Organize Your Scarves & Hats with Shower Hooks ~ Day #22

If you have more closet rod space than drawer space, then hanging as much up as possible in your closet is the way to go.  I wanted to share this simple way to utilize hanging space for two items that many of us have plenty of in our closets.  Scarves and hats.

If you have a collection of either of these things then you may find this simple trick helpful as a way to corral them all without taking up a whole lot of extra space.  Plus it’s super inexpensive and can be purchased at the dollar store.

Organize Your Scarves with Shower Hooks:

Organize Your Scarves with Shower Hooks

That’s right, organize your scarves and hats with shower hooks and a hanger!  Oh sure there are fancy scarf holders out there but if you want to keep the price down then this should definitely be a consideration for you.

Totally basic but it works.  I’ve actually shown this scarf tip before on the blog but in honor of closet month I thought I’d share it again.

shower hook scarf hanger 2

shower hook scarf hanger 3

Organize Your Hats with Shower Hooks:

Similarly, hats (or ball caps as some folks like to call them) can be stored the same way.  My husband loves his ball caps and wears them ALL the time.  He doesn’t follow the one in, one out rule no matter how much I think it would be a really really good idea.  But that’s okay, if he wants to keep his caps then I’ll figure out a way to store them for him.

This tip and photo below comes from the blog House Dressing Style.  Super quick AND functional.  What’s not to love?

DIY Hat Organizer

I really hope this gives you some more ideas for your own closet.

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10 Responses to Organize Your Scarves & Hats with Shower Hooks ~ Day #22

  1. 2
    Karen J says

    My hanger broke (although been using this method for my scarves for over a year). Any other suggestions?

    • 2.1
      Laura says

      If you have heavier scarves Karen, I might suggest a wooden hanger as they seem to be a little bit on the stronger side.

  2. 3
    Sarah says

    I have a whole collection of hats – mostly the large, old-fashioned kind. The best way I found to organize them was to hang them from a chain suspended from the ceiling – using s-hooks and clothespins to hook the hats to the chain. Easy and cheap!

    • 3.1
      Laura says

      That’s a great idea Sarah!!


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