Some excellent tools for organizing paper

I’m very excited about today’s offer in my shop. This paper organizing bundle will help you set up a paper system in no time to help you manage all that paper that seems to make its way into our homes. This bundle comes with a sturdy divided file organizer, a matching 3-ring binder and 9 matching file folders in your choice of either black or white.

Place the organizer somewhere on your counter or in your office to manage paper that can’t be filed permanently away yet. Here are some examples of different categories of file folders you might want to setup depending on your circumstances:

To Pay
To File
To Plan
To Read
Take Out Menus
School Information
Work Information
To Shred
Menu Planning

Having a place to put all this information will alleviate the paper piles you have going on and make finding what you need when you need it easy and quick to do. Use the binder for your home management notebook or as a place to organize all your recipes.

Just think, you’ll be organized before you know it!

On sale now for a limited time for $29.00!!  Buy now

Animal Bags:

Also on sale right now are these super fun animal bags that you fill with all those stuffies scattered about turning it into not only a fantastic organizer but a soft seat for your little one to cozy up on as well.  Buy now

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    Lisa says


    This is great! I just finished writing an e-book ~ 10 Steps to Organized Paper~ and I have layed out a similar “daily paper” solution in step 8!



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