9 Favorite Organizing Apps to Keep Your Life on Track

Favorite Organizing Apps to Keep Your Life on Track

Apps can be really helpful tools when it comes to helping us get organized especially since most of us usually have our phones on us at all times 🙂  I definitely have some favorite organizing apps that I will share with you today and I’ve also asked a few of my blogging friends to share their favorite organizing apps as well with you (and why they love them).

I feel like I have to add a disclaimer here though because it’s important to note that while one app may work amazingly well for one it may not have the same impact on another.  As with any app you have to use them to be effective but even then not every one will be a good fit for all.  Give one or more a try and see what sticks.  I’m hoping at least one of these organizing apps below will be new for you to play around with.  Please know that I’m not affiliated with any of them in any way.

Oh and those of you that have been around here for awhile know that I use to have a pretty fantastic organizing app myself.  Gosh I loved my app.  Unfortunately my designers took it down when they didn’t have time to maintain it.  So sad!  I wish there was something else I could do to get it back but I know nothing of these things.  Sorry about that!!

Favorite Organizing Apps

Recommended by Laura (me!):

Jamie’s To Do app – I like using a paper planner when it comes to my calendar however when it comes to lists sometimes it’s helpful to have them with me at all times.  I like this app because it’s simple to use but still allows me to separate my lists into various categories.  I like categories, they make me happy.  Being able to easily shuffle and reorganize my lists makes me happy too.  I can also set reminders which is a great feature.  Available for both iPhone and iPad.

Jaime's To Do

The Christmas List app – Oh my goodness, using a Christmas gift organizer app has been a game changer for me!  You will feel like a superstar with this app. Just add the names and set budget for everyone on your list and then track items purchased as you go along.  You can even take a picture of items you are thinking about buying or have already bought to remind yourself.  This is especially helpful when you shop early like I do.  The budgeting part is the best part because it’s so easy to go over otherwise.  I actually enter stuff as soon as I buy it so having it available on my phone is perfect.  And don’t worry about sneaky kids, you can set a password to get in.  Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The Christmas List

Home Routines app – this app is a little more pricey but it’s pretty awesome.  It’s designed to help you manage all the regular routine chores you do. Keep track of your daily tasks broken down by morning and evening routines/chores. Also keep track of weekly tasks and cleaning zones throughout your house. When you mark each task as complete you get a gold star. The tasks’ completion stars can automatically reset in time for your next time through the routine. The very best part and what makes the cost justifiable is that it comes totally pre-loaded with tasks.  It would be pretty daunting to have to enter all the individual things you do regularly but because it’s pre-loaded it’s pretty easy to simply adjust it to fit your life. Also has a built in timer. Designed for both iPhone and iPad.

home routines

Recommended by contributor Rachel:

Good Budget app – my favorite organizing app is called Good Budget.  It’s like the envelope cash system to manage money without having to carry all those envelopes and cash around.  It makes budgeting finances very convenient because both my hubby and I can access the same information on our individual cell phones at any time.  It’s free (an important factor when the budget is tight) but you can also pay for upgraded features.  This is a great tool to help you pay down debt, save for something big (like we’ve been doing for adoption), or develop excellent spending habits.  I love it!  Available for Android and iPhone.

Good Budget

Recommended by Morgan of Morganize Me:

My FitnessPal app (free) – I love this app! It’s an app that helps you to organize all things surrounding your health. In just a few minutes a day, you can log in your daily workouts and your meals. You can even just scan the barcode on a food product and through graphs and charts you’ll know how well you are eating each day. Additionally, you can track all kinds of exercise too! The best part is that you can connect with friends to help you to hold each other accountable. Accountability is key when it comes to living healthy and this app helps you daily to do just that!  Available for Android and iPhone.

fitness pal

Recommended by Yuni of Love Your Abode:

The Artkive app – this is an app that tags, organizes, and safely stores all your children’s art works. It’s a great clutter-free method to saving those precious pieces of art. All you do is snap a picture of the art and you can file it away under each child’s folder. It also allows you to print their masterpieces.  Designed for both iPhone and iPad.


The Wunderlist app – is one of my favorite apps because it holds all kinds of to-do lists. Due to my scatterbrain, I always utilize this app when grocery shopping so I never leave anything out. You can also use it to manage projects or plan events. Available for everything 🙂


Recommended by Katie of Organizing Moms:

The Shutterfly app – without this app all of our pictures would be lost in cyberspace somewhere!  I use the Shutterfly app to upload any new pictures I take on my phone. By using the app, I’m able to more easily order prints, or make photo books. Shutterfly has good coupons and freebies, and by using the app to upload my pictures, I’m always ready to take advantage of a good deal. Available for Android and iPhone and iPad.


Recommended by Becky of Organizing Made Fun:

The Cozi app – LOVE Cozi and have been using it for years!  I love it because my whole family can use it including my tween/teen and my hubby. Everyone shares one account that can be accessed from any mobile device or computer using their own email address and a shared password. It’s FREE and reminds me of stuff all the time because I’m totally forgetful. It also sends reminders and notices to other members in the family when I add something to their calendar – color coded for each person. Plus, it has a grocery list, menus, contacts, and more. Available for Android and iPhone and iPad.


I hope you enjoyed that round-up of great organizing apps for keeping your life and family organized.  If you have your own favorite organizing app recommendation please share with us in the comments!

Happy organizing!


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18 Responses to 9 Favorite Organizing Apps to Keep Your Life on Track

  1. 1
    susan says

    Love my Cozi app! My husband and I have been using it for years.The only way to keep track of all appts. I upgraded to the paid version for no ads and now have a great recipe keeper that will add recipe items to my shopping list! Also love MyFitness Pal. Easy to use.

  2. 2
    Stacy T says

    I’m surprised to not see Google Keep and Google Calendar! We’ve swapped out most of these (Cozi and Wanderlust) for the Google suite now and love them.

  3. 3
    Shawnda says

    I also love Home Routines, but one of the features (the best one IMO) is that you can log on to the my.homeroutines.com site and type in your lists with an actual keyboard and then sync to your phone!

    I have a weekly cleaning list that resets every wednesday, a laundry check off list, a spring cleaning list, a “stuff that I need to fix” list, a list of things I’d do if I ever won the lottery, a yearly organization list (things like “pet items” or “cleaning supply closet”, so at least once a year, I go through EVERYTHING in my house and purge what is needed). I also have it set up with a zone cleaning task list similar to Fly Lady’s program. Each week, I get a rotating set of tasks in just a few rooms so it’s manageable. Stuff like “dust the corner cobwebs”. I considered switching to an android phone, but stayed with my iPhone for this app alone.

    Also Calenmob. If you are used to using the google calendar, Calenmob is awesome. It even looks at upcoming appointments and their locations and estimates travel time based on the current traffic.

  4. 4
    Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists says

    The Artkive app is exactly what I’ve been looking for! My son is 4 and he is starting to pump out the artwork. Because I hate clutter (#imapenelope) I have taken to just hiding stuff and ditching when I think he’s forgotten about it. But so much of it I’d love to keep.

    This is the perfect solution. Thank you!!!!

  5. 5
    Charlene @ Sporadicobsessions.com says

    Great list! I’ve used Myfitnesspal in the past and its a great way to really see what your eating on a daily basis. I learned that I was eating healthy, but I was eating over 70% of carbs (oatmeal, wheat pasta, fruit., ect) on a daily basis. The pie chart on the app helped me curve my carb addiction. And ultimately lose weight.

    I like the Home Routines app suggestion. I’m going to look into it! Thanks

  6. 6
    Prim says

    I feel you can’t go past You Need A Budget – it is fantastic anda great way to help financially travel through life!

  7. 7
    Juju says

    I would also like to add my favorite app to your list:
    Out Of Milk !
    It’s perfect for shopping lists, even for multiple stores. You can make to-do lists, and anything that you need to keep track of, like lists of medications, allergies, etc. Easily editable, too!

  8. 8
    Sally says

    OMG, I love the Christmas one, I’m going to download it right away. I also shop early and have been just using my notes app that comes with the phone to track the budget and who I have to shop for, but now I don’t have to do the math on the go in the middle of a busy toy store! I’ll know where I’m at, with just a glace. Thanks for the tip! (I was so excited I had to comment before finishing the post, have to go back and read the rest haha!)

  9. 9
    Marcia Francois says

    My favourite organising app is still Any.Do. I love it so much I wrote a post on it.

    Has categories and such. So easy – one swipe and it crosses out your tasks which you can choose to delete or keep (but show as crossed off)

  10. 10
    Jim says

    +1 for Out of Milk. Mint.com and app are also a must. Innoreader or other rss app to keep your reading lists tidy. I using tagging in innoreader to keep track of designs, ideas, gifts, etc.

  11. 11
    Tia says

    Great list! +1 for MyFitnessPal and Out of Milk. MFP has helped me lose at minimum 40 lbs, so it’s definitely high on my list of favorite apps. I would also have to go with Google Keep, as said in the comments.

  12. 12
    Susy Richards says

    Great list thanks!

  13. 13
    Bryn says

    Great ideas!! Do you know of any clothing organization apps? (To keep track of each kid, what’s i have in storage, and what I need to shop for at Garage Sales, etc.)

  14. 14
    Sharon Elliott says

    Some of the above apps can be used for Android too, i see this wasn’t mentioned as much ipad and iphone. I find this frustrating as not everyone likes iphones.

    • 14.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Sorry about that Sharon, this post is 3 years old now so it may be that those apps weren’t available for Android at that time.

  15. 15
    Christine says

    There’s an app called free prints and one called free photo books. The free prints app gives you 85 free photos per month. You just have to pay shipping. And the photo books app gives you a 5×7 photo book free per month. Again only pay shipping. Hope it can save you all some money!

    • 15.1
      Iris says

      My favourite Family calendar organising App is TreeTime. Every Family member has access, and you avoid collision of appointments… Saves us a lot of time.


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