Menu Plan Monday ~ Jan 11/16

Menu Plan Monday - recipe ideas and menu planning inspiration for the week of Jan 11/16

Hey y’all, here we are back to Monday.  This week I’ve been reflecting on the fact that it’s been a little over a year since I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and started the Autoimmune Protocol diet which I did for five months before transitioning to the Paleo diet that I’m still on now.  It’s so hard to believe that I haven’t had grains, dairy, gluten, beans or refined sugar for over a year.  I feel absolutely amazing, I lost 30 pounds, was able to reduce my meds by 50% and I no longer experience debilitating pain in my finger joints. A year ago I could barely move my fingers and now I have full mobility back, incredible!  I’m not a doctor and I don’t assume that this would work for everyone, but it’s been such a great experience for me that I have no plans of changing the way I eat anytime soon.

I’ve been noticing that quite a few bloggers are talking about Whole 30 right now, which is similar to Paleo but more of a short term program.  The site Stupid Easy Paleo suggests doing a Whole30 at the start of your Paleo journey so you know how to better eat Paleo for life.

“Paleo is a long-term nutrition and lifestyle strategy where nutrient-dense foods are encouraged, but inflammatory, nutrient-poor foods are avoided.  Whole30 is a short-term, very strict program designed to help you learn about which foods may be problematic for you. You can then apply what you learn to a slightly looser, less strict (but very much informed) Paleo approach to eating for life.”

Kelly from the awesome site Nourishing Home has a ton of resources and recipes on her site and just started a Whole 30 challenge yesterday if you are interested.  She has this to say:

“For those of you, like me, who may be suffering from chronic health issues – or suspect that food allergies or sensitivities may be impacting your health – taking the Whole30 challenge can help to unravel the mystery of which foods may be causing health issues and help to set you on a path to better health and more energy!

More information can be found HERE on her site.


Also this post over at My Love for Words has some helpful information.


Let me know if you decide to give it a try.  The first couple of weeks are really hard as you detox from sugar and processed foods but it is so worth it if you can stick to it.

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Homemade Chicken Soup served with grilled cheese sandwiches for the family

Tuesday: Italian-Spiced 50/50 Sausages served with Oven Roasted Potato Wedges and grilled veggies

Wednesday: Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin served with rice and broccoli

Thursday: Leftover buffet

Friday: Pizza Party Friday Night! and for me Steak Salad with Creamy Garlic Vinaigrette

Saturday: Lemon Paprika Chicken (without the butter) served with asparagus

Sunday: YOYO (you’re on your own!)

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


Menu Plan Guidelines, banner selections and recipe helpers are here.

More family favorite recipes here.

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My favorite menu planning resource:

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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11 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ Jan 11/16

  1. 1
    Courtney @ LPHJ Kitchen says

    I’m SO glad you have found some relief with the Paleo/AIP diet! I started my Paleo journey a couple years ago after some food allergies were diagnosed and I just recently learned of another autoimmune condition I have – so I’m transitioning into AIP. I did a Whole30 for Lent last year and LOVED it…. after the first few days anyway 🙂 You have to have a lot of willpower but it’s amazing how you can change habits in that time. Thanks for sharing these resources!

    • 1.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Yes much willpower and discipline is needed in the first couple of weeks that is for sure. Now that I don’t have the sugar cravings anymore it doesn’t even bother me to see others eating sugary treats, instead it just makes me sad for them to be honest.

  2. 2
    Janet says

    I’m so glad you’ve been able to get some real relief through dietary changes. I have reduced the sugars and starchy carbs in my diet and often look to Paleo meals when searching for menu inspiration. I’m not sure I will ever go completely in that direction but do know a cleaner, simpler diet makes a real difference in how I feel.

    • 2.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Thanks Janet, it’s truly been a life changer for me!!

  3. 3
    Sara says

    Glad you found something that helped you. It’s so odd that it’s taken this many years to realize how much diet contributes to our health in more than just weight.

    • 3.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      So true Sara, I have gained so much more than I ever gave up!!

  4. 4
    Christine says

    I’ve always been interested in the fact that you plan 5 meals a week. Do you end up throwing food out? I feel like if I cook more than every 2 days, we can’t eat all the leftovers. Just curious if you make smaller portions or eat more than we do, or if everyone eats the meals again as lunches or what!!

    • 4.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Hi Christine, great question! Yes, most night I do try to make enough to have leftovers so that I can eat them for my breakfast and lunches. My husband also likes bringing leftovers for his lunch at work as well. The problem we have is not having any leftovers left come Thursday which is my scheduled leftover day lol. If that’s the case we will usually have something simple like breakfast for supper like scrambled eggs or pancakes. We almost rarely throw food out. I grocery shop on Monday mornings and only buy what we need according to my menu plan. Plus Sunday night I don’t plan so that is an additional night to clear the fridge before we start new again on Monday. Works really well!

  5. 5
    Emily @ My Love for Words says

    It’s amazing to hear about how much your health has improved! When my husband and I first heard about paleo, all I could think was, “What are we going to eat?!” We were carb/junk food junkies, and a huge percentage of our regular menu items were suddenly off limits. We’ve bounced on and off the program, but I feel so much better when we’re eating clean. Do you have any favorite paleo cookbooks? Against all Grain has become my go-to cookbook over the last two years, but I’d love to find more.

  6. 6
    Kelly @ The Nourishing Home says

    Laura, I am SO happy to hear about how you’ve been able to make such amazing strides in your health and wellness through adopting a healthier whole food lifestyle. I am so appreciative of you sharing about my Whole30 meal plans and resources. I pray they can help many, many others like us to find relief from chronic pain and illness. You are such a blessing! Thanks again for sharing your story and bringing hope and encouragement to all of us who follow you! Hugs, Kelly

  7. 7
    Quiltin Jenny says

    Thank you for pointing me in the direction of AIP. Our family is riddled with various types of thyroid disease, and our weight keeps creeping up regardless of workouts, diets, etc. I have just finished 90 days of AIP and feel better than ever. I couldn’t remember exactly where I started down the rabbit hole toward this change until I read this post. I’m working on getting back to my Menu Plan Monday posts as well. Thank you!!


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