Okay so what’s it going to be?

A cupboard?


or a closet?


Simple assignment for today.  Take a walk around your house and ask yourself which cupboard or closet could use an overhaul.  Which one drives you crazy because you can’t find what you need when you open it?  Which one isn’t maximizing space efficiently and living up to it’s potential?  Which one do you avoid because of the disaster within?  Which one, when you visualize it organized, brings a huge smile to your face?

That’s the one you should pick to tackle for this month’s challenge.

So what’s it going to be?

A cupboard or a closet?

Bring it.


PS:  One lucky participant this month is going to win a copy of Professional Organizer Lea Schneider’s book Growing Up Organized: A Mom-to-Mom Guide

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47 Responses to Okay so what’s it going to be?

  1. 2
    Jennifer says

    Oh – it is my Master Closet. A hidden room – it takes on all things that need to be hidden. That pile of papers I dont have time to go through, the laundry not put away yet… ugh.

    I dont get to list my husbands den or the garage, do I?

  2. 3
    Terri says

    Mine will be my “cupboard/junk place” or whatever we call it these days! I have a cute little hiding place in my entry room that is right off of our kitchen. Right now, it’s full of “stuff”. I have been saying that I need to clean it out to make it a cupboard but I never have. Now is a good time! This should be fun!

  3. 4
    Sparkette says

    I have a hall closet that could be a small bedroom. I have books, book shelves, suitcases and just crud thrown in there. It’s going to be organized and making piles for garage sales coming up once spring finally decides to stay around!

  4. 5
    Marci says

    I’m wrapping up spring cleaning and one of the “last frontiers” in our house is the pantry. I skipped over it when I cleaned and organized the kitchen. The pantry is really in need of an overhaul! I guess this will be my challenge this month!

  5. 6
    Lisa says

    I am going with closet, 7 closets to be exact!

  6. 7
    Lori L. says

    I’m picking my cupboard, and the timing is great! My twins just turned three, and we’re definitely making a shift in all things that belong in the cupboard. Sippy cups, gone. Baby accessories, gone. Let’s bring in the big kids stuff! Oh, wait. I’m not sure I’m ready for them to grow up!

  7. 8
    Kris Berry says

    Can I do both? I have about five closets and a cupboard or two that need a MAJOR overhaul. But, I guess today I’ll choose to do my linen closet. It’s not looking pretty!

  8. 10
    Momma says

    Mine is my daughters’ closet.
    It doesn’t work for her, even with two hanging bars and a great shoe rack.

  9. 11
    micki says

    I did this one two weeks ago. We totally reorganized my pantry. Of course you can’t tell any more :P The person who helped me didn’t understand that things must be out of kid reach and now I have plastic *everywhere*…and I’m too pregnant to get down to where she moved the plastic and put it back ROFL

  10. 13
    Amy Andrews says

    My closet! Ugh, so many clothes and all of my scrapbooking is stored in the closet. There is way too much and I need to completely sift through it all to donate items no longer needed and then completely reorganize.

  11. 14
    April says

    Definately closets!

  12. 15
    Carey says

    That would be my pantry. It used to be so organized my mom said “WOW” when she opened the door once. I don’t know what happened… I guess it’s time! I’m on it!

  13. 16
    Laura says

    Yes you can definitely do both! If you do more than one and post and link them up separately, that counts as additional entries for the monthly prize!

  14. 17
    Kari says

    Definitely has to be my front closet! It’s a war zone!

  15. 18
    Judy says

    medicine/linen/72 hour kit/swimming stuff closet….it’s a mess

  16. 19
    Tricia says

    I have been WAITING for this month to arrive to organize 1 of my only 3 kitchen cupboards. I houses my “need often” food and baking ingredients and it DRIVES ME CRAZY! I can’t wait to report back that I have “fixed” it once an for all!

  17. 20
    ter says

    So, a couple weeks ago, I went to put in a closet organizer in my bedroom closet.

    I took everything out.

    Problem: The organizer is meant to work with existing bar. Well, so I went to clip the thing on my existing bar and it doesn’t fit!!

    I always thought they were bigger than normal. In all the closets they are wooden poles, so now all my clothes are out of the closet sitting on a chair, it’s so frustrating. I guess I’ll have to go buy a new bar, but looking at it, I’m not sure I could just get any bar. Hmm. Will see if I can find some one who knows anything about anything to come take a look. Hopefully I’ll get more done soon.

  18. 21
    carey says

    Laura –

    Glad to see you are on the Peter Walsh webcast!

    I organized my dry goods cabinets today!!! Whoo hoo!

  19. 22
    Tiffany says

    I am going to focus mainly on our master closet! It’s really a store all for all of our stuff. I have been on this task for a few months now, and have finally started getting it ready for the baby’s arrival! I have my side of the closet pretty much ready, but Paul’s is another story! I also may try to do a quick go round with a cabinet or 2, or 3! By quick I mean, 10 minute organization!

  20. 23
    Jessica says

    I have a laundry room that has kitchen cabnets in it. I’m going to tackle all 4 of those cabnets this month and do something that will kee it neat and tidy for good!!!!


  21. 24
    Heather says

    Mine will be my kitchen cupboards. They are in desperate need of an overhaul. They just don’t work the way they are set up know.

  22. 25
    Jessica says

    Definitely picking my spare room closet . . . everything just gets shoved in there . . . very sad.

  23. 26
    Michelle says

    I will have to go with cupboard. I do not have any clostes in my house. I have a really old house and not a single closet!

  24. 27
    MemeGRL says

    The linen closet. I have put off changing sheets on beds because I can’t find a full set to replace them. The system is broken!

  25. 28
    Jeanne B says

    My yarn closet. The “good” yarn I’m using for more recent projects isn’t even stored in there. It’s time to haul it all out, examine the stash realistically, and admit that some of the colors are outdated, the projects intended for them won’t fit me now or aren’t my style, and it’s OK to let them go. Then have a destashing sale on my website.

    The closet is 11 feet wide by 24 inches deep and 8 feet tall, FULL of bins of yarn and a little fabric, if that gives you a visual.

    Or I could attack the storage shed out back. Or the closet where the tools are…

  26. 29
    Glenda says

    I just got back for my parent’s home where my three oldest sons and I decluttered their garage. Fifty trash bags of junk later, it is beginning to get back to normal.

    I will organize my “plastics” cupboard in the kitchen!

  27. 31
    Rochelle says

    Yippee! One I can participate in. :) I’m excited about this project!!!! [Um… does it count though that we read it ahead in your year round-up, couldn’t wait, and did it a month early cuz it was driving us nuts??!!] :) Anyway, I did my hallway closet [previous UTTER disaster] and can’t wait to show the pictures! You were totally my inspiration!!! Thanks!!!!

  28. 32
    Tiffany says

    Hmmm… I want to do the hall closet upstairs. I think it’s supposed to be a linen closet, but it has blankets, candles, old eyeglasses, miscellaneous garbage, etc. in it. It’s not that messy, though. Just disorganized. What I’m dreading is the pantry. It’s a mess. It used to look so nice, but my husband is not the organizing type! I think it’s a must-do since I’m looking forward to it the least. If I’m able to get both of these done I’ll be good. And since I’m getting a late start this year, I’ll try to catch up on some of the previous months’ projects!

  29. 33
    mariam says

    it’ll definitely be my daughters’ closet no matter how i organize it, they always go ‘play’ in there and mess it up..sigh, kids being kids i suppose

  30. 34
    Patricia says

    I’m going to try to get back on the round-up wagon with the cupboard above the stove, (It has a junk shelf.) the pantry and the linen/hall closet.

  31. 35
    Peggy says

    Oh, my gosh. Let’s see! Which one doesn’t drive me crazy! So glad I found this blog. I am going to get it together!


  32. 36
    Rebecca Clawson says

    It’s definitely going to be my front hall closet. That’s our shoe closet/coat closet/outside toy closet. I really need to make it neater, and I’ve been putting it off!

  33. 37
    Larra Palermo says

    This is great timing! We’re expecting our 2nd baby in July and I have to get my house organized before he’s born! We have 3 bedrooms..but the 3rd room is my photography office/guest room/laundry area. So it is getting a total overhaul. So I’m choosing a closet bc it is full of coats, photography supplies & equipment and junk. It needs to be ready for a sweet baby boy! My challenge may actually turn into taking on all the closets AND the cupboard/pantry.

  34. 38
    Heather says

    Going to have to be the pantry, I keep pulling out empty boxes that the kids have put back in there when they take the last one of something!! If anyone has any ideas for how to organize a narrow, deep pantry… please share?

  35. 39
    Pam says

    My two bedroom closets, yes both are mine I’m selfish! I think I need to create closet space for my off season clothes rater than hiding them in the back because I don’t want to admit the season is over.

  36. 40
    Christy says

    It is definitely going to be my 5 year old’s closet. When we moved into our new home 2 years ago, he called it his closet room. Our old house didn’t have but one closet in the master bedroom and he didn’t know what to do with it. He wanted to sleep in his closet room (we actually made up a little bed in there one Saturday night for him). He couldn’t sleep in there now. There are toys and junk everywhere. I hope it won’t take the whole month to go through it, but I’m prepared. I want to get things organized for him so that he can keep it looking great.

  37. 41
    Theresa says

    Mine will be my kitchen cupboards! They are chaos! There are things I need to get rid of and pantry items that need to be organized.

  38. 42
    emily says

    I have a couple small boxes that need to sorted. They have become the landing spot for several different items. I’m scared! lol Also the top of my daughters closet needs some organization :)
    Love your blog and the pictures! Very inspiring!

  39. 43
    Darla says

    I just did my pantry. I took out all the expired cans,old cereal boxes and pasta. Not much left in there but it sure looks nice.

  40. 44
    Colleen says

    Thanks for challenge! I’m done and it took 30 minutes! I’m so excited too because this was one closet that was bugging me! YAY!

  41. 45
    KayMarie Sexton says

    Right now there are 3 closets and 1 cupboard in my house that needs to be organized. Maybe even bulldozed.

    My husband and I are haven’t the hardest time just getting to them.

    A fifteen month old really keeps you pretty occupied. Which I’m sure you ladies know well.

  42. 46
    CJ says

    hi! i’m new here. i’d like to join your monthly round up’s. can i still join the previous ones and submit to you the link? thank you!

  43. 47
    JenB says

    I have so many closets (and other spaces) that need it, but today I finally got around to my pantry. Now that I’ve been trying to buy when I can combine coupons and sales to stock up on things, I’ve been running out of room. I’ve had 2 of 3 bags of groceries sitting just outside the pantry closet because there was no room. Today I organized, got rid of some things, and now everything is in there. Still more to do with it, but it’s a start…


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