Create an Organized Command Center for Your Home

The following is a sponsored post on behalf of Command™ Brand and the Game of Homes.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

One of the most common pleas for help I hear around here is the one to do with paper organization.  Papers, papers and more papers…a pile here, a pile there.  Oh so many piles!  Without an organized filing system of some sort in place it’s impossible (& overwhelming!) to stay on top of it all.   But do not be afraid, I’m here to help you stay on top of all that paper by providing you with an easy solution that will have you organized and feeling pretty proud of yourself in no time flat.

Create an Easy Command Center and get all those papers up off the counter or desk

For this project I’m partnering with Command™ Brand and a brand new Canadian home improvement show on the W network, called Game of Homes hosted by Cameron Mathison.  This exciting nationally broadcast 8-week series challenges teams to save rundown houses that are marked to be torn down and revive them into dream homes. Each team must redo the houses room by room, as they cope with small budgets, tight deadlines and even tighter living spaces.

Game of Homes

The action-based series pits each team’s skill, ingenuity and teamwork against each other.  The winning couple each week receives a prize that is theirs to keep. In the dramatic finale, the team whose finished house is voted the best – WINS THEIR HOUSE AND A PLOT OF LAND TO PUT IT ON!  It’s all so exciting, I just love these types of shows!  For more information and to watch an already aired episode, you can catch up HEREThe third episode airs tonight (10:00 pm EST) and I’ll be live tweeting throughout if you want to join me.  My twitter handle is @orgjunkie.

The show will be featuring Command™ Brand products throughout the renovation process and I was challenged to use Command™ Brand products in a home organization project of my own.  No problem!  I’ve been using Command™ Brand products for years and have them everywhere in my home.  I have commitment issues when it comes to organizational solutions.  I don’t like to be tied down to any one idea and Command™ Brand products allow me to be as organized as I want without being locked into it.  Since Command™ hooks can be removed without damaging the walls (no holes, marks or sticky residue), I can change my mind any time I want, no mess, no hassles!  It’s really quite brilliant!

Our goal with a command center is to get all those papers up off the counters and give them an organized place to be filed.  You can create a command center anywhere in your home but ideally you want it where you’ll most use it.  For most people that means a kitchen command center for school papers, schedules, mail, take out menus, etc.

I needed a command center update in my office for my business files.  These are papers I need to regularly access and wanted them right at my fingertips with a bit more division than the current system was offering. This is the before:

Command Center before

As you can see, my old system was made up of a wall pocket file which worked for a time but it soon become clear I had more categories than pockets.

Here’s how it looks now:

Command Center After 2

Command Center After 3

The system I implemented here can easily be used in any room in your home wherever paper organization is needed most for your family.

Supplies needed:

  • Stackable Wall Files (I purchased mine at Staples)

Unbreakable Wall Files

Command Medium Hooks

  • File folders of your choice
  • Label maker

Gently wipe down your wall space with rubbing alcohol and let dry for at least one hour before starting your project.  On the backs of the stackable wall files you’ll find two holes on each side, one square and one circle.  For this project I used the square holes to hang the Command™ Brand Medium Hooks on, one on each side.

Command hook

Prepare the Command™ Hooks by following the instructions included on the back of the packaging.  Have someone help you by holding up one side of the wall file while you hold the other.  Use a level across the top to make sure you are straight before pushing down firmly and affixing the hooks to the wall.  Repeat with the other two wall files.  Now remove the wall files from wall (hooks remain on the wall) and wait one hour for hooks to set before reattaching wall files to the wall.

Command Close Up

Next, determine your paper categories.  Most common categories for a family include:

  • a file folder per school
  • a file folder per activity for everything related to that activity
  • a work folder
  • invitations
  • contact file (business cards, brochures, etc.)
  • household management (cleaning schedules, chore lists, etc.)
  • medical appointment file
  • church file (directory, bulletins, etc)
  • take out menus

Going through your paper piles will help you determine the categories that will best work for your family’s individual needs.  You want to be able to easily and quickly find what you need when you need it. Go ahead and label your folders, add them to the wall files and you are ready to go.  So nice and organized, sweet!

Command Center After 1

I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  I was even able to still use my cute framed bulletin board just by simply turning it and hanging it sideways.

Command Center close

I used Command™ Picture Hanging Strips to easily hang it up.  Gosh I love these things!

Command Picture Hanging Strips

I’ve actually added a small gallery wall in my office on the opposite wall using the picture hanging strips. If I want to remove them, I can without worrying about any marks or holes on the wall.  Here’s a peek at it:

Gallery Wall

And did you catch a glimpse of another neat Command™ product above?  It’s a Command™ Spring Clip, and I use mine to collect my prescription receipts that need to be submitted.  Would also be great for hanging family pictures 🙂

Spring Clip

So if you’ve got paper piles all over your counter, it’s time to take those counters back.  You will instantly feel more organized and calmer once you don’t have all that visual clutter stressing you out PLUS you will save all sorts of time when you can just grab what you need without missing a beat.  Whoot!

Command Center flowers

Now go create an organized command center and get those papers up off the counter!!  You can thank me later 🙂


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5 Responses to Create an Organized Command Center for Your Home

  1. 1
    Melissa says

    I love this! I’ve started transforming our family desk area into a sort of command center also. Slowly but surely and so far it’s awesome! No more piles of paper on the desk/counter!

  2. 2
    Anna says

    I love those folders, they are so cute!

    Anna 🙂

  3. 3
    Bonnie says

    I love the colour of those folders! I love that colour in my home right now.

    • 3.1
      Laura Wittman says

      Thanks Bonnie, it’s such a great color, I love it!

  4. 4
    Cindy says

    Like you, trying hard to stay on top of the paper clutter, is an endless job. One thing I learned in the process is that “categories” may change. Or, sometimes one category needs to be divided into 2, or 3, or 8!

    So, what I did was keep my labeled folders “flexible” (I have a hard time with commitment, too). Before placing a permanent label on my designated folder, I line the entire folder tab with CLEAR tape. I use shipping tape, because it is strong, but any kind will work. THEN, I place my label on top of the clear tape. This allows for changing the label, at any time, by easily peeling the existing label off and replacing.

    For anyone thinking “Gee, it’s easier/cheaper to just place a new label OVER the old one.” This might be true, but only if the original label is smaller than the new one you need.


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