Picture/Keepsake Round-Up and my Six Simple Steps to Picture Organization

Updated to add: Our winner is Messy Moms!  Thanks to everyone for participating!!


Okay I have no idea how it is the end of March already but here we are.  I’ll be so glad to finish off with pictures this month…whew.  I know this was a tough challenge month, believe me I know, so even if you didn’t complete what you set out to do I’d still really like to encourage you to post on your progress anyway.   For this month I’m also not going to require you to include before and after pictures  because some of you I know were concentrating on organizing your pictures online and that’s not too easy to take pictures of 🙂  Of course you know we love the pictures so if you can that’s great, we’d love to see them!

What’s really important here behind this huge challenge is that you’ve made progress.  Big or small an accomplishment is an accomplishment.  Don’t get down on yourself for what you didn’t accomplish but be proud of what you have done.   If you haven’t finished yet make a list of what you still want to do and figure out the steps and timeline you need to take to get er done.  Hang in there, organizing pictures is a daunting task.  Don’t give up, it can be done!  Hopefully we’ll see some successful entries today that will help motivate you.

As for me and my pictures.  After a long time coming I feel as if I finally have a good system that is working well for me.  I was going to write this up as a separate post and got behind but I did want to share my system with you and so I will do it here today in SIX simple straight forward steps.  I like simple.  I like straightforward.

1.  Take pictures.

2.  Download pictures to computer on the same day they were taken.  I have my pictures set up (through Kodak EasyShare) to automatically download to the current year folder and then each batch of photos is categorized by date.   This is why it is especially helpful for me to download my pictures immediately.  To find a picture I need I just have to click on the year it was taken and then on the day.  Most of the pictures I take these days are around events so remembering the day I took them is fairly easy.

3.   Copy.  Within the current year folder I have a Pictures to Print folder.  After I do any required touch ups to the pictures I simply copy the ones I want to print to this specific folder.

4.  Print.  Once the Pictures to Print folder has about 100 pictures or so I upload that entire folder to Kodak Gallery and have them printed.  Most recently I have been printing them into photobooks which I like because it says me the step of having to file them into photo albums when they come back AND photobooks take up way less space than the photo albums do.

5.  Back up.  Not only do I now have my keeper pictures stored at Kodak Gallery but I also routinely back up all my photos to a thumb drive and CD for extra measure.

6.  Enjoy.

I know there are many many ways to organize pictures and keepsakes and that is exactly what I’m hoping to see linked up here today.  Tell us what works for you, you never know who will be inspired and helped by it.

To participate please link up below to a post on your site that tells us how you did with your picture/keepsake organization this month.  Remember to use the direct link to your round-up post and not to your homepage.  That’s helpful for those of us who might not get a chance to take a peek at your post until later.  Also, as a courtesy, if you are going to participate please be kind and link back to this post within your post.

Those that link up before Friday, April 3rd at 6:00 pm PST will be eligible to win a CD copy of the Dovetail Organizer, a digital safety deposit box that provides protection and peace of mind.


The lucky winner will be selected randomly from the Mr. Linky list below.  Good luck and thanks for joining me here!

Next month should be super easy….organizing any cupboard or closet in your home.  Now that we can all do!  Further details on the monthly round-ups can be found here.

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19 Responses to Picture/Keepsake Round-Up and my Six Simple Steps to Picture Organization

  1. 1
    Kayren says

    I’m going to do a separate post about my photos and link it up tomorrow. You have a good photo system. If I was digital (I’m dragging my feet) then I’d try that.

  2. 2
    Jill Scott says

    Thanks for hosting the round-up.

  3. 3
    Mary Cluley says

    Great post. For photos that are already printed, I use the Creative Memories Power Sort Box. It is the BEST EVER. I have 3 boxes….one for each of my children. The Power Sort Box organizes up to 2400 photos with room on the lid for large photos. In case of a fire, I am going to grab my boxes and my albums and GO!
    I don’t know how to post photos but you can view it at this website: http://www.mycmsite.com/marycluley
    then “shop products” then “traditional scrapbooking” then “organizers.” It is the most fabulous SOLUTION to organizing photos properly.
    Have a fabulous day!

  4. 4
    Kara says

    This reminds me once again that I really really really need to find all my CDs, hard drives, folders, etc of digital pictures, put them all in one spot, go through and organize and find the ones I want to print, and back them all up into one spot. Ugh, sounds like a big task so I keep putting it off.

  5. 5
    Jena OrganizingMommy says

    Wow. Good job everyone. This is a summer project I think. Is there anyone out there who has mastered the art of scanning the photos in and then using some form of electronic scrapbooking?

    could you email me? I have a mac, so it has to work with macs.



  6. 6
    Connie Hall says

    I literally have thousands of photos and I have saved them all under first the year then month then day and all backed up on an external hard drive..”MY BOOK” it is a great system…not done by any means but doing great.

  7. 8
    Kris says

    I totally forgot to do my organizing this month. Sigh. Will catch up. 😀

    Thanks for all of your great thoughts!!

  8. 9
    Susanne says

    Great tips Laura! We were just choked to find out that the pics we had backed up on disc are now basically half gone. They didn’t work and we didn’t know it until now. So I’m definitely going to look into Kodak gallery!

  9. 10
    trisha says

    I wouldn’t use Kodak Gallery to backup your photos. They have a requirement of an annual minimum purchase of $19.99 if you have 2GB or more stored with them ($4.99 if you have less than 2GB). I prefer Snapfish.com which is owned by a reputable company (HP) that is going to be around forever. They even gave free prints to Hurrican Katrina victims that lost their photo albums in the flooding.

  10. 11
    Adrian says

    I am SO all over this challenge! I just spent a whole weekend organizing 25 years of pictures. Now I just need to complete the process and get the important ones scanned and into on-line storage. I’ve been going through about 500 pictures each evening. Why, oh why did we get double prints of EVERYTHING!

  11. 12
    Jenn @ Beautiful Cal says

    This challenge was just what I needed! I still have a couple years to get into a photobook (waiting for a coupon) and I have a box with some hard copies of pictures to deal with but other than that – all the pictures in my life are organized!
    Thanks for the *bump* to get moving on it!

  12. 13
    Kayren says

    Am I in trouble for doing three different posts related to this?

  13. 15
    Sheryl says

    I sure do need to do this! What photobook software do you use?


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