4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge

How many of you are tired of the clutter and chaos in your home? How about a push to help you tackle your stuff?  Crystal over at the popular blog, Money Saving Mom, is running a 4 weeks to a more organized home challenge this month plus she is offering a free ebook to go along with it.

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home
It started yesterday but you can still get in on the action and get moving on clearing your clutter.

In the past I have typically run my own monthly organizing challenge in March but I think I may hold off now for a bit.  However you can still check out last year’s challenge here if you want plus I have left up my 52 weeks of organizing series which you may also like and can start any time.

I'm an Organizing Junkie App to keep you organized and on track!
Also to go along with Crystal’s challenge you may find the I’m an Organizing Junkie app helpful (now available for Android and iPhone!).  You can enter into the “All Tasks” bucket all the daily assignments and then check them off as you get them done.  In addition one of the best features of my app is that you can add your “Top 3 Daily Tasks” to a separate bucket so you can focus your attention on just those three things instead of seeing the entire list at once which tends to be way less overwhelming.  Then get excited because when you check off those three top tasks of the day watch the fireworks burst out.  It’s so fun and a small little reward for what you have accomplished.  You’ve got to celebrate these things! :)

Now go tackle a pile somewhere.  You’ve got this!

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