Organizing my Linen Closet + Lands’ End Storage Totes Giveaway!

It’s been two years since I last organized my linen closet and posted about it.  To see how this space has transformed over the years you might want to go back and read this post.

Two years ago after I finished organizing my linen closet I was left with empty space and it looked like this:

linen closet after

Of course it didn’t take long to fill all that empty space up.  That’s the way it goes, life happens and things accumulate and before you know it my linen closet had gone from what it looked like above to this:

linen closet before

Yep time for some purging indeed.  So following my PROCESS steps, I made a plan to reorganize the space so it was more visually appealing and better labeled so all individuals in my family could find what they needed.  I also wanted to have our fire pit blankets more readily accessible for summer time.

So out everything came and I piled it up on the floor.  The mess gets way worse before it gets better.

blanket piles

Once it was out of the closet I could very quickly sort like with like.  Doing it this way made me realize that I’d become a blanket hoarder.  Good grief, I know it gets cold here in the winter where I live but geez louise 20+ blankets is not even necessary.  Trust me, that wasn’t all of them in the picture above.

Once I’d purged my little heart out (I really enjoy that part!) then it was time to containerize (I really enjoy this step too!).  I’d recently received a set of Lands’ End canvas storage totes to try out and I knew they were going to be perfect for this space.

But first let me share some words of wisdom for you.

Life’s too short to fold fitted sheets!

Ain’t nobody got time for that.  If I see one more video on how to fold a fitted sheet I might scream.

I don’t do it.  I basically roll them up in some sort of mis-shapened form and shove them in the closet.  I’m good with that.  Only I will admit it does look a little messy.  So my new solution to that is to use totes to store my sheet sets in so really it’s all disguised and lovely.  It’s how I roll.  Ha!

So here’s how my linen closet looks now:

Linen closet organization plus Lands' End canvas storage totes giveaway!!

Some notes:

  • As you can see I still use space bags stored vertically to store stuff not used regularly (think winter duvets, etc.)  More about that here.
  • Guest pillows were moved to the top shelf as we don’t have guests too often.
  • I added a two drawer unit from Target that I am loving!  Top drawer holds aprons and the bottom one holds heat packs and some extra cleaning rags.
  • Fire pit blankets are easily accessible.
  • Donation station still present front and slightly off center :)
  • You’ll also notice I added my little green machine to the very bottom shelf.  I used to store this downstairs in my laundry room but I don’t have carpet downstairs so it made no sense at all.  This is so much better and keeps me from running up and down the stairs every time the dog barfs.  Don’t ask.
  • I added the Lands’ End canvas tote bins and three of them hold sheet sets and one holds extra towels.
  • The two wicker type bins I’m reusing and one holds pillowcases and the other hand towels.

I am really happy with how the whole thing turned out.  Everything I need regularly is right at my finger tips and other things used less often are stored up and out of the way so as not to take up prime real estate.


I used Martha Stewart Flexible Name Badges (from Staples) as my labels on the Lands’ End totes as they stick securely to fabric and are designed to move with clothing.  So far they are working well.  I added our names to the labels after I took the pictures so we would know which bin held which person’s sheet sets.  Since there are four of us I added my daughter’s sheets to the same bin as mine and my husbands.

lands end storage totes 2

lands end storage totes 1

I used Martha Stewart metal-rim tags (also from Staples) for labeling the drawers and wicker baskets.

two drawer unit

wicker baskets

lands end storage totes

The set also includes a matching hamper which I put to use in my rec room for couch blankets.  This way the kids don’t have to fold them (because apparently ain’t nobody got time for that either!) and this way they can just toss them in when done with them.  Sweet!

blanket hamper

blanket hamper 1

Lands’ End Giveaway:

I’m excited to tell you that Lands’ End is giving away this week, to one I’m an Organizing Junkie reader, a full set of 5 Canvas Storage Totes.  Set includes one extra small, one small, one medium, one large and one hamper tote (color may vary).  Retail online $195.50.

To enter all you have to do is use the Rafflecopter form below.  You will see you have a variety of options to enter…do one or all it’s up to you.  No comment necessary this time and extra entries simply give you more chances of winning.  Please note that the Rafflecopter form may take a minute to load.

Good luck!

Lands' End Canvas Storage Totes Giveaway at!!!

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This post was sponsored by Lands’ End.

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24 Responses to Organizing my Linen Closet + Lands’ End Storage Totes Giveaway!

  1. 1
    Karen says

    Nice job!

  2. 2
    Pam @Mommacan says

    I love Lands End. We use business outfitters for work and their polos are very durable even in a Foundry enviroment.


  3. 3
    Beth says

    nice work on your linen closet. I could really use these for storing sheets and pillowcases much more neatly than the piles i have currently. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  4. 4
    Cheryl says

    Good job. The containers make everything more organized and tidy.

  5. 5
    Jenni says

    Looks wonderful! Love the labels you chose.

  6. 6
    debbie says

    Oh I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one that hates folding fitted sheets.. I don’t have a linen closet but I’m thinking I still might be able to use the tote bag idea.. thanks for sharing
    and letting me know I’m not alone… :)

  7. 7
    Quiltin Jenny says

    These are awesome! I would love to use these to organize my sewing space. The hamper style would be perfect for storing batting, and the smaller totes would keep all my works in progress together so I don’t have to keep hunting for the missing binding or backing.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. 8
    Annette {This Simple Mom} says

    I’m sorry to say this, but I was shocked that an organizing woman rolls her sheets AND so thankful. Your tote idea is brilliant to hide them. I would love to win the bins to do the same thing. If not, I may need to hit the dollar store to see what I can find. (Horribly tight budget this year with the government sequester.)

  9. 9
    Renee says

    I loved it….great ideas… my next project is the master closet but my Linen closet is forever i need! I have bought lots of baskets but would LOVE the canvas totes!!!!! Thanks for the tips

  10. 10
    Jennifer says

    Love your closet! Way to go!

  11. 11
    Iris Santiago says

    A well organize house is every women dream,time consuming but worse it! I love to organize!

  12. 12
    Linda Nkosi says

    How fun! I love the Land’s End bags that look like this – and I didn’t even know they made totes before I saw this post! I’m very excited! :)

  13. 13
    Angel says

    could you also let me know how you put your towels in the bag, folded or rolled? thinking about how much space everything takes up, great idea putting washclothes and pillowcases in the baskets, love it. My sheet system is to fold the sheets and then place inside of the matching pillowcase. It is working to help keep things under control

  14. 14
    Lauren @MomHomeGuide says

    Great giveaway! I love Land’s End’s products, and I really need to organize my linen closets, too! (I don’t like folding sheets, either!)

  15. 15
    Raven says

    For the love of all that is Loki, thank you for identifying the “Martha Stewart Flexible Name Badges”. I have an entryway closet that I have organized with the Closetmaid Fabric Bins, and I have had yet to find a label solution that I liked to use on them. I am going to go order some of these ASAP!

  16. 16
    Tracie says

    First of all, I LOVE your orange?(or tangerine?) wall in the background!!! Life is also too short not to use color! And…Wow, what a relief to know there’s nothing wrong with me! I thought I was the only one who folded/rolled/smashed my fitted sheets. Lol! So I totally agree with you also that life is too short to fold fitted sheets. Why go through all that only to be frustrated and get a headache??? I also, like Angel, like to fold my flat sheet, along with my rolled up(?) sheet and as neatly as possible put them into the pillowcase that goes with them. It just makes it all one tidy little package. And now I will start putting that in one of those totes! Perfect!

  17. 17
    Gail M says

    I love the way the totes make it look so much tidier!

  18. 18
    Nancy says

    That looks so great!!! I love that your closet is the same size as mine…..It gives me a great visual of what I need to do

  19. 19
    Melissa says

    I love these Totes! Im in the process of organizing a bedroom, and these would come in so handy!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. 20
    Karen says

    I always tuck a dryer sheet in my container I use for storing my sheet sets. They are always fresh and ready to use.

  21. 21
    cc says

    great job

  22. 22
    Kasey G says

    I really like your closet ideas! Keep it simple and sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  23. 23
    Lynn says

    I use my pillow cases as storage for my fitted sheets. Problem solved! but I like your idea of totes. I used them for smaller items like the hot water bottle, heat pad and such.


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