3 Organizing Systems That Continue to Work for Me

Hey there, so last month contributor Kristin wrote a great post highlighting her top 3 organization systems for 2017. I like reading and learning about systems that others have in place to help them stay organized. It’s very interesting because they’re just so many different ways to create functional systems in your home. What works for one though may not work for another so sometimes it means trying a few different systems to get it just right for you. Of course it’s not once and done either because as life changes, sometimes your systems may need to be tweaked accordingly.

3 Organizing Systems That Continue to Work for Me year after year

Today I thought I’d share three of my own top organizing systems. These have been working really well for me for awhile so I have no plans to change them up any time soon. Of course I can’t make any promises, you never know with me 🙂

My Paper Management System

I put this system in place two years ago and it’s still exactly the same. That says a lot in my world. My command center is in my office which is conveniently located on my main floor near the kitchen. I keep my current year business income and expense receipts here along with files for each of my kids that I can temporarily and quickly file their important papers into throughout the school year. You can read all about my paper management system HERE.

my paper management system

my paper management system

Also just in case you want to know, I use THIS SYSTEM for my kids’ long term school paper storage.

My Receipt Organization

My receipt organization system is a simple one similar to Kristin’s system. The difference is I organize my receipts by month rather than store. This works for me as it allows me to easily rotate out the new and old receipts.

This system consists of a file box with 12 file folders, one labeled for each month. When it’s time to switch out months all I have to do is move the next month file from the back up to the front. The previous year’s receipts are then tossed in order to make room for the current receipts. And yes I realize that it’s not necessary to keep a year’s worth of receipts but an entire year’s worth fits in my file box and it gives me less to think about this way which is my ultimate goal with any system.

I manage our family finances using Quicken to track everything we spend. I use an inexpensive dollar store basket to store receipts waiting to be entered into Quicken. Once entered in they are moved to the appropriate monthly file. So easy!

My Laundry System

This is probably my very favorite system of all time, my laundry system! It works so amazingly well that I have to get the word out to the world even even though it shocks many. Why? Because I don’t sort my laundry. Nope, which means my whites are washed with darks. Gasp! Seriously it’s so not necessary anymore especially when you add vinegar to the wash. Read all the beautiful details HERE. Life changing!

The Easiest No Stress Laundry System

Okay now it’s your turn. Do you have systems that you love so much that you’ll be continuing to use them in 2017? Share with us!


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7 Responses to 3 Organizing Systems That Continue to Work for Me

  1. 1
    Stacie says

    Your article inspired me to reorganize my “Command Station” yesterday. I have a roll-to, ” desk in my entry and a fabric pocket organizer by 31 that I moved next to my desk. I have my paper recycling bag under the desk so I can now sort my mail, dispose of recycling, and file it in “bills to pay”, “kids”, “coupons”, and “other” (filing goes in the desk drawer) so I should have less stuff that sits on the desk, and I may actually be able to close the roll-top part so if there is any clutter, it can’t be seen. Thanks for inspiring me!

    • 1.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Pocket organizers are the best for so many things!!!!

  2. 2
    Stacie says

    I implemented your laundry system a couple of years ago and it is a time-saver! My kids have been doing their own laundry for about that long so I don’t have to consider their wash, except WHEN they’re doing it so it doesn’t coincide with when I do mine. I use color catchers in my laundry so the colors don’t run.

  3. 3
    Isabelle says

    Very inspiring. Where did you get those beautiful file folders? I can only find basic ones at Staples and Amazon Canada. Thanks!

    • 3.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Hey Isabelle, okay here’s the thing. The green monthly file folders aren’t that pretty but I liked that they had closed sides so my receipts wouldn’t fall out. I bought those at Dollarama. To “pretty” them up I just stuck a pretty file folder in the front so I wouldn’t have to see all the green. The pretty file folder I just got at Winners in a set. I love their stationery section, so many awesome finds!

  4. 4
    Clare says

    Hi Laura, I’m having some sort of ‘mid-year organisation reform’ so knew your blog would be the first place I’d come to! I love the idea of keeping receipts filed by month; I can’t believe I’ve never thought of doing this! My finance stuff was always thrown in a box file which I always hated – I didn’t even think of sorting things by month rather than just by what it was I was filing (receipts, bills, statements, etc.) This is probably why I ended up scrapping the whole idea and now just have my boyfriend take care of all the paperwork (and let me tell you, he is NOT organised!)
    I’m totally going to organise finances by month. As for the laundry – I read your laundry system post and I’ll be honest – the thought of not sorting the clothes into piles TERRIFIES ME!!! haha thanks for sharing your ideas – I love this blog!! x


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