Scarf Organizing Solution for Busy Gals

The following is a guest post from Deana at Your Happy Stuff.

I am so happy to be here at Organizing Junkie sharing my super simple scarf solution. As with you, Laura has been a huge organizing inspiration to me.

If you’ve begun the process of packing away your seasonal clothes, you are probably updating some of your organizing systems as well.

I did this last month and when I got to my scarves I knew I needed to create something better.

I’m a gal who doesn’t feel her outfit is complete without a light scarf. I love them!


I’m a busy working mom who loves to have fun with my fam on the weekends, so I needed a system that could be created quickly. PLUS it had to accommodate my laziness. I tend to toss things into piles if I don’t have a system that is easy to access and intuitive to use.

Organize Your Scarves With Plastic Cups

(who’d a thunk?!)

You will need:

–      contact paper

–      plastic cups

–      hot glue gun

–      rectangular plastic bins


Step 1:

Follow Laura’s PROCESS. Weed through your scarves and figure out which are the keepers, the donate-ables, consign-ables, and see-you-next-year-ables.


Step 2:

Place some pretty contact paper in the drawer to protect the surface.


Step 3:

Hot glue plastic drinking cups to the contact paper.


Step 4:

Hot glue larger – rectangular – bins to the contact paper to store large scarves.


Step 5:

Roll your scarves and put one in each cup (or a couple of the large ones together in the rectangular bins). Initially, I was concerned that rolling my scarves would hinder my ability to follow through and keep this space organized, but I am happy to report that is not the case. Rolling my scarves is super easy!


And that’s it! So quick and easy, right?



  • Be sure to measure the height of your drawer and the cups to make sure everything fits nicely. If your scarves stick up to far, you’ll run into problems closing your drawer, which defeats the purpose.
  • You will also need to play around with folding and rolling your scarves so they nest perfectly inside the cups, but this is not hard (even for a scatter brain like me).
  • Use any extra room in the drawer for odds and ends storage.


I have been using my “new” scarf drawer system for about a month and I must say, I LOVE it! My scarves are simple to access and easy to see which makes my life so convenient!

I think this system could also be used to organize other things like bracelets or kids craft supplies. I’d love to hear what you organize using cups and contact paper!


I hope you give this a whirl and enjoy it as much as me!




Deana’s blog,, is dedicated to helping busy women break though overwhelm and jumpstart their happiness by creating organizing systems that work in the fastest and most affordable way possible. Deana lives with her husband and three kids in Lincoln, Nebraska. When she’s not organizing, Deana loves to cook, read, and hang out with her family.


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11 Responses to Scarf Organizing Solution for Busy Gals

  1. 2
    Crystal says

    Great idea!! I love it!! The scarf hanger gets very full and packed. I love being able to see all my scarves!! So cool!!

  2. 5
    Jess says

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. 6
    Brittney says

    This is great! Now to just find (or make) an unused drawer!

  4. 7
    April says

    Why on earth have I never thought about gluing the containers and cups down! Genius!

  5. 9
    Angelsong says

    This is simple genius. I bet it would work well for other things too. Socks and small baby items come to mind right away…


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