The #1 Thing Needed for Goal Setting and Planning

Today is the day - the #1 thing needed for goal setting and planning

Hi friends, as I sit to write this post I don’t have a plan or an agenda for it whatsoever.  I’m just going to write and we’ll see what comes out shall we? Would it surprise you to know that I’m not a goal setter? No resolutions for me in January or even doing any annual goal setting really.  Not because I don’t believe that these things work for some people, I mean I’ve read enough posts around blogland to know that goal setting has its merits.  But as I read post after goal setting post I have to admit that I get overwhelmed imagining planning out an entire year at a time.  I like to avoid overwhelm at all costs, so I keep things pretty simple around here for my sanity.  So no I can’t tell you how many books I’m going to read this year or even which ones but I do know that if I find a book that interests and excites me, I’ll make time to read it. And while I don’t pre-plan out which rooms I’m going to organize each month, I will tell you that if a space and its clutter is annoying me enough, I’ll start tossing things into my donation station so fast my family will get dizzy from all the stuff flying past their heads.

Basically I live my life with a rough daily plan of what I want to get accomplished. Don’t get me wrong though, I still save for retirement but sometimes my daily “goals” include things as mindless as watching three episodes of Parenthood (affiliate link) before bed (my new favorite show by the way, I just started the series and am already on season five!).

I used to be so set in my ways that a major meltdown would happen if things didn’t go according to MY plan.  But as I’ve gotten older and am now almost halfway into my forties, I know that living life a little less rigid and with a lot more flexibility is really what helps my home be less chaotic and stressed.

BUT here’s the thing, by nature I’m a very disciplined person which really helps this non-goal setter still get things done (and why I MUST watch all six seasons of Parenthood in a short amount of time, I’m no quitter!).  Each morning I choose three do-able top priorities (outside of my daily chores) to get done and I make sure by the end of the day it happens. After that, if I am feeling particularly motivated I will attack something else from my list notebook, if not I don’t.  I still feel accomplished because I got my priorities for the day done and the next day I start all over again. It’s what I’ve learned works for me.

Alternatively though, I do know that setting longer term goals IS what works for others and is what keeps them sane and free from overwhelm. They’ve learned over time that this is what motivates them to accomplish their goals. It makes me so happy when people figure out what systems works for them and as a result they are not living life full of guilt and stress. I don’t want that for anyone.

the number one thing needed for goal setting and planning

The most important thing to remember though, whether you are a long term goal setter or more of a short term planner like me, is that both processes require DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is required to follow through with your commitments no matter how you go about planning them.

This seems to be quite a problem area for some and something I’d love to delve into more on the blog this year. I find it to be so interesting as everyone is so different and unique and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Plus a person can be totally disciplined in one area of their lives but not so much in another.  I’d love for you to answer a question for me if you wouldn’t mind, not only will it help me with future blog posts but I’m sure it will be motivating for others to read as well.

If you are disciplined in any one area of your life what do you think the contributing factor is? This is no time to be shy, go ahead and brag!

Here I’ll go first…I’m disciplined with watching the entire series of Parenthood all at once because I love it so much and it makes me so happy :)

Okay I’ll do a serious one…I’m disciplined with keeping my house organized because a) I enjoy it  b) my house is less chaotic and cluttered c) my family and I are less stressed  d) it means I have more time on my hands to watch Parenthood :)


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7 Responses to The #1 Thing Needed for Goal Setting and Planning

  1. 1
    Christine says

    I love this post! When I was reading it I thought to myself she is speaking about me! Seriously i could relate to what you were saying and loved it. Thank you I always wondered what was wrong with me and you are correct it is about discipline and commitment to actually follow through. I am looking forward to future posts about this. About discipline I am able to be discipline with my work as I work at home and keeping my house clean. When my house is clean I feel better and feel like I can relax or move on. Lastly, would be reading blog posts with my coffee first thing in the morning because I feel it’s my only real me time. It’s my happy time as. Long as my little man stays sleeping. :)

    • 1.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Hi Christine, thanks for sharing! So glad you can relate. I love that you have carved out time for yourself each morning, that’s really great to hear!

  2. 2
    Nicole Q-Schmitz says

    I feel like “discipline” is required in everything we do in order to succeed. I hate when people say they don’t have time to do certain things that they say they want to do – because if you actually want to do something you’ll always make time (for example, watching a tv series!).

  3. 3
    Belinda says

    It’s so interesting that today on CBC radio I heard about The Rule of Three, which is what you described as something you implement daily! The show host was interviewing Chris Bailey about his Productivity Project. Very interesting.

    I retired last August, so am in a different space to younger folks, but it is still important to me to treasure the gift of time and use it wisely and productively. It took me four months to think through a rhythm for my days and weeks that works but when I did, and started this new year, it felt like a brand new chapter of life that is so exciting. I have come up with a way that works for me, which involves an aim to spend a specific number of hours each week on the small pie business I started; writing; study; and household management. I have a chart on the fridge where I fill in blocks of time as I spend them on these priorities. It doesn’t matter what day I do what, but visually tracking on a weekly basis that I have put in the hours on the things that matter to me, is motivating. Things such as exercise and time with God aren’t on a chart because I do my best to include them as “givens.”

    • 3.1
      Belinda says

      I forgot to mention “investing in relationships” as another item on my chart! :) I am so grateful to finally have time to do this.

  4. 4
    Eliza says

    A really interesting post. I realise now that I am not very good at discipline. I love making lists and goals, but find it hard to do them as I get distracted. I am, however, disciplined with time management – getting the kids to school on time, getting to appointments, paying bills. I think that why I am disciplined there is because I know how to do it, but when it comes to doing something like sewing (which I love, but am not as proficient in) I tend to avoid the activity.


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