My 5 Weekly Cleaning Tasks

The following closet tip is a guest post on cleaning tasks from regular contributor, Kristin at The Gold Project.

A Busy Mom's Top 5 Weekly Cleaning Tasks at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

In a perfect world, I would have plenty of time to clean every area of my house on a daily basis. But, I know that is not possible because I work full-time, I have two small children, and a husband who is gone a lot coaching.

At the beginning of motherhood, I tried to get every single thing done before my head hit the pillow at nighttime. I may have been getting everything done, but I was exhausted and cranky the next day. So, I have gradually eased up on myself and realized that I need to give myself a break. I will complete certain tasks daily, but there are five big ones that I have turned into weekly cleaning tasks. And, I must say, it has helped my mood and exhaustion tremendously.

My weekly cleaning tasks are usually completed on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how tired I am from the work week.

Tidying Each Room

Every day, I try to pick up the areas that get the most traffic in my home. But, that is all. I just don’t have the time to address every nook and cranny. So, on the weekends, my entire family will take the time to go through every room and put up things that are out of place. It makes me feel good to start the week with everything in it’s place too.



Vacuuming is usually my top priority on the weekends. My kids like to sneak food into the playroom, which ends with little crumbs getting trapped in the carpet. Also, I have two fur babies, a dog and cat, that like to leave nice little balls of hair on the carpet. I try to pick up the ones I notice, but you just can’t get them all. So, running the vacuum once a week gets all of those unseen things off of the floor.


Scrubbing Toilets

I just really despise scrubbing toilets. It is not the highlight of my week. But, it is a must. A toilet is definitely a playground for germs, so it must be addressed. My son just got potty trained (woohoo), so the toilet he uses gets cleaned a little more frequently, though.


Putting Away all of the Laundry

Laundry is the biggest challenge in my house. I have good intentions every single day, but there are not enough hours in the day. Usually, I run an entire load through the washer and dryer on a daily basis. But, then, it sits in a laundry basket in the laundry room waiting to be sorted, folded, and put away.

I used to be really hard on myself about clean clothes hanging out in the laundry room, but I had to let that go. I just don’t have enough time to tackle that part of the laundry daily. So, I will take time either Saturday or Sunday morning and make sure everything is put away. My daughter and son have started to help too, which is an added bonus of waiting until the weekend. They are rested and eager to help.


Disinfecting All Countertops

Every morning after putting my makeup on and brushing my teeth, I do a quick clean of my bathroom counter. But, once a week, I will remove everything off of the counter and completely wipe down every area, including the mirror. The same goes for the kitchen. Wiping the sink area in the kitchen is a constant thing. It seems like every time I am around the sink, I am wiping it down. But, I rarely move things like the mixer and coffee maker to wipe underneath it. So, once a week, I will complete that task.


What are some cleaning tasks that you tackle on a weekly basis?

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