How One Blogger Organizes Her Time

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Angie at Echoes of Laughter.

Before we get started on this topic, let me be clear in saying first that I am not an expert on this, nor do I profess to have the answers. I am just a work-at-home blogger trying to figure how to work at home while balancing home responsibilities, just like any other work-at-home person. And some days go just tickety-boo, while other days are total disasters and I feel like I have failed miserably at managing both, but there is always tomorrow!

How a Blogger Organizes Her Time

How One Blogger Organizes Her Time:

For most of 2013, I have treated blogging as my full-time job, and as such, I have committed to about 5-7 hours a day of blogging activity Monday to Friday. Plus more time in the evenings and on weekends as needed. While I do love what I do and it is my passion, it helps to have some structure to the days and then time off completely away from my computer.

So here is a little picture of my days as a full-time blogger:

7:00 am. Wake up and throw on some sweat clothes. Brush teeth. Get the kids up and pack lunches. Drive kids to school, leaving at about 7:45 pm.

8:30 am. Arrive home from driving kids to school. The first thing I do is eat  BREAKFAST or the morning will get away from me. I usually have 2 scrambled eggs, an English muffin with jam, half a grape-fruit or a bowl of oatmeal. I don’t clean up the kitchen at this time because that will be a time-eater and I won’t get work done because I can easily foo-foo time in the kitchen for hours. To keep things real, here is a picture I snapped this morning just as I finished breakfast. The kitchen is messy but I will get to it later.

9:00 am. Before I sit down with my laptop, I usually throw in a load of wash. That keeps the laundry from getting behind and it’s a chore that works while I work. I also usually put on a real outfit like jeans, a top, necklace and earrings.

9 am-12pm- This is the time when I answer emails and work on writing or editing photos and posts. Sometimes I make great progress getting through all the emails and sometimes I don’t. I try to work on a post for the next day, but often it gets published on the same day it’s written. I try to work ahead but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

12 pm. I technically don’t take a lunch break, but I will grab something quick if I am hungry.

12-2:30 pm. This is the time where the magic of blog projects happen. Often this is the time where I will make a recipe, work on a craft or photograph a project for a post because the natural light is nice and bright at this time.

Here are some examples of projects that have been created in the afternoon:

2:30 pm. At this time, I leave the house to go pick up my son from school and I might do a quick errand if needed.

3:30 pm. Arriving back from picking up my son, now I try to get in a quick household chore like cleaning a bathroom or vacuuming, get dinner going and clean up the messy kitchen while I catch up with both of my children about their day.

5:30 pm. Family dinner. Or some people eat and some got to hockey or work. And then I clean up the kitchen completely for the evening.

6:30 pm. I usually have a child that must be picked up from somewhere or something. And I always dump clean laundry on my bed to fold while I watch some TV.

8-10 pm. Often I will go back to finishing a post and editing photos, while also linking to parties held by other bloggers. I do this in the living room while also watching TV with my husband and kids or chatting with them.

10:30 pm or later. I go to sleep with a plan for the important things that must be tackled in the morning.

And that’s it. And as you know, sometimes a sick child or a grocery-shopping trip will throw this all out the window. But that’s part of the roller-coaster of life, isn’t it?

So, if you are a full-time or part-time blogger, how do you plan your day? Do you have  a structure or do you prefer things more loosy-goosy? I am so fascinated to hear how other bloggers organize their time…I just love hearing how about people get it all done, so please share!

See you in 2 weeks!

angie bio pic Angie’s blog, Echoes of Laughter, is all about filling your home with love and laughter. She loves creative projects, organizing & decorating, cooking, baking, and all things domestic. Angie lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband and two great kids.

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15 Responses to How One Blogger Organizes Her Time

  1. 1
    hansjurg says

    Wow…mustbe the first messy kitchen ever published by a blogger!!

  2. 2
    Trine @ Creative Pink Butterfly says

    What a great post! my days are so disorganized! I really think I might need to get some real structure soon so this post is really motivating for me! I love that you plan to do your crafts etc when its the best lighting outside – never thought of that…

  3. 3
    Quiltin Jenny says

    Thanks for this post! I am a part time blogger and part time WAHM. I will be starting a full time job outside the home soon and am really wondering how that is going to affect my blog. I would love to hear about other bloggers’ schedules.

    Also, thanks for being so honest about your home not being 100% picture perfect at all times!

  4. 4
    Cassie says

    Great Post! I am just getting back into blogging and love to hear how others do it. Right now I am just getting into a routine but set aside time each day [about and hour} to focus on my blog. I know as I continue blogging it will change, but it works for me right now.

  5. 5
    Krista Davis says

    Thank you for this. I was doing great with truly working the blog as a job, then life got in the way. I need to go back to a more scheduled routine. Also, I love your tip about doing pictures during the best light of day (much needed since I live in a dimly lit RV). I also feel I need to invest in a way to optimize lighting at night, since a majority of my recipes are made for supper.

  6. 6
    Leah says

    I love how you are actually organized in your routine! I am terrible. I have during my kids naps and after bedtime to accomplish everything including the house and full time school and my blog. I just do what I can when I can but something always gets neglected. I am working on streamlining my house so that it is easily picked up at the end of the day, but everything else I get it done when I can!

  7. 7
    Rhonda Wylie says

    My daughter and I were just talking about this earlier today. Our blog is progressing but we know it could go a little faster if we both didn’t let life stand in the way of making our blog a priority. I also do the laundry thing. I always try to throw in a load of laundry first thing in the mornings. I always hang up clothes as soon as they are dry, but the rest might not get done until I’m watching TV that evening. Also, I find I work much better if I keep the TV off and only answer phone calls you know you have to answer. Thanks for sharing!

  8. 8
    Steph says

    So happy to see there are other humans out there who have days like mine. ;) This school year we got the family on a pretty good schedule. It’s flexible, but helps me stay on task and not forget the world outside of the web. Thanks for sharing! :D

  9. 9
    Carolyn says

    Thank you for reminding me that its not just me. Being a WAHM and a blogger I’m constantly struggling with trying to get everything done. Just like you, some days I feel awesome and other days…not so much :-) But I absolutely must get more organized with my time because I just took on a new client who will require extra time.

  10. 10
    Tavia Ladd says

    I am SUCH a mess (check out my blog and it will make sense), totally disorganized and suck as a stay at home mom (kids totally agree!). I only recently started blogging when I unexpectedly became a widow on May 30th. I am just now, finally beginning to see straight and I am DESPERATELY needing some organization and routine. Ive ALWAYS been disorganized an not had good routines, but now, more than ever, I am finding it necessary … I am going to take some much needed time and do this and make a “tentative” schedule for us!!
    Thank you so much, I really needed to read this post today!! :)

    • 10.1
      Laura says

      So sorry for your loss Tavia.

    • 11.1
      Laura says

      Yes definitely a process for sure Sarah….I’m still constantly adjusting even after 7 years :)

  11. 12
    Laura says

    My blogging time is limited to nap and bedtimes right now.. I look forward to having more time and structure next fall when my youngest starts preschool! These are great tips!

  12. 13
    Amanda Parker says

    Hello Angie. Thanks for this tip. I admire how you can keep a schedule as busy as this maybe it’s time for me to create a sort of daily routine as well. It may get off hand at times, but at least I know what tasks i failed to do and start from where I left off. Thank you for these helpful tips.


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