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Hey friends, how are you all? I haven’t done a Friday Favs in quite some time so I figured it was about time! I also wanted to share a few things that are going on in my world lately so I do apologize if this post is rambly (I may have just made up that word!) and all over the place.

Christmas Decorating:

I am seeing on Facebook pretty pictures of all my friends homes decorated for Christmas already and it makes me sad. I absolutely love Christmas and if it were only up to me my house too would be totally decorated already. Keep in mind that I live in Canada and our Thanksgiving was back in October. The problem is my husband likes to wait until December 1st before all things red and green can make an appearance. So I patiently wait. Well actually that’s not entirely true, I’m not actually waiting patiently. That’s just what I tell myself and others so you all think I’m a great wife, ha! In fact, I’ve already stripped the house of fall decor so I’m ready to go as soon as the calendar switches over.

my sad bare shelves


And I’ve convinced him that snowmen don’t count as Christmas decorations because hello it’s snowing outside. So up went my snowmen shower curtain and the super cute wooden snowman I keep by the door. Hey it’s the little things in life right?!


Pentatonix Christmas Music:

Oh and I’ve also been secretly blasting Christmas music in the van when no one else is around (don’t you tell my husband!). Every year I buy one new Christmas CD and this year I couldn’t resist the new Pentatonix Christmas CD.


It’s really great and it makes me happy as I drive around belting out the tunes :).  Did you buy any new Christmas music yet this year? Oh and if you missed my fabulous Christmas playlist I created last year, here is that Spotify link for you again. So good!

My Fabulous Christmas Playlist

Blog Stuff:

Okay so let’s talk boring blog stuff for a quick minute. My pageviews have tanked these last couple of months and I think part of that has to do with my mobile ads behaving badly. In other words an ad would redirect you and not let you get back. Grrr. I got so fed up that as of Monday I am switching ad networks and praying that all goes well. They already seem way more organized so that of course makes me sweat less. Thank you for your patience, I really do appreciate it. Also if you are an email subscriber with a Gmail email address, you may not be getting my regular updates when I post which may also be causing my pageviews to drop. I’m working on fixing this as well but, as you know, technology makes me crazy so by working on it I mean I’ll just be over here in the fetal position sucking my thumb. I do promise to get my act together eventually :)

Mean Facebook:

I fear that many people might be missing out on my Organized for Christmas series because of the way social media and such conspire against us bloggers. For instance, I have over 60,000 followers on FB yet Facebook only let’s maybe 5,000 people see what I post unless I pay of course. One trick I’ve figured out though on blog pages I follow through Facebook is that if I like and comment on their page updates regularly then Facebook will “allow” me to see more of that person’s updates in my feed. Maybe that will work for you too. I’ve love to see you over there!

Holiday Gift Guide:

I’m super excited about my first ever holiday gift guide I’m putting together for you. I’m aiming for next Friday for it to come out so don’t miss it, it’s going to be great!

Looking Forward To:

Outside of Christmas, which I love, I’ve got three other exciting things coming up. Isn’t it fun to have things to look forward to? It really is the best! First my youngest turns 11 on Tuesday which he’s VERY excited about. He loves birthdays as much as his momma does. Then after that we have the long anticipated revival of Gilmore Girls, whoot! My friends and I are doing a two night party and I can hardly wait. I just re-watched Season 7 and Season 1 just to get myself all pumped up for it. And finally, I will soon get to hug my daughter’s neck again when she comes home from University for the Christmas break. It’s been a whole long year since I saw her last. I miss her like crazy. She doesn’t have an exact date yet when she’ll be home which makes me sad. How am I suppose to make a countdown paper chain if I don’t have a date yet? :)

Favorite Links of the Week:

I love reading blogs, here are a few of my favorites that you might like too!

My hope is for my son and I to follow this Random Acts of Kindness printable calendar over December. I think it’s a great way to help us keep the focus on others.

Organizing for Teenagers ~ @ Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Love this pretty Functional & Fabulous Office ~ @ Polished Habitat

Free printables for your guest room ~ @ Elegance & Enchantment

5 Reasons to Stop Apologizing for Your Messy House ~ @ How Does She

Have a super weekend everyone and don’t forget to start on the cleaning and organizing task of the Organized for Christmas series :)

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5 Responses to Friday Favorites and Life Lately

  1. 2
    Amy says

    Don’t hate me, but I’m with your husband. We don’t have to wait until December for Christmas decorating, but we do have to let (US) Thanksgiving pass, first. Thus, next Saturday we’ll be getting our tree and decorating. :)

    I have a Gmail address, and I believe I receive all of your posts emailed to me. But, Istruggle with technology, too. Grr…

    • 2.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Oh thanks for telling me that about gmail Amy I appreciate it! And I totally get about not decorating till after Thanksgiving. We celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada though back in October so that’s why I get antsy to decorate. Plus fall decorations seem silly to me when there is snow covering the ground lol.

  2. 3
    Becky L says

    I start decorating for Christmas weekend of our Thanksgiving. Years past I’d address my Christmas cards in the afternoon of Thanksgiving. Having family who wants to play games overides those cards. No new Christmas music this year. Maybe a cd for daughter’s gift tho…..but don’t tell her!! I get your email updates. Yes one must comment on fb blogs or I won’t see them. Been there and will look for yours. Happy weekend.


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