29 Day Organizing Challenge ~ 1st Progress Link Up

First of all I’m so excited that so many of you decided to just go for it and show off your before pictures….over 100 of you in fact.  That just blew me away!!  So proud of all of you!  Here’s a little video for you :)

If you have trouble viewing the video, you can find it here.

Today is all about linking up your 1st progress report.  How are you making out with the challenge so far?  Tell us how it’s going, are you further ahead or behind where you thought you’d be?  Do you have a purge pile to show me? :)

A few of you mentioned on Facebook about feeling overwhelmed.  My best piece of advice for this is don’t look up…break your project down into bit size tasks that keep you from viewing the entire space at one time and seeing all there is to do.

Also I really want to thank all the sponsors for providing so many awesome prizes for our challenge as well.  I would love if we could show them some love by checking out each of their Facebook pages below.

Sponsor Facebook Links:

Organized Living
Getting Organized Magazine
Get Organized Wizard
Glow Baby
Simply Savvy
Great Useful Stuff
Clever Container
Thirty-One Gifts (will update with Facebook link as soon as I get it)

So here we go friends…it’s link up time!!  Please remember to link up to your specific blog post and not to the main page of your blogAlso by entering your link, you are giving me permission to use any part of your post including pictures in a spotlight on I’m an Organizing Junkie (proper credit and links will be given to you, of course!)

PS:  It’s not too late to join in the fun, this challenge goes on all month.  All details can be found here and prizes will be awarded based on who links up to the final link up at the end of the month.

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17 Responses to 29 Day Organizing Challenge ~ 1st Progress Link Up

  1. 1
    Raven says

    Stuff has been leaving at a massive rate, I’m impressed!

    I am still battling with the “omg, we just lost so much money because I didn’t sell those things”. We did – several hundred dollars worth. But it would have taken me *months* to get rid of it. Time is money :/ I HATE MONEY.

    Ok I feel slightly better now. Mostly. Somewhat. I do have one small pile of things to sell but since they are fall clothing, I need to find somewhere to safely put them away (in a home for themselves) until people are buying fall items at the high prices again. I did thin out the pile from 5 huge trashbags down to just about 2 dozen designer or high end items, so I thought that was pretty good.

  2. 2
    Gaby @ Tmuffin says

    Argh! A purge pile! How awesome would that be? Most of my purge pile was paperwork, which was shredded and used to mulch my garden. I can’t keep the garbage around long enough to take pictures. I do feel like I didn’t get anything done when I take pictures of the big picture. But I promise I did. This weekend is the big move, and then everything will fall into place from there, I’m hoping. At this point, 19 more days sounds like a whole lot and nothing much at the same time.

  3. 3
    Shonda says

    I just got back from a busy weekend so I started cleaning out my clothes closet. I have had a rough week and have not been very motivated, so I will work harder this week!

  4. 4
    Elizabeth@ReadySetSimplify says

    Laura I love your cheery and encouraging video! Thanks! I’m feeling pretty good about it, but I know I need to keep the momentum going because there is still a lot to do! I promise more purge piles for you next week!

  5. 5
    Carol @cdm-arewethereyet says

    Laura – I’m having that Garage Sale today that I talked about and showed you on my post

    ( http://cdm-arewethereyet.blogspot.com/2012/02/it-was-clean.html)

    so, I should be able to get my garage back next week and get it back into shape – but I wanted to show you what I did this week – I am not part of your challenge, but thought you might like to see my organizational “challenge” – so if you get a chance stop on by and check out this post on my blog –


    Thanks Laura – I would be interested in knowing what you think.

    • 7.1
      sara d says

      GOT IT! :)
      I was missing the link back to this site…DUH!

    • 7.2
      Laura says

      Yay so glad you got it working!!

  6. 8
    ter@waaoms says

    I’m still writing my link-up post which I think will end up being also a progress report. I will work on that this weekend! :)

  7. 9
    Raven says

    I linked up way earlier with text, but added pictures to show my progress. It’s so motivating to see it all emptying out!

  8. 10
    Lisa says

    Well I decided to take the Challenge! I started this week cleaning out my craft/office space. It was soo bad!! I gave away to family, friends and the local goodwill store! I’m so proud of myself! So now at this point, one room down, 4 more to go! I kinds agree with Raven on the OMG just look at the money I ould of made on my stuff, but when I got rid of it it was so liberating! I have after picts and will post when I figure out how.

  9. 11
    Angela says

    I love that all of the links I have looked at so far have gone to Target for organization things!!! Myself included :)

    I love seeing the progress! And can’t wait to see the end results!!

  10. 12
    jenny says

    Hey Laura, I don’t know if I’ve ever posted and told you before but your site is wonderful. And it is here that I turn today because I need help! I thought two and three times about linking up for your 29 day challenge. And I chickened out. I thought I’d just do it on my own, if I had time, if I felt like it, if… You know how it goes.

    I am blessed to have my own room for reading, writing, crafting in my home filled with boys. But right now it’s a disaster and I can’t enjoy it. So this morning I started the cleaning of it. And I got stuck. So I stopped by your “place” for a little refocusing. And i found it! I reviewed your PROCESS and I reread DON’T LOOK UP. Thanks for the pointers! I might just be able to do this.

    I’m just so afraid of not doing it “right”. Any tips for that conundrum?? I mean, what if all my hard work doesn’t pay off? Sheesh, I’m not helping myself here….

  11. 13
    Cindy says


    I’m trying to link up and it’s not going through. I was out of town until last night. Sorry to be late. There’s a little blurb at the link up site that says something about there being two days and a few hours left to link up.

    Not sure why it’s not working. My first link up was successful.

    Any advice?

    • 13.1
      Laura says

      Hi Cindy, I checked out your post and it looks like all that is missing is a backlink which is simply a link from your post back to orgjunkie.com. Highlight any text in your post and click on the insert link button and add orgjunkie.com there. Then wherever you had highlighted should be a “clickable” link. That should do it for you!


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