Good Riddance: My 2017 Purge Piles

It dawned on me the other day that I’ve neglected to update you on my 2017 purge piles. Typically I provide these photos on Instagram but I often forget to share them here. I share them in the first place because many people have told me how motivating they find it. Helping people purge past purchases that they no longer use, love or have the room to store just makes me deliriously happy!

Are you one of those people needing to purge past purchases? All those P’s rolling off my tongue like that makes me laugh. I’m such a nerd. Focus Laura.

My 2017 purge piles

My 2017 Purge Piles - purging one pile of clutter at time for an organized life and home at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

And 2016

2016 Purge Piles

And 2015

2015 Purge Piles

Purging past purchases can sting though sometimes. In many cases we’ve paid good money for those past purchases and tossing (donating/selling) them can seem like such a waste. Am I right? Of course it’s not always past purchases, it’s also gifts and hand-me-downs from loved ones and the guilt that often comes from giving (toss/sell) something away. Plus the whole sentimental thing is definitely a burden many people carry with them.

There is a reason I go on and on write so much about purging friends. Despite the weight we carry on our shoulders from those things I mentioned above, we have to think of the bigger picture. You can never truly experience the many beautiful benefits that organization has to offer without doing the purge. And since purging comes at the beginning of the organizing PROCESS, you will find yourself STUCK if you don’t do the purging first. There you’ll just be stubbornly trying to organize your clutter time and time again. Picture a hamster running on their hamster wheel, an endless cycle of going nowhere around and around and around. That’s sort of like how it is for someone on the clutter wheel. Around and around they go, chasing organization but only tripping over the clutter that continues to accumulate.

People procrastinating their need to purge past purchases (gifts/hand-me-downs) will only exhaust themselves doing the same thing over and over again. They won’t get any farther ahead. Notice I added another P there, this is just too much fun for me 🙂

It’s time to grab a garbage bag, take a deep breath and take the big scary jump off the clutter wheel you’ve been running on.

You’ve got this! Yes it might hurt (you just jumped off a giant wheel after all, ouch) but when you feel the freedom in the wide open spaces around you, you are going to be so happy you made the leap.

So find yourself some pockets of time, narrow down what needs to be done into small manageable chunks, set up a donation station and experience the beautiful high that comes from a great purge!

I promise, you won’t regret it!

Grab your free purge labels HERE.

Free printable purge labels at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

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3 Responses to Good Riddance: My 2017 Purge Piles

  1. 1
    Amy says

    Thanks for sharing! I find your purge piles inspiring.

  2. 2
    Barbi K. says

    I really need to get busy doing my “p” words and stop procrastinating. Thanks for the inspiration!


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