
    Lorilee says

    Total junkie!! I use it for my pictures and it’s a main staple in my kids landing area!! Love how I can change my mind over and over and not have holes to fill!

  145. 147
    Melissa Head says

    I have used some 3M products in the past but you have given me so many great ideas that I’m gonna have to get more! I especially love the trash bag in the car idea! I always have a trash bag, but never thought of hanging it! Also, my daughters are always painting suncatchers and those cheap little hooks that come with the kits are always falling. Command hooks would be a much better option! Thanks so much!

  146. 148
    Lynette says

    We hung a white board up in the spring with 3M products, but I’ve never moved it to see how well they can be taken off. I’ve heard so many great things about them. These are such a great idea for this house-renting family.

  147. 149
    Monica says

    My daughter is trying to convert me…I have used them very little because my husband sells nails and such other items. I don’t do that shopping.

  148. 150
    Andrea V. says

    becoming a junkie. finding more times when i prefer them over nails or screws.

  149. 151
    Sarah says

    I love the 3M command products! We just moved in to a new house and I’m not sure I know where.I want to hang things. This would be perfect for trying out spots!

  150. 152
    Jenny says

    Such a wonderful product! I use them all over the house!

  151. 153
    Renee says

    Never used the 3M Command Brand products… They look great!

  152. 154
    dawnelle says

    I’ve used the little ones, but none of the other and would love to try!

  153. 155
    Sandra says

    I love these products – I use them everywhere!

  154. 156
    Paperfish says

    use them for Xmas lights, to hang my empty lingerie bags

  155. 157
    Sheila says

    I’m still a 3M novice. I have a couple of hooks in the kitchen. One for hand towel, the other one for the calendar.

  156. 158
    Karin says

    I’m a total 3M junkie! I use them all over the house.

  157. 159
    Brenda a says

    I actually don’t think I remember ever using any of these products yet…I will have to pick some up next time I go to the store.

  158. 160
    Karen rambling mum says

    I am starting to love them. We recently moved with hubby’s job & are renting a house until we find one we would like to buy. So I am paranoid about marks on walls & stuff. A package of 3M products would be ideal!

  159. 161
    Jenne says

    When we built our house we lived in an apartment for 9 months. I knew it was temporary and didn’t want to put any nails on the walls. I used 3M hooks for my kids backpacks right inside the front door and they were great. I have them all over my house holding up all different things. We just got a new car/suv and it didn’t have a space between the 2 front seats for a trash can (I have a small trash can in my van). Thanks for posting your picture of how you hang a trash bag in your car. That’s where its going. I LOVE IT!!!!

  160. 162
    Lisa says

    Love these especially around the holidays

  161. 163
    Jill Robson says

    I am a 3M virgin, i actually have one in my desk drawer but it didn’t work for the purpose i was originally going to use it for. The hole was too small for the hook end to fit through, but you have given me some great suggestions on what i can use them for. Thanks

  162. 164
    tammy d. says

    It’s sad to say but I guess I’m a 3M virgin. I have wanted to try and get organized…but I’m not sure where to put things.

  163. 165
    Carolyn Maves says

    I have never used them, my twin sister raves over them. Because of your article I just put them on my shopping list, thanks.

  164. 166
    Kal Buckles says

    JUNKIE….we are a military family and professional renters. Just moved from a 1929 home with plaster walls and 3M saved my sanity.

    Haven’t seen the clear ones – fingers crossed I’ll win.

    They need to come up with some (hope they read this) that work on house siding so I can hang things and not mess up the siding.

    LOVE the garbage bag in the car idea!

  165. 167
    Jody says

    I have never heard of them until now. New to
    the blog. I am going to have to check them out

  166. 168
    Melissainkdesigns says

    Yes, please! Love their products!

  167. 169
    Jodi says

    Love the hooks – they can be used in so many different ways!

  168. 170
    Shannon Bell says

    I’ve been using Command hooks for years – I absolutely LOVE their versatility!

  169. 171
    eva d says

    Love them!

  170. 172
    Christine says

    Not a junkie, but I have used them and like them. My daughter went away to college this year, and I will be sending her a variety of Command products since she can’t put holes in the dorm walls.

  171. 173
    Bev says

    I love these! In fact I just bought some the other day for labeling in a classroom. I discovered them when I needed to hang Christmas stockings on my freshly painted mantle. Perfect answer.

  172. 174
    Lisa DeCourcey says

    I’ve never used the 3M products, but my college-age son recently introduced me to them when he used them to organize all his electronics cords on his desk. Very cool! Would love to give them a try!

  173. 175
    Kate @ Teaching What is Good says

    Yep, I’m not familiar at all with these 3M products but am very intrigued!!! Organized Olga is not my middle name, although I would love some help!

  174. 176
    Veronica says

    I am not a “Junkie”. Yet. I have used them and do LOVE them! NEVER thought about using in my car as a “trash bag holder!” *slap head* Off to use a coupon to ADD it now!!!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  175. 177
    Kam A says

    I have (gasp!) never used them! I would love to try them though!

  176. 178
    Donna says

    I’m kind of in between. I’ve used them to hang wreaths and loved how they worked, but I never realized they had so many other products!

  177. 179
    Christina in NO KY says

    Virgin. {blush}. I will stare at the display and just can’t decide what to try first, so I leave empty handed. Would love to have someone just send me some, then all I have to do is decide WHERE to use them!

  178. 180
    Katherine says

    I love the 3M hooks! We’ve been renting for several years, and have used them for extra storage to hang things, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

  179. 181
    Kimberly B. says

    I’m a 3M Command junkie. I use them everywhere! Love, Love. Love.

  180. 182
    Jackie says

    I LOVE these but usually look for them on sale. Would 3M consider reducing the price, I’m sure they would make up the difference in VOLUME! I would buy LOTS more if they weren’t so expensive, I watch for sales/clearance to get most of mine so I would LOVE to win this!!!

  181. 183
    Cheryl S says

    I have only used them once or twice. My issue is the cost, so I haven’t purchased many.

  182. 184
    Sara Perez says

    We use them to hang hair dryer and curling irons near but out of the way in the bathroom. Love them because we can hang them on the cabinet but not make holes.

  183. 185
    Stacy says

    Oh man these things changed my life.

  184. 186
    Ilona t says

    Love command stuff!

  185. 187
    Angela says

    I am a 3M virgin. I have three young children and after seeing everything you use them for on your post, I need to try these!!!! Oh, the possiblities.

  186. 188
    Mary Nelson says

    I am a 3M Command Strip virgin, mostly because I had no idea how well they worked or all the ways in which they could be used. Hope I win some of these- They would most defintely be put to use!
    Thank you for posting examples of uses- They definitely take techniques for organizing and display to the next level- without damaging surfaces.

  187. 189
    Rachel Strat. says

    I’m absolutely a junkie! As a student living in an apartment that doesn’t let me do anything permanent to the walls, command hooks/strips/etc have saved me from beige wall boring-ness!

  188. 190
    Nancy says

    I have used them before and loved them. Thanks for refreshing my memory on these wonderful products!

  189. 191
    Robin G says

    I live them! I am starting to use them more and more!

  190. 192
    jeannene says

    I am just beginning to realize the vast number of reason to use the 3m Command Hooks. After reading your post with wonderful ideas, I am sitting here on the computer and typing up my list of where and how I can use the product. Yhaks for this great post and the opportunity to enter the contest.

    Good luck to everyone!

  191. 193
    Sharon says

    I am a Command hook virgin but especially after reading your many uses and those great clear hooks, I could easily see myself as a junkie! Guess I’ll have to try them even if I don’t win the free ones.

  192. 194
    Heather says

    I am a 3m junkie. I use the products in the house & our camper :)

  193. 195
    Myra says

    Have some that I’ve never used, shame on me!

  194. 196
    Jeanne says

    I’m a junkie too, but I’ve just read some great new ideas I haven’t tried!

  195. 197
    Cc says

    I am a 3m junkie and will always use more!!!!!!!

  196. 198
    Loz says

    3M virgin, but they sure do look like they’d be great to have around!

  197. 199
    Christa says

    Compared to you: a 3M virgin. It would be great to be a 3M junkie if I win.

  198. 200
    carrie says


  199. 201
    Cynthia Smith says

    I’m a 3M virgin but would love to become a junkie!!

  200. 202
    Randee says

    I am an unabashed 3M Command virgin. I’d love to opportunity to become a junkie by getting to try some of these products. My mouth dropped open when I saw the calendar on the fridge. I thought, Wow — can you really do that? Amazing! Thanks for this opportunity!

  201. 203
    Angela says

    I am a total 3M Junkie. Love the clear hooks!

  202. 204
    sandra mcneil says

    I am such a VIRGIN, when it comes to 3M’s command brand. But, I now see that the possibilities are ENDLESS!! I will definitely print the coupons and start using these products combined to your wonderful ideas to organize many things in my house and car (what a great idea for the garbage bag!!)
    Thank you very much for a very interesting and very useful blog!!

  203. 205
    Mare says

    I have used them in the past, but not recently. Would love to give them a shot again!

  204. 206
    Janice says

    I have never used them, but am now very intrigued!

  205. 207
    Jennifer Madigan says

    I’m not a junkie like you but I do use 3M Command hooks, mostly because I never thought to use them in some of the ways you have. I do love them though. I always keep extras in our Christmas bins so that I’m ready to go for the next year.

  206. 208
    Leslie r says

    I wanna win some 3m. I have used them to hang stockings from mantle.

  207. 209
    Elizabeth says

    I have never used them. I think I’d like to try them on my front door decorations first then move up to something more dangerous (like the wall). Seeing is believing that they work that good.

  208. 210
    Lori says

    I heart command strips but I didn’t even know they had clear with clear adhesive!!!!!! So exciting!!!!

  209. 211
    Sharon Thompson says

    3M junkie

  210. 212
    Tyna says

    I am a 3M virgin – never used them. Mostly because they cost money and I have none!!

  211. 213
    Brittany says

    I have never tried command products but with all those pictures showing me how I should start. Thanks for the giveaway.

  212. 214
    RITA SMITH says

    I have used them for years in the closet, to hold all my purses, one the wall for my necklaces, and in the kitchen, and of course in the bathroom. I just don’t know what I would do without them.

  213. 215
    Alison says

    I have used them in the past, but after looking at your photos……I think I’ll be using them a lot more!!

    Thanks for the ideas!

  214. 216
    Holly says

    I am not quite a newbie and not quite a junkie either. I use them mostly around Christmas to hang decorations. I would love to use them more often.

  215. 217
    Ashley N says

    3M virgin!

  216. 218
    Beth F. says

    I am a total 3M Junkie!!! I used them to place the frames for my photo collage wall in my family room. LOVE THEM!!!

  217. 219
    Fatema says

    I am a die-hard 3M hook junkie. I have all our family “hooked” to these fabulous products as well.

  218. 220
    Tracey S says

    3m JUNKIE!

  219. 221
    Gale says

    I’m a 3M virgin. These look nifty and I’d like to try them!

  220. 222
    Resa says

    A total 3M virgin …. but not for long!! Love these ideas

  221. 223
    Sara Smith says

    Total 3M junkie!

  222. 224
    Sheri K. says

    I’m not a virgin but close to beginner and would like to dive in the deep end of the 3M pool. Your blog post has encouraged me to get busy with these hooks and more! A gift certificate will get me going. :) Thanks

  223. 225
    Rhonda says

    I’ve just started using Command hooks and am very excited about the possibilities for them.

  224. 226
    Dede says

    I had never tried these until last Christmas for hanging stockings. I must say that I was very skeptical about whether they would hold the weight once the stockings were filled but to my surprise, they didn’t fail. I’m a true fan now!

  225. 227
    Jen says

    I have used these products before and loved them, but not for a long time – I found it really hard to find replacement strips. They seem to be more common in the stores again, so I’m looking forward to finding new uses again!

  226. 228
    kim says

    Embarrassed to say it, but I am a 3M virgin…. What have I been missing? Always up for trying new products. The 3m line looks amazingly versatile and very useful! I think I could easily become ‘hooked’ from the many ideas you shared in your post. Thank you!

  227. 229
    Marcia says

    I have used them once or twice, but need to use them more often, it seems! I guess it’s just a habit to reach for the hammer and a nail or hook. These would have been fantastic in my dorm room when we couldn’t damage the walls. Thanks!

  228. 230
    Carolyn says

    I love Command Strips! I am a 3M junkie!!

  229. 231
    Jackie says

    3M Virgin, used the product once and ready to expand my organizational ways and use more.

  230. 232
    amy Edwards says

    I am a Command junkie!!!! I love all their products and would be so excited to win some of them!

  231. 233
    MaryJane HIggins says

    I’m somewhere between an 3M virgin and a 3M junkie. I’ve use the Command products in the past but nothing like what you have shown us. Can’t wait to try some of these things. Love the car trash bag idea. I have a trash bag in the car now but it just looks like part of the trash!

  232. 234
    Robin says

    I love them!

  233. 235
    Madison L says

    I am a junkie and could use some more to get ready for the approaching holiday seasons. How else am I going to hang all my decorations?

  234. 236
    Nicole says

    I would consider myself closer to a 3M virgin than junkie. I used them a little, but not nearly as much as I could. I’m always looking for ways to make my world more organized. :)

  235. 237
    Steph says

    Never tried them but would love to try!

  236. 238
    Cheri says

    I’ve never tried these and never realized you could remove them without a trace. I love that idea! I can think of lots of uses (especially for the camp our family rents in the summer–there are never enough places to hang things!!). I also like your idea of having one in the car. Every new vehicle I’m always trying to find a good spot to hang a trash bag and/or air freshener. This will work perfectly! thank you for sharing

  237. 239
    Liz says

    I am addicted to all 3m hooks. They greatly help this family of 5!

  238. 240
    Maragret says

    Definitely a junkie. Just discovered the ones to hold cords…so excited!

  239. 241
    Anna says

    Love 3M products and use them as much as possible they make hanging anything so much simpler!!

  240. 242
    Tracie says

    WOW!!! I am DEFINITELY a 3M virgin! I never knew there were so many possibilities! I am going to start using these right away to try to make my life simpler. I love to organize so can’t wait to try them! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE INFO, LAURA!!!

  241. 243
    cindi m says

    a 3M virgin!

  242. 244
    misolee says

    a newbie!

  243. 245
    Leanna T. says

    I love command products! I use them in the bathroom to hold my hair dryer, I use the strips to hang my plastic bag holder, and to hang pictures and seasonal decorations.

  244. 246
    Lynne B says

    Being a military family making lots of moves, I have become a 3M junkie for sure. I had fun a few weeks ago showing the removal of a hook to a painter who had never seen them before. He was very impressed. My grandfather used to get the 3M boxes at Christmas time for each of his children’s family. It was a selection of their newest items along with some classics. I wish they still did something similar (I think it was a shareholders offer). 3M is one of the longest running companies on the Dow Jones Industrial list. I credit it to innovations like these. They’ve come a long way since just being the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.

  245. 247
    Chris Buckles says

    would love to see if they would work on our cinder block walls, cuz they are pretty naked now. The walls that aren’t block have masonry drywall which also doesn’t accept a nail well. Thanks for posting all the great ideas!

  246. 248
    Farm Mom Corinne says

    Love them … I think they need you to find new ways to use them and then post MORE photos. Love some of your ideas … especially the car!

  247. 249
    Amy Lemaniak says

    I am a total 3M junkie and LOVE LOVE LOVE the command strips! cannot wait to start using the clear ones!!!

  248. 250
    Jane says

    I am a virgin when it comes to 3M command products – don’t know how I have not noticed them – but I can think of many places in our house that could use them beautifully!

  249. 251
    Nicole says

    I have used the command hooks, but I have never used any of the other types. I need to go check those out!!

  250. 252
    Julie says

    I’m a dabbler with 3m products. Love what they can do!!

  251. 253
    Kathy Cervantes says

    I am a 3M virgin. I would love to try the hooks that don’t ruin paint. So curious to see if it is true.

  252. 254
    Brenda says

    What a great post….I have a few of the command hooks in my home….but you gave me so many more ideas….like in my car for the garbage bag …Thanks so much…

  253. 255
    Jennifer Barker says

    I just helped a friend decorate her wedding reception in a historic building where we used these for everything! The facility planner had never heard of these before so she was worried about using them. I think we sold her on the product once she saw how they came off and left no marks on the walls!

  254. 256
    s says

    Love them!!!

  255. 257
    Laura Dehnert says

    We rent so we have to be careful w the amount of nails we use so these are perfect!

  256. 258
    Alison says

    I tried some of these several years ago, but they were white and a different shape. I don’t know why I didn’t keep using them. They were great. I’d love to give these a try!!

  257. 259
    Betsy says

    I am a 3M junkie

  258. 260
    Leslie Dawn Neagle says

    A 3M Virgin; All new to me, never used them yet! But you’ve peaked my interest! Using them in the cars to hold trash bags–wonderful. My wheels are spinning?

  259. 261
    Lisa Anderson says

    Definitely a 3M junkie! I love 3M Command Strips. I love changing my mind with no regrets!

  260. 262
    Alissa A says

    I am a 3M junkie! captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  261. 263
    Danielle T says

    big time 3M junkie

  262. 264
    Sandra Matthews says

    Am a 3M virgin….

  263. 265
    Anna says

    I’ve used the 3M command hooks for several projects and would love to have some more… thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway!

  264. 266
    Natalie Hand says

    I have hung all of my jewlery (necklaces) in my closet with 3M hooks. Love the clean look and the fact that I can take them down are reuse them!

  265. 267
    Valerie says

    I have never used them, but they sound brilliant!!

  266. 268
    Terry says

    I love the 3M hooks and use them all through my house! I’d love to win your giveaway, thanks the opportunity!

  267. 269
    P.K. says

    New to these 3M hooks

  268. 270
    Tara P says

    3M semi Junkie – love their products!

  269. 271
    Trish says

    3m 3m they’re the best!!!!

  270. 272
    Faith says

    I am a 3m virgin! Love the idea to use in car to hold trash bag! I never know where to put the trashbag and now I must try a command hook!

  271. 273
    Breanne says

    3M virgin

  272. 274
    Beth says

    I have used some command products, but want to try more!

  273. 275
    ashley says


  274. 276
    Jacqueline says

    I’m pretty new to them, although given that we’re in an apartment, we should probably be using some of their products instead of always drilling holes to hang pictures!

  275. 277
    Lisa K says

    I’ve only recently started using them and would love some more! I got so much inspiration from this post!

  276. 278
    Sandra Taylor says

    I guess I’m somewhere between virgin and junkie. However, after seeing the pics in this post, I have some great organizing ideas for my home and think I could easily become a junkie! Especially if I win this giveaway!

  277. 279
    Mary G says

    I am a junkie for sure!!! I use them everywhere, home, office, car, garage, even on vacation! I’ve used them on a cruise too!!

  278. 280
    Jessica Hetland says

    Love the command hooks!

  279. 282
    Ryan Goldberg says

    I have not tried 3m command hooks yet but look forward to doing so. Am totally new @ Organization in Genral but am attempting to get the house in order! Need lots of help & reading your blog for advise!

  280. 283
    Crystal Nell says

    Absolutely LOVE command hooks!!

  281. 284
    Ginny says

    I’m definitely a Command hook junkie. In fact, I was trying to track down my box of hooks earlier tonight – turns out my daughter has them. BTW, I did have some hooks pull the paint right off several walls. I didn’t put them up, my other daughter did, but what a mess. I don’t know what the problem was.

  282. 285
    Jodi says

    I’m a junkie right along with you, I also get excited when they come out with something new. Thanks for the opportunity!

  283. 286
    Claire says

    Thank you for the excellent ideas! I love learning new ideas for things I already love!

  284. 287
    Barbara says

    Been using them for years. They leave no marks on the walls when you move them.

  285. 288
    Gwen Templeman says

    I have used the picture hanger velcro thingies-picture fell off the wall 3 days later-needed 4 strips, not two, but it is neeto not to put holes in my new walls. Would love to win, as I have only hung one picture in my new house!

  286. 289
    liza says

    total newbie, never used anything 3m

  287. 290
    Leann says

    I love 3M my sister in law got me hooked she uses them all through her house.

  288. 291
    Amber says

    I am a 3M virgin but would LOVE to start using them all around my house. Especially since I’m living in military housing right now!

  289. 292
    Miranda says

    I haven’t tried the products, but they look handy.

  290. 293
    Evangeline says

    3M junkie over here. Use it for everything. Love their picture hanging velcros also. Hope to win.

  291. 294
    Roz Graham says

    Love-aLovey love Command Hooks!! I pray to the random picker Gods to pick me!!!!

  292. 295
    Cindy Brooks says

    I am a hopelessly addicted Command Junkie! These are some of the best products made…ever!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  293. 296
    Carolyn says

    I’m sorry to say that I am still a virgin when it comes to using the 3M Command products.

  294. 297
    Erin says

    Holy cow, so many comments. Will move into my first house as a he owner next week and I am so excited to start personalizing and decorating. These will be great to not put holes in my walls.

  295. 298
    Laurie says

    I’ve used 3M for years as hooks on the backs of doors and in closets, but only in the last few months have I discovered I can use them for picture hanging and for things like hanging necklaces. I am eager to get my hands on some of those clear hooks!

  296. 299
    evi says

    Oh, what a great giveaway, thank you! I would love to get some more Command-products, I LOVE them!

  297. 300
    evelyn says

    Great post, great products, great giveaway, would love to hang things without ruining the wall! Thanks so much!

  298. 301
    AJ Thomas says

    I love 3M hanging strips. I just tried the picture hangers (although I’ve used their hooks for a long time). I love the little crunch sound when the strips lock into place. I love the hook in the car…my car will get this upgrade soon.

  299. 302
    Elizabeth says

    Love, love the 3M products. In addition to regular use, how can you possibly do holiday decorating without them?

  300. 303
    Sass says

    I had never really used the command strips until August when my daughter moved into the dorm. Wow! LOVE them! They made everything SO easy to hang! They really made a huge difference when it came to making her new home away from home and actual “home”.

  301. 304
    Diane says

    I guess I have to say I’m a Command virgin. I have purchased them….I just haven’t used them yet. Now I have some wonderful ideas! Thanks for this great post!

  302. 305
    A Elliott says

    Love 3M products!

  303. 306
    John M says

    I just don’t understand why everyone does not use them. We just moved into a new house and have used them all over. We never seem to have enough for all the pictures we want to hang. Just bought some yesterday.

  304. 307
    Karen says

    I have never used the Command Hooks or Picture Hanging Products before and am anxious to try! I won’t have to wait for my husband to hang a picture any longer! I am excited to try all the uses you featured too. Going to organize my daughters purses and put one in the car since the bag in my car hangs on my turn signal bar and always gets tangled. I can’t wait to fix this! And now I can put one in the back of the car for the kids! Can’t wait to hang the Christmas decorations using Command Hooks and Picture Hanging Products! Thank you!

  305. 308
    Leea says

    I should own stock in 3M as many command hooks and strips as I use in the classroom (we will just focus on my addiction there) old plaster walls there….the ONLY thing that I can use is command hooks…..Love Love them…..Thanks for the chance!

  306. 309
    Bambi Casady says

    Oh my…I am a total virgin, but when I saw all your usable ideas I got excited! I loved the trashbag holder in the car idea the best! My car always has the grocery bags floating around for trash!

  307. 310
    Crystal R says

    Somewhere between the two! I have a few, but could definitely lots more!

  308. 311
    Chelsea Mitchell says

    I LOVE command hooks! I use them everywhere–except in my car! I hadn’t thought of that!! Thanks for the great ideas!

  309. 312
    Barbie says

    I’ve had some experience with Command products – some small hooks. I need some for my bathtub, so I would love to win this giveaway! (P.S. My kids saw the advertisements on QUBO and told me about them!)

  310. 313
    Mary S says

    I’m a 3m virgin but I won’t be for long with all the fabulous ideas you showed us.Love the car bag idea.

  311. 314
    Lynne Cooper says

    I can’t call myself a 3M junkie because my eyes are now open to all that these hooks could help organize!!

    I think they might be a great help in keeping my new engagement ring safe though!!


  312. 315
    Shantique says

    I actually used the stainless look ones at work quite a bit and use them to hang my hair dryer and straightener on the cabinet door in the bathroom to allow more storage space. They work wonderfully and could be very helpful when trying to decorate a rental!

  313. 316
    Jewel Stam says

    Virgin here! My college son keeps telling me how great they are but I have yet to try them!

  314. 317
    Melissa M says

    Love these products. Awesome give away. Thanks for the chance.

  315. 318
    Ginger says

    I am a JUNKIE for sure!

  316. 319
    Heather in Boise says

    I have used the 3M hooks to hang our Christmas stockings every year!!! Santa loves them too!

    • 319.1
      nae r says

      I am a command hook lover! I use them everywhere!!

  317. 320
    TracyDK says

    I’m a command product lover. I keep a smattering of extras in my junk drawer, for those “just in case” times! *L*

  318. 321
    Megan says

    I’m a total Command junkie.. I actually get irked with people that refuse to try then. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll be hooked for life like I am!! :-D

  319. 322
    Jami C says

    I am a command newbie… Not a virgin, but haven’t utilized them fully yet. Love the car idea! Hadn’t thought of that one!

  320. 323
    L. says

    I have never used them;(

  321. 324
    Stephanie Allen says

    I’m a 3M JUNKIE! I love them!

  322. 325
    Jocelyn says

    I’m a 3M virgin! But after seeing all your examples, I’m dying to try them out!

  323. 326
    erica says

    I thought I was a junkie but ur pics are telling me I’m not. Love all the ideas

  324. 327
    Lori says

    Definitely a 3M junkie – I have them in some shape or form in almost every room!

  325. 328
    Jennifer says

    I am a huge fun of command hooks — have them on doors for hanging robes and nightgowns, on the side of my sink, for hanging my face towel (no room for a ring on the wall), and on the inside of my desk, for hanging my purse. In the garage, they hold ski poles, reusable shopping totes. If only I had had the *clear* command hooks, my favorite, and irreplaceable, suncatcher would not have broken!

  326. 329
    Betty says

    I like the 3M products. Have not used the clear ones as yet but they do look great.

  327. 330
    Carolyn G says

    3M junkie here

  328. 331
    Carol G says

    Not quite a junkie yet, but could be with the clear ones being available!

  329. 332
    Dani says

    I’m a 3M junkie!! :D

  330. 333
    Lisa says

    I have used their products just once. I would love to try them again!

  331. 334
    Sarah says

    I have seen the 3M products in store but was always worried they actually weren’t as good as they said. Since reading your article I think I’ll give them a go! Thanks Laura.

  332. 335
    Lisa G says

    I have only used some hooks recently, so I haven’t had a lot of experience with them yet…but would love to try some more products!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  333. 336
    Jillann says

    I’m a 3M command virgin but a heavy user of other 3M products.

  334. 337
    Lana says

    I’ve just used them once but need to get some more!

  335. 338
    megan says

    I love command strips! So versitile

  336. 339
    Christina says

    I bought a pack but have yet to put them up. This post inspired me to finally do it!

  337. 340
    Jennifer Keesler says

    I am a 3M command in-between… I have used them but not as much as you havE :)

  338. 341
    Brandy M says

    I’m a command junkie for SURE!!

  339. 342
    Tracey says

    Just used the hooks for first time in the pantry. Would love to have more.

  340. 343
    Brandi s says

    3M virgin for sure. But would love to try them out :)

  341. 344
    kristi sonnier says

    I have only used 3M Command strips for a couple of things, I really like them.

    • 344.1
      Teri says

      Pretty sure I’m considered a “junkie”. I have them on the inside of all our closets to hang our bath towels on to dry, on a wall in closets for my husbands caps in the shower to hang my shower back brush and lofah. A wall poster in my sons room, inside my daughters closet to hang her purses on and used them to hang a poster up at school when my daughter ran for student counsel. I love them and tell all my friends how great they are. Thank you for the chance to win.

  342. 345
    Ellen C. says

    I am a complete junkie. Their products are great for organizing. Thanks for the chance.

  343. 346
    Stefani Sullivan says

    My closet wall is covered with them for jewelry, bags, belts, etc. I need many more right now for a project in my daughter’s room. Love, love, love the 3M Command products!

  344. 347
    Rachel @Organic Patchwork says

    I would be a total junky if I had the money to buy as many as I wanted, but I don’t… And I’ve just discovered the picture hanging strips! They’re perfect for me because I live in an apartment with a controlling landlord who won’t let us put ANY holes in the walls. After 2 years, I finally have pictures on the walls!

  345. 348
    Becky Marie says

    3M junkie ~ I like to use them to hang Christmas stockings!

    I hope I win!

  346. 349
    Jackie Gaglio says

    I love them! They rock my world and I can never have enough! Would love the chance to win more!

  347. 350
    Gayle G says

    I’m a 3M Command virgin sorry to say, though I HAVE recommended them to my Mother since she rents and isn’t allowed to put holes in her walls.

  348. 351
    Rachel says

    Junkie!! I use these everywhere!

  349. 352
    Jenny says

    I’ve use a few – in the shower, to hang our shower caddy on (I hate hanging it from the shower, since the soap bar is constantly wet, and doesn’t last as long); and on the back of a couple of doors. I definitely need some more! I’m a junkie wannabe!

  350. 353
    Patty Barger says

    I have never used them. But after reading this, I plan to start!

  351. 354
    Rachel Luyben says

    I love 3M command. I use them everywhere. Have a bunch in each childs’ room to hold pictures. Easy to change pictures and drawing out.

  352. 355
    Amy Armstrong says

    Virgin. Although I have benefitted from someone else using them-a lady in my office put them up so we could hang our jackets. Would love to try more!

  353. 356
    Penny says

    3M virgin here…Pick me please!

  354. 357
    Sara Austin says

    Total 3M JUNKIE! We have them everywhere in our house too!

  355. 358
    Erin Barefoot says

    I’m a 3M virgin

  356. 359
    LB says

    I am more virgin than junkie… i do have some 3M products but I have never used them!!! TY for the suggestions :)

  357. 360
    Shannon Whalen says

    I am becoming a 3M Command hook junkie! I have recently stumbled upon the Velcro picture hanging strips and OMG I’m in love!! How have I not known about these until now?? Love, love, love all of their products!! Thank you!!

  358. 361
    Tracey Wood says

    I am definitely a Command junkie. Use them every where and so thrilled with the new all clear!!!

  359. 362
    Shana says

    My son is a junkie! Being in the Air Force, he moved around a lot & he used these products.

  360. 363
    Emily says

    I have used a few Command hooks, but not many. I just don’t know what all is out there and not sure where to use them in my home. Definitely going to use the “hang the trash bag in the car” idea though!

  361. 364
    Mindy says

    I love command strips! I use them for everything :)

  362. 365
    Anessa King says

    I am a junkie during the holidays, but now I need more to use for all these organizing projects!

  363. 366
    Becky says

    I’ve only used them a few times, but seeing all the things you’ve done with them … sure will give them more tries elsewhere!!!

  364. 367
    Renee says

    Not a Junkie, not a virgin either, used them for a few things.

  365. 368
    Shar says

    Junkie! :o)

  366. 369
    Elizabeth Holcombe says

    I’m with you…total junkie (and I don’t plan to go to rehab anytime soon)!

  367. 370
    Hollie says

    Total junkie….but I never thought to use them on the window. So, thanks!

  368. 371
    Tamara says

    We use them in our shower to hang our loofas :)

  369. 372
    Amber says

    I am a 3M Junkie when it comes to the picture hanging. So easy, and allows me to decorate when the kids are asleep :)

  370. 373
    Marg Turunbull says

    I can’t believe I never thought to us command hooks for Christmas decorations! I have only ever used the command picture hooks (which are fantastic). Would love to win so I can be a Junkie!

  371. 374
    Donna G says

    I am neither a virgin nor a junkie. I prefer to say that I appreciate their usefulness and welcome the opportunity to use them every chance I get, although I admit I had not considered some of these uses!

  372. 375
    Claire says

    I love those hooks! We used them for our stockings on the mantle last Christmas.

  373. 376
    Kyra says

    Total junkie here! Just bought more today! Thanks for the chance.

  374. 377
    Mildred says


  375. 378
    Amber says

    I’m a 3M virgin!!! I would love to become a 3M junckie!!!!

  376. 379
    Mona says

    Junkie, who ALWAYS walks by, looking longingly until she can get more!

  377. 380
    Karen says

    I’ve been a junkie for years. Use them everywhere. I used the clear to hang butterflies from my daughter’s ceiling. They worked great where other products failed

  378. 381
    Teresa Robbins says

    I am a 3M Command virgin but I am about to become a junkie! I have been looking for great ways to become better organized and I love your ideas. I can’t wait to get started!

  379. 382
    Jami Hill says

    I am a total 3M junkie! My kids tell me I’ve gone hook crazy! I can always find more ways to use them!

  380. 383
    Laura says

    I really like them but don’t use them as much as I’d like to do to cost.

  381. 384
    Sarah Waller Norman says


    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  382. 385
    Stacey Higgs says

    I LOVE the 3M Command strips, hooks, … all of it! There isn’t a room in the house that doesn’t have some type of 3M Command product. I love the Picture Clips for hanging my children’s artwork. I can easily change the display without damaging the art or my wall. You can’t lose using these products.

  383. 386
    Sarah L says

    Junkie…my latest project 18 hooks on my sons closet door to hang just some of his baseball caps.

  384. 387
    Jahaan M. says

    I’m a total junkie. We rent our home, so I use them ALOT!

  385. 388
    Diane says

    I am a 3m virgin but I have so many ideas now need to go and buy some !!!!!!!!!!!!

  386. 389
    Kelsey says

    I LOVE 3M command hooks!!! Just started using them this year for hanging decor throughout my house! I love your idea of using one in the car for the trash bag too! I might have to give that one a try! Definitely beats the trash can sliding around on the floor.

  387. 390
    Silky Swanson says

    I’m a 3M virgin. Would love to try them!

  388. 391
    Erin Riddle says

    I am a 3M JUNKIE! I use those sanity savers everywhere inside the house, outside the house and in my car. I even have my husband hooked (no pun intended) and he uses them in his dorm room at work alllllll the way up in Canada.

  389. 392
    Nancy r. says

    I have only used them once or twice but they are great!

  390. 393
    Jacqi says

    I have used them at work and they are wonderful. I would definitely like to try them out in our new home! :)

  391. 394
    K.T. says

    I am definitely a 3M junkie! I love them. When I was a classroom teacher, I used them everywhere!

  392. 395
    Verena says

    I soooooooooooo need these in my life. I have a few, but not enough.

  393. 396
    Amy says

    I am so a 3m want-be-junkie I have so many uses for them.

  394. 397
    darlene whitten says

    I have decided to give these a try, since i had hever known of them before now. But they sound like a wonderful idea!

  395. 398
    Jeri Wagnet says

    I’m a virgin. A friend has them all over her house. Would love to try them out and become a junkie. : )

  396. 399
    Beth says

    I am a virgin, but I love the concept!

  397. 400
    Calli says

    Junkie, definitely. They are EVERYWHERE in our home, and I use them for almost all my christmas decor! I hadn’t seen the clear ones though… SO EXCITED.

  398. 401
    sharon says

    Hope I win b/c I love 3M hooks! I use them to hold potholders inside my cupboard door, hold my blowdryer, hold up all my running headbands….yep…. i’m a junkie!

  399. 402
    Vickie says

    I’m not a junkie, but I’m getting there. I have so many uses for them – they work great to hang stuff like calendars, backpacks, robes for my kids at a level where they can reach stuff and be more independent. I would love to win more!! I love the idea for the car.

  400. 403
    michelle says

    i have never used 3m before but it looks amazing. i think these would be a lifesave not only in my home but in my cute little vintage trailer

  401. 404
    Kristin says

    I guess I’m in between – I would love to use them more but they are expensive! I’d love to try the clear ones – I think that would solve the garbage issue in my husband’s work van. What a neat idea!!

  402. 405
    Carrie Nowak says

    Wait for it…. I have never used them but was just thinking about how they would probably help get our homework and other school things organized. (on top of everything else). Thank you.

  403. 406
    Sarah H. says

    Right now I’m using them to keep the blind cords out of the window view in kitchen and to hang a wreath on the front door. Love them!

  404. 407
    Brandy says

    I absolutely love 3M!!!!!!!!!!!

  405. 409
    Crystal says

    Actually, I am neither. I LOVE 3M products but, I have my cravings under control! LOL!

  406. 410
    Rachel J says

    I’m a virgin! Thanks for the giveaway!

  407. 411
    Sally B says

    I am not a virgin but I am not a total junkie yet…I just bought the picture hangers for my daughter who lives in res at university and she had a poster she wanted to put up but of course cant put holes in the walls. They worked great for her! I have used them in the past on my painted walls for my key holders at my front door among other things. :)

  408. 412
    Destiny says

    I’m a junkie for sure! When I see a Command Hook display in the store I must browse it to see if there’s anything new or something I just can’t live without!

  409. 413
    Sallie says

    I’m a Command Hook virgin – but looking forward to trying them soon!

  410. 414
    Melissa says

    I LOVE LOVE Command hooks! I discovered them a couple years ago and have used them to organize the dress up clothes in the girls playroom, hang dry erase boards on their door (might not have the right strength there, but it works), and I’m going to use one to hang a poster that keeps falling in the oldests room. I hope I win!

  411. 415
    Amy says

    total junkie. Those picture hanging strips? AMAZING. How in the world would I decorate for the holidays without these?

  412. 416
    Tara says

    I love Command hooks and use them all through the house. But I also brought them to work and use them in my office. They have so many great uses. Love IT!!

  413. 417
    Laura says

    I haven’t used them before, but have lots of ideas now that I’ve seen your pictures! Thanks!

  414. 418
    Joanne says

    I’m a 3M Command virgin, but would like to change that!

  415. 419
    valerie says

    I am a 3M virgin but would love to try them. My daughter has been using them up at college. I hope to try them soon

  416. 420
    Jolynda says

    Seeing your pictures gives me so many ideas!! But I have to say I am a 3M virgin….

  417. 421
    Julie says

    3M hooks/strips are genious! I use them in my bathroom to hang all my necklaces, in my garage to hang my dog’s leash & my jumprope, under my kitchen sink to hang my plastic bag recycler, and I simply can’t wait to put them to more good use! I’ve already got tons of ideas based on this post!

  418. 422
    Alycia M says

    Like you, I’m a total junkie! I love, love, love the 3M command line! I have them everywhere in my house doing a multitude of different things. Can’t have enough so I’d love to win!

  419. 423
    April says

    I’m on my way to junkie status. I just bought my 3rd pack of hooks this weekend.

  420. 424
    Ruthanne says

    Love this idea! Just got married and we have a new little apartment that could DEF use some organizing!

  421. 425
    Monica says

    I have used the 3M products in my home before and love them!

  422. 426
    D.K says

    Virgin. But would definitely want to start trying them on someone else’s dollar!

  423. 427
    Angel says

    Can NEVER have enough! I just bought some this weekend to hang keys by the front door! Great stuff!!!

  424. 428
    Lisa says

    Total Junkie! When my son went away to college, we used all sorts of 3M hooks and picture hangers in his dorm room. When he finished his year and we went to help him move, we weren’t charged a dime and everything was still hanging where it was at the beginning of the year. (yes! They stood the test of two teenage boys for an entire school year!!!)

  425. 429
    Laura Spangler says

    I just started using them, but wish they were cheaper as well! I have one going to college next year, so I am sure we will need to stock up!

  426. 430
    Christina Perkins says

    I am a virgin but would love to be a junkie!

  427. 431
    Jenny says

    My dad got me hooked on these (no pun intended) . These would be great for the holidays coming up!

  428. 432
    Valerie says

    3M Virgin!

  429. 433
    Sarah T says

    I only have a few 3M hooks but moving next month and I have lots of ideas of what to do with them!

  430. 434
    Jen says

    totally a junkie. use them for everything and anything

  431. 435
    Kris says

    I’m a 3M virgin, but spent a lot of time staring at the Command hook display at Walmart yesterday and plotting all the things I could use them for. I think I might have gotten one of each package to try out in the old RV!

  432. 436
    Jessica S. says

    3M junkie wannabe! I love 3M products!!

  433. 437
    Kerry says

    I am a command hook junkie too! I love those things! Wish I had them when I rented apartments!!!! And the window….I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!!!!! Now, going to hang my sun catcher as soon as I can get some clear 3M hooks!

  434. 438
    Suzanne Talley says


  435. 439
    Michelle says

    I love Command hooks, especially for Christmas decorating. I would use more if they weren’t so expensive. I’m sure I’d use the giveaway goodies!!

  436. 440
    Mindy says

    Love Command hooks! Great ideas here for using them even more!

  437. 441
    Connie says

    I have been using them in my classroom and at home. I love them!

  438. 442
    Connie Crotts says

    I love them! I use them at home and at school for my classroom.

  439. 443
    Megan Petros says

    I’m in the middle. I have used 3m before but not a lot. Here’s hoping this giveaway will change that!

  440. 444
    Jen says

    I use command strips all the time! especially when I lived in an apartment and at college.

  441. 445
    Brenda says

    Love 3M, one daughter just got married and they moved into an apartment so 3M hooks for kitchen, bath, laundry room….the other daughter off to college, more 3M….and a couple more in the travel trailer for keys, need some more for towels…….they are the best! Would love to win some of their products and put them to good use!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  442. 446
    Charlotte Harloff says

    I love 3M stuff!! I have had the same thing happen when people tell me they haven’t used the products before- I have a “WHAT?!” reaction. They are all over my house. :)

  443. 447
    Heather S says

    We love 3M products

  444. 448
    C. Fenouille says

    I am a 3M virgin.

  445. 449
    Kim says

    I’ve never used the command strips, but thanks for all the great ideas for how to use them!

  446. 450
    Wendy M says

    I’ve used some of their products, but wouldn’t say that I’ve made it to 3M junkie status.

  447. 451
    Leslie says

    I’m a junkie! And even more so, now that my daughter is in a college dorm room. I need more!!!

  448. 452
    Melissa says

    I love Command hooks. Without them I couldn’t decorate the outside of my vinyl-clad house. Also love them inside for temporary hanging.

  449. 453
    Joanna Price says

    I love anything and everything command strips!

  450. 454
    Johanna H. says

    I’m definitely becoming a junkie!

  451. 455
    Lauren says

    I love 3M hooks!!!! I only have a few but am always thinking of new uses for them. Would love to win some.

  452. 456
    Julie says

    I have used 3M hooks on the backs of doors but have never tried them on walls- I’d love to try the clear ones!

  453. 457
    oneshabbychick says

    Oh, I’m a junkie! I love the picture hanging strips. Also used the little clear hooks to hang Xmas garlands. I love that the strips are clear now too!

  454. 458
    Tami Red says

    I love the 3M products too! Like you I have used them for all sorts of things. But I never thought of adding one to my vehicle to hold the trash bag. I am going to do that as soon as it is light outside!


  455. 459
    Bonny says

    Totally new to it but remember seeing them before and thinking they were genius. Hopefully I’ll get to try them for free.

  456. 460
    Bobbi Sue says

    I am neither a virgin or junkie but I do love 3M!

  457. 461
    LisaJoy says

    I am SOO unorganized! Now I have to take care of my aging parents house vesides mine. ANYTHING will help!

  458. 462
    mary norman says

    def not a virgin!!!! I use them at work all the time too.
    thanks for the chance,
    mary n

  459. 463
    Katy says

    I am a 3M virgin….but with this gift certificate…I may become a 3M junkie like you! :o)

  460. 464
    Donna Ingalls says

    Oh, I am a 3M junkie for sure. I use them all over the house and in the garage too. They really keep everything -and everyone so organized. LOVE them.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  461. 465
    Kerri says

    Definitely a 3M Junkie! I could sure use more….Love them!

  462. 466
    Cheryl says

    I have actually never used them! But, I would love to try them – can think of so many places I’d use them!

  463. 467
    kat says

    love their products, have used some, but not all. i am sure they all work just awesome though!!!!

  464. 468
    Cary lippolt says

    Love command hooks and I love even more that they are ALL clear!

  465. 469
    Dena says

    I am a 3M junkie. My favorite ones are the hooks inside our coat closet to hang our pool bags on.

  466. 470
    NanceB says

    Haven’t tried them yet but went to hang a harvest wreath today and couldn’t — immediately thought that I HAVE to get some!

  467. 471
    Jan says

    I have never tried them before. But I’m always looking for different ways to organize things.

  468. 472
    LMcCulley says

    I am definitely a 3M junkie!

  469. 473
    Becah says

    I love, love, love the 3M Command products. I especially like them for hanging up stockings at Christmas. I’ve had the weighted stocking holders which sit on your mantel, but they kept falling off (and eventually broke the tile around my fireplace :( The ONLY problem that I have with them is that I buy them by the handful, different sizes and weights, different colors, and when I go to hang something up somebody in my household has already used all my hooks!

  470. 474
    Sasha says

    I recently began using some 3m hooks and am very pleased. I didn’t even mess it up when I removed them from the wall. THAT’S an impressive product!

  471. 475
    Jill Hartley says

    I’m a 3M virgin… and definitely about to become a junkie after seeing all this!

  472. 476
    Kim says

    wannabe 3M junkie!

  473. 477
    Shannon R says

    Junkie here! Being a military family and moving every three years, these things have been a lifesaver for hanging decorations. No holes in the walls to repair when we move out!

  474. 478
    Courtney G. says

    3M rookie. Just starting to see the wonder that these little beauties behold.


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