Create a Closet Office ~ Day #17

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Fourteen years ago when I was just pregnant with my second child I realized that the room I had been calling an office in our small three bedroom home was going to be needed as a nursery for baby.  I was going to have to find somewhere else for my desk and computer.  The problem was there wasn’t any extra space in our 900 square foot house (with no basement) that I could relocate my desk to.  We had been talking for some time about adding on an entryway to our home as our front door opened right up into the living room.  You then had to cross the living room to access the coat closet in the dining room.  It was odd to say the least.  So we decided to go ahead with our new entryway plan and at the same time add a coat closet to this new space.

Once the new small addition was built we moved all the coats over to the new closet leaving me with a now empty closet in the dining room.  That’s when light bulbs started going off for me.  I needed an office and I had an empty closet.  Ding, ding, ding.  I looked at my desk, then back at the closet.  Will it fit?  It did!  With just some slight modifications (thank goodness because my husband and I aren’t DIY people) we had the desk in the closet and the door still closed!  I was GIDDY!  Seriously you have no idea how happy getting that desk into the closet made me.  We added some shelves to the side of the closet and moved in the computer and all the office supplies.  It wasn’t pretty but my closet office was perfect!  I loved the location in the middle of the house and I loved that I could close the door and the my little ones couldn’t touch anything.

And there began my love of organizing.  After that point nothing was off limits in terms of creating space.  I took advantage of every nook and cranny in that small home and we made it work for 7 years.  It was very very exciting.  Sadly I do not have one single picture of that office in a closet.  I didn’t have a blog back then to document such wonderfulness :)   I now have an actual office but gosh I miss that cloffice.

Today I thought that, in absence of my own office in a closet pictures, I would share other office closets I found around the internet to provide some inspiration in case you have a closet that could be put to better use.  The source is listed beneath each picture.


  office closet 1

{Fab Rehab Creations}

closet office 2

{Life on Sale}

office closet 3

{Lifestyles of the Stay-At-Home Mom}

office closet 4

{Love of Family & Home}

office closet 5

{Simple Homemade}

closet office 6

{A Thoughtful Place}

Closet Office 7


closet office 8

{Fancy Frugal Life}


Traditional Kids by Belmont Media & Bloggers Christina Katos

closet office 11

{Strive for Progress}

closet office 10

{Gwenny Penny}

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3 Responses to Create a Closet Office ~ Day #17

  1. 1
    Sabrina says

    I love that the closets all have either wall paper or other wall décor on them. It looks less like a closet and more like part of the room. =)

  2. 2
    Bronwyn MayB says

    I love this idea. I want to do this in our new house. I love it!


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