Transforming a Closet with Canvas Bins

Please welcome my guest today, Julie from Simply Savvy!

I am so thrilled to be sharing with Org Junkie’s savvy readers and one of my favorite organizing blogs! Many thanks and be sure to see what else is on my mind at Simply Savvy.

As a Professional Organizer I have the fun task of shopping for clients and purchasing organizing and designing solutions that meet their unique needs. While shopping with a loaded cart, I am often asked if I have a favorite product or one that I would recommend. I could go on and on about good organizing solutions—no one solution works for everyone. However, one of my favorite items to use is canvas grommet style bins—functional, flexible, and stylish.

They work great in a laundry room, under the sink, on a playroom shelf, and in any type of closet.

Here’s how I quickly transform a space using bins:

1- Start by removing all items so you can see what you have and purge what you don’t need.

2- Reorganize items according to purpose, category, or function.

3- Label each bin clearly for easy access.

Take a look at this transformed bathroom closet.

I chose the chocolate brown bins to go with the sleek look of the espresso cabinet. I grouped like items together; such as, hair products, accessories, toiletries and then utilized shallow bins for wash cloths.

This busy working mom can now access her items quickly and feel good while doing so! Now that’s Simply Savvy.

Are you spring cleaning? What areas are you struggling with? Share your thoughts, I love sharing back!

As a Professional Organizer and owner of Simply Savvy LLC, I work with clients to create organizing and design solutions that allow them to love their spaces. The Simply Savvy blog is where I get to share what inspires me in the hopes of helping others along the way — it’s all things organizing, design, or just things I find that are Simply Savvy!

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21 Responses to Transforming a Closet with Canvas Bins

  1. 1
    Julie says

    Ha! I saw the first picture and thought it looked pretty good – like mine AFTER I organized! Guess I need some help…

    • 1.1
      Julie@simplysavvy says

      Funny. This is an example of too many hair and body products. If they just sit on a shelf they’ll get pushed back and forgotten- containers help that!

  2. 4
    Angie says

    Where did you find these bins at? I’m struggling to find something like this.


    • 4.1
      Julie@simplysavvy says

      These are from Bed Bath and Beyond. I use them in different sizes and colors in almost every project.

  3. 5
    Julie@simplysavvy says

    I love that you call your closet stupid. It’s possible that you could use bins like those I shared on the right side of the closet for larger towels. I’d then try placing the smaller size bin on the left for hand towels and wah cloths- rolled or folded with seam facing up. Be sure to utilize the interior door space too.

    I’m happy to help more If you’d like to send me a note. Be sure to think about other areas in your home that might work better for you if you don’t love your linen closet.

    • 5.1
      Melissa says

      I think that’s the trick, I am going to need to find a new place that I can organize/transform into a linen closet. I only keep towels and sheets in this one at the moment. I keep washclothes in a grommet bin on shelves in the bathroom and the towels for each bathroom has a home in the bathroom itself, these are extra towels and sheets for bedding changes or for guests. I tried to find some inexpensive dollar store baskets but I don’t think those would have held more than 2 towels at a time and I can stack more just on the shelves as-is right now. Thanks for the reply, I’m going to keep my eyes open for the right bins to help hold the towels and also see if I can find another place in the house that would make a good linen closet. The laundry room has potential…and the basement storage room, if I could talk someone into purging through the stuff in there. Thanks again!

  4. 6
    Tabitha says

    I am spring cleaning my kitchen right now. Organizing to me is really fun too. Since organizing supplies tend to be pretty pricey. What is your best shopping tip for staying on budget. I’ve found using plastic shoe boxes for everything to be inexpensive, durable and can be prettied up with labels. But what are some of your best shopping trips or products you find to be not so expensive?

    • 6.1
      Julie@gosimplysavvy says

      One thing I love about being an Professional Organizer is that I get to work with all types of budgets–and some with no shopping budget. I always check to see what is already in the home. I also repurpose items in cabinets. If you have containers, bowls, trays in your cabinet- use them until you really need them. Also, the Dollar Store (or Dollar General) has storage items in all sizes-for many purposes. I’ve also shopped the budget section at Target – that’s the section that’s hard to pass when you enter the store! I organized a client’s laundry shelves with the colorful bins that were only $1.50 each. This is just hitting the surface of possibilities– oh, and don’t forget T.J MAXX and stores like that! I’ll do a post on this- with you in mind.

      I hope this helped a bit.

      • Tabitha says

        Thanks Julie it really does! :) I’ll be checking out your blog also!

  5. 7
    Jody H. says

    Thanks for inspiring me. I’m headed to Bed Bath and Beyond tonight!

    • 7.1
      Julie@gosimplysavvy says

      I’m so glad it did. Be sure to measure your space and determine your need before you buy! Have fun.

  6. 8
    Dana at Cooking at Cafe D says

    Over the past year I have learned the wonders of both baskets and boxes. I use baskets in the living room to contain the teenager’s WII wheels, remotes, CD’s, etc. Another basket hold all my candles – I just might have a candle problem!

    I use vintage cheese boxes to hold our tv, dvd, and other remotes. Another holds bills. In the kitchen they hold popcorn packets, oatmeal packets…all sorts of things.

    ~ Dana
    Cooking at Cafe D

  7. 9
    Sinea says

    I love the neat look that canvas bins make…plus they are lighter weight, too. My struggle? Time. Spring is just filled with events and obligations. So hard to get in the organizing and cleaning that I really would like to do!

  8. 10
    Kate D. says

    At the moment my husband, daughter, and I are living in the basement of my in-laws till we find that perfect place of our own. It has no bathroom or kitchen. Just one room for every living function. NIGHTMARE! With all of the stuff we have in this space we have no room left for ourselves. I feel like its clutter from top to bottom. I try so hard to keep it organized but I need HELP!


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