4 Inexpensive Ways to Organize Scarves

I love scarves.  I love the way they dress up an outfit at a fairly inexpensive price.  However with many scarves comes the need for some great organization so that I don’t find them scattered all over the house.  They need a designated home so the one I want can easily be found on any given day.  Of course not all solutions need to be expensive ones, here are four great ways to organize scarves without breaking the bank.

1.  Using Towel Rods:

My girlfriend hung towel rods behind her bedroom door and then hung her scarves off them.   I love this idea and as you can see it also works great for jewelry too.

2.  In a Basket:

Depending on how many scarves you have you might be able to get away with just tossing them in a basket.  Simple!

3.  On a Hanger:

Using shower curtain rings (from the dollar store) on a hanger I was able to add my scarves in such a way that they take up next to no room at all in my closet.  Very simple and easy to do and as you can see I could really get many more on there.  This is probably my favorite solution of them all.

All I’ve done is loop them through the rings.

4.  With a Scarf Organizer:

This scarf organizer I purchased from Solutions (a Canadian organizing store) for $6.99 if I remember correctly.  Ikea sells a similar one as well although it is bigger and available for $9.99.  I blogged about it here.

As you can see it holds quite a few scarves but because they overlap one another it does get a little bulky.

So there you have it.  Scarves, scarves and more scarves.  Which solution is your favorite?

How do you organize your scarves?

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18 Responses to 4 Inexpensive Ways to Organize Scarves

  1. 4
    Kristin M says

    I think I have tried all of these options. But, currently, mine hang on a scarf organizer. If I didn’t have the scarf organizer, I would definitely use a towel rack. Such a great idea!


  2. 5
    Cheryl Miehl says

    I use a men’s tie rack and it hamgs next to my dresser as a bright decorative element in my room!

  3. 6
    Patty@homemakersdaily.com says

    Those are great ideas! I don’t have any scarves but my daughter has a bunch. I’m going to send her the link to your article.

    If I had scarves, I would use the towel bar option. Very cool.

  4. 9
    Haley D. says

    These ideas are wonderful! I think I am going to have to try the shower curtain/clothes hanger idea. Thanks for the tips.

  5. 10
    Dana @ Cooking at Cafe D says

    If I were in college – or in my 20’s – I would use scarves to decorate my bedroom walls.

    What if you took round curtain rings and chained them, hanging them from a hook in the ceiling?
    Put one scarf through each ring…

    Or, make a design with the chain of rings on a wall – flower? Peace sign? Abstract art?


  6. 13
    Jen says

    I like to use an over the door shoe rack and I hook it over the little wire loops and tuck the ends behind the back.. If that makes sense? It’s good for lots of scarves and I can see all of them at once.

  7. 14
    Lacey says

    I absolutely love my scarves!!! Just yesterday I purchased an over the door towel/rob rack for mine and placed it on the inside of my closet door. Easy access to pick out a scarf with your outfit! More closet space and out of sight! I also took the buckles of my belts and hooked them through one of the knobs . TOTALLY ORGANIZED NOW!


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