Kitchen Cloth Cleanliness and Organization

The following is a guest post about a great kitchen cloth organizing idea from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home.

There are times I can organize a problem area by using what I already have, hacking another product into fitting the need, or simply doing without. All good ways to be resourceful, but then, there are times I invest in a purchase that I know would be the best solution. That’s what I’m showing you today; a product I purchased in hopes that it would improve my kitchen cloth situation.

kitchen cloth cleanliness and organization to keep your cloths organized and your home smelling fresh at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

I use kitchen cloths that have a tab sewn into them and are designed to hang in-between uses. I greatly dislike stinky kitchen cloths, so this handy tab is something I love. It allows the best air-drying ventilation when my cloths aren’t in use and helps reduce the stink. Bad smelling material is a sign of bacterial or mildew growth within the fibers and who really wants to wipe countertops with a bacterial laden rag? Gross! And that familiar sour smell can happen fast if I toss a kitchen cloth into a crumpled pile on the sink’s edge or fling it over the wide bar between the sink basins. Behold, my solution to keep things both clean and organized…


After trying several options to keep my kitchen cloth helpers happily hanging (I’m proud of that triple “h” run, hee hee), I landed on THIS 6-hook rack for a few reasons (affiliate link). First, it provides plenty of hanging space for the various kitchen cloths I use (because I don’t use sponges). I usually skip a hook in between the cloths, so there’s plenty of space all around. It also has a bar that protrudes forward to allow for air drying of tea towels and such.


The design of this particular rack is smart. It doesn’t have typical “joints” to attach the bars together, reducing rust and general grossness that accumulates over time. I’ve had mine well over a year, used daily, and no sign of build-up. It’s one smooth continuous piece, particularly on the front bar where I hang wet items to dry before moving below to a hook.



Lastly, the rack is a great size for mounting on the inside of a cabinet door. I mounted mine at the end of our kitchen island, so I can grab something easily to wipe countertops or dry dishes. Plus, I wanted the extra ventilation of air drying in the open rather than inside a cabinet. Yes, it’s out in the open, but it’s on the “work end” of the kitchen rather than the end that faces the family room. However, if it made sense to mount it in plain view, I would because I always opt for function over fashion… unless we’re talking about shoes. I do love a pretty pair of fashionable shoes, even if they hurt my feet for the evening, lol.

That’s a wrap my friends! Short and sweet from Yours Truly today. I have one more way to use this same rack in the bathroom that I’ll come back and share next time. Until then, toodles! :)


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2 Responses to Kitchen Cloth Cleanliness and Organization

  1. 1
    Linda says

    I did something like that on the front of my cabinet door. The damp cloths hung against the door so much it ruined the finish on my cabinets.
    Be careful that, if your cabinets are made of wood, that they are well sealed.

  2. 2
    sherry liford says

    where did you get the dish clothes with tabs?


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