Fantastic Products for Back to School PLUS You Could Win a Dream Vacation!

Don’t miss the end of this post where I tell you how you can win a dream vacation!!!

It’s that time of year again where we all start thinking about back to school and how we can facilitate the whole process to set ourselves up for a successful and organized year. I’ve been working hard in my shop these past few months in anticipation of helping you reach this goal.  These are products that I have researched, personally used and highly recommend.  For more information about any of the individual products or to purchase, please click on the applicable picture to go directly to my Opensky store.

Gloss Office Bundle:

Paper is a huge problem for most, myself included.  The tidal wave of paper pouring into the house during the school year just doesn’t let up rarely giving us a chance to catch our breath and stay on top of it.  The best way to combat that is by having a system in place before the school year starts.  This Gloss Office Bundle is a terrific solution to help you battle the paper onslaught that is inevitable.  You can read more about this system in my review here.


Another product to help you with the paper fight is the Schoolfolio.  I get so many questions about how to organize and store children’s art work. I always suggest consolidating them  into one container or tote to not only save space, but provide you with some much needed limits and boundaries as to what stays and what goes.  The Schoolfolio is an excellent example of a storage container suitable for all those special projects and large pieces of artwork you can’t bear to part with. First of all, it’s big. The Schoolfolio will hold 24″ x 18″ paper with 3.5″ capacity inside. At this size, you could definitely house quite a few years of artwork, that is for sure.

Homework Caddy:

The next product helps you manage all the homework.  It’s a fun product designed to keep homework and supplies organized and all in one location.  It’s called the Homework Caddy and it’s a great product.  The Homework Caddy, which is made of a durable canvas type material, will help you clear the clutter with the four color-coded designated deep pockets.  Plus the magnetic dry-erase calendar board that’s included is a perfect spot to keep track of all those upcoming assignments and tests.  Think of it as a command center for homework! The caddy also includes:

  • 1 Dry erase marker with convenient pocket
  • 1 Large center display window suitable for lunch menus or schedules
  • 2 Clear plastic supply pockets perfect for pencils, erasers, rulers, glue sticks and more
  • 2 Bottom velcro straps for poster board project storage
  • 2 Magic hooks with come-off-clean adhesive so you can start organizing right away

DUO Multitasking Binders:

Next are these functional DUO Multitasking Binders that combine the efficiency of a binder with a seven-pocket, expanding file folder. Together, functioning as one product, this DUO combination is  perfect for coupons, meetings, office projects, class materials and taxes–you name it!  Very handy and durable.

Piece Pouch:

I absolutely love my next product called the Piece Pouch.  These pouches with a see-through front and velcro closure would work great for school supplies either a home or school.    You can read my review here.  They can be used for snacks, games, toys, crafts and the list just goes on and on and on.  In addition, the expanding sides means you can fit in even more!  Having everything in one place not only keeps items protected but it also means you won’t waste time searching for what you need.

School Family Calendar:

Every successful school year revolves around organizing so many different dates and times.  Here is an awesome School Calendar from Glow Baby designed to help you effectively do just that.  What makes this one so unique is that in addition to the monthly calendar on top, it also has a bottom section with space to itemize up to 6 people’s individual schedules giving you the best of both worlds.  Plus it has room to schedule daily chores…sweet!

Magnetic Wipe-Off Activity Calendar:

Finally the last two products are designed to help you empower your young ones take on organization for themselves.  The first one, the Magnetic Wipe-Off Activity Calendar,  is for the wee ones to help them know what activities are coming up in the day and to help them prepare and be aware so they don’t have to constantly be asking you what’s coming up next.  I used this calendar with my youngest for 3 years straight and he never tired of it.  I absolutely love it.  So while it’s not really for the school aged kids, it’s never to early to start them on the road to organizational success!

Responsibility Station:

Finally, with back to school comes back to school responsibilities likes those dreaded chores.  If you find getting your kids to do their chores a constant battle, may I recommend the FisherKids Responsibility Station.   These responsibility stations for children are so unique and creative and have been developed to provide an engaging, fun, organized and streamlined aid for parents as we all struggle tirelessly to raise independent, responsible children.  To learn more, please read my review here.

Win a Dream Vacation!

Opensky (the company that powers my shop) is doing a HUGE giveaway this month that I’m so excited to tell you about!!!  By joining Opensky you will have the opportunity to win 1 of the 4 trips listed below.

  • The Foodie ~ a 4 day trip to Tuscany
  • The Fashionista ~ a trip to New York Fashion Week
  • The Health Nut ~ a 7 day yoga retreat in Costa Rica
  • The Design Lover ~ a 4 day trip to Paris

How awesome would that be!!!!

If you aren’t already an Opensky member all you have to do to enter is simply sign up by clicking this image below.  Be sure to “connect” with me there so you don’t miss out on the fabulous organizational products I have coming up next! :)

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Good luck everyone!!

Fine print:  Unfortunately Opensky only ships to US residents at this time and therefore the giveaway is also only open to US residents.  So sorry!

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  1. 2
    Jodie says

    Hi, I love reading what you think about school products, I’m constantly trying out new systems for uni. This is my latest venture I’m hoping this will be the one, it has all the functionality of a binder but its small enought to fit in my bag and I can fold the front cover over when I write. I don’t know if they even have a Staples in canada but if they do you should have a look.

  2. 3
    ter@waaoms says

    Just a little note from your fellow Canadian, I wonder if contests can have a (US only) in the title or at the beginning of the post so we can decide wither or not to open it or scroll to end. In this case I was glad to see the organizing items you mentioned, but often it is just wasted time to open a post about a contest. Thanks for understanding.

  3. 4
    Malcom@The Baby Center Products says

    This article is good. It helps us students to be organized by using this school supplies. I love the products. I will tweet this blog to my friends. thanks

  4. 5
    Anita says

    Hi, where can you get Magnetic Wipe-Off Activity Calendar? Im trying to find one for my son cant located it anywhere. would appreciate your help.



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