How to Organize and Rotate Toys

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Are there toys everywhere you look? Chances are that an over-abundance of toys is just as overwhelming for your child as it is for you. Joshua Becker gives a compelling argument about Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Children. In my experience, fewer toys out means less to clean up and more focused and calm playing by my kids. I developed a toy rotating strategy when my eight year old twins were toddlers and used this system for years until their younger sister went off to kindergarten. Now I find myself restarting my system for my baby boy. Here is how I did it.


How to Organize and Rotate Toys

Step 1 –

Get 3 containers and divide all the toys into 3 groups, giving each grouping a good variety. Most of our toys come from consignment sales. Used toys are the best, because once they’ve been cleaned, most are good as new!

Divide the toys into groups with a good variety in each

Step 2 –

Bring one bin out and use the bin itself as the toy chest, or distribute these toys into your decorative toy baskets.

Step 3 –

After a week, gather toys and give them a good cleaning. Place back in bin to store.

Step 4 –

Bring out the next bin and repeat.


Easy enough, right?!

Keep bins tucked away in a closet, so they don’t get all mixed up.

Store bins out of reach of little hands

This system is better for baby and better for mom! Win-win!

Organized toys are good for mom and good for kids

Don’t you love easy solutions that can make a big impact? Have you ever rotated your kids’ toys? Let me know if you try this system and how it works for you!

Happy playing!

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4 Responses to How to Organize and Rotate Toys

  1. 1
    Brook says

    My question was what toys to put in what bin?
    I remember reading a long time ago to make sure there is a favorite in each one as well as active toys and quiet time toys. Yes for a baby I am sure this does not matter since they are completely happy with wooden spoons and other safe kitchen equipment.
    Do you use this method with your older children and if you did how did you purge and add to them?

    • 1.1
      Mary says

      I discontinued this with my older children, but we go through their things regularly to remove items. Babies seem to accumulate so much stuff!

      • Lea says

        I do something similar with my older kids. I have bags or bins for all groupings (playdoh, marble run, Mr. Potato Head, rescue vehicles, super heroes, etc., etc. Then we only bring out a few collections at a time and put them into the bins that live on their bookshelves. When they want something from their locked closet, they have to trade out something they currently have “checked out.” It’s a way to modify this for older kiddos.


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