Storage Star ~ Lego storage!

I often get asked about Lego storage ideas. I went back through my archives trying to locate the post I did about how I store my son’s Legos and couldn’t find it which means I didn’t do one but totally thought I did. Oops, what can I say :)

For today though I want to direct your attention to an AMAZING Lego storage solution that I found on the Lost Button Studio blog. I love it when I stumble upon brillance such as this.

Isn’t that smart! Jessica’s husband built that himself and I just thought it was so clever which is why Jessica is receiving today’s Storage Star. What a great way to keep all those Lego pieces contained and up off the floor. You really must go see the rest of her playroom makeover. The cubbies she uses are also fantastic!! Well done Jessica!


Okay so now my question is, for those of us who perhaps don’t have super handy husbands, how do you store your Lego?

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  1. 3
    Omaha Mama says

    I got a great Lego table (for younger kids) at a garage sale. It will be in my post about playroom organization.

  2. 4
    Journeyer says

    That’s great! My husband has recently made a table similar to this but without the drawers. I wish we’d seen this photo before he made it! We store everything in tackle boxes, which works well. Our table is a little lower and the boxes slide under it for storage.

  3. 5
    Lisa says

    My family made lego tables for a while but they were smaller with the base being those “sheets” of lego you build from and a mesh bag underneath for storage. They were very small compared to this though!! I’m going to send a link to a family memeber who has a MASSIVE lego collection!

  4. 6
    Katharine says

    My son is 5 and has tons of Legos, we have 4 of these, they hold all of his plain Legos. All of his sets City, Batman, etc. I buy clear plastic shoe boxes and label them. If the sets are big I just buy bigger sets. He loves his Legos being orgazied, he can pull out what he wants and he know right where they go when it is clean up time.

  5. 7
    AmyDe says

    WOW – thank you for sharing this! We are in the process of re-thinking my son’s room and this is just brilliant. Thanks again.

  6. 8
    Jenn says

    That’s a great idea!

  7. 9
    Kim says

    You know we don’t have any Legos but with all these storage solutions I feel the need to go out and get some lol. Great ideas that I can incorporate in other ways.

  8. 10
    Dawn says

    Right now my sons’ Legos are sorted by color into ziploc bags and then put into a larger container. I really like the idea of using a tackle box or a tool box type thing that is used to store screws and nails and other accessories. We have several of those in our garage and I’ve been thinking about buying some for the Legos. I’d love to have a table for them, but we don’t have the room. One thing that drives me nuts is when there are pieces to specific Lego sets missing. We have several missing pieces and I’m going to have to order some replacement pieces. We love Legos at our house.

  9. 11
    The Roost says

    That design is amazing! I don’t have kids at home so I don’t need it for legos but I am thinking how awesome for a big closet for a packing station. You have inspired me!

  10. 12
    Susanne says

    That is incredible. I bet he’d make a pretty penny selling plans for that little unit over the internet.

  11. 15
    Sandy@Reluctant Ente says

    Believe it or not – I do have my LEGOS stored in a big tub – under my son’s bed! Woo Hoo – I’m somewhat organized. ha ha.

    I’m writing about you – in my next post. Don’t forget to come take a peak.


  12. 17
    Beth says

    We keep the people in one bucket, regular pieces in a large rubbermaid container, and the tiny, unusual ones in a Box4Blox (mentioned above). I keep the Star Wars lego separate (it’s mostly mine! lol) and I keep the bionicles in these Ikea organizers: We have some in the boys’ room for the bionicles, and some in the play room for other toys. I also have a box each for “special” sets – castle, avatar, etc.

  13. 18
    Kellyn says

    We keep my daughter’s legos in ziplocks sorted by color and type (the random kind in a seperate bag) and the people/animals in another. It works well for what space we have. I like this idea though, it can be used as a desk as well. hmmmm

  14. 19
    Kerry says

    I use under-bed plastic storage “boxes”. Because they are shallow and wide, it is easy for the kids to dig around and find what they are looking for.

  15. 20
    Marianne says

    We have so many legos that they just live in huge tubs. But, when they come out they get played with on a sheet so when it’s time to put them away it’s just a matter of pouring them back into the tub.

  16. 21
    Charity says

    we have a small basket that gets tucked away in the closet when they are finished. The key is to gettting the blocks back into the closet…:)

  17. 22
    Forgetfulone says

    I use old, plastic lunchkits to store things with little pieces like Legos. One used to be enough, but not anymore, and now that he likes to put together the more advanced sets, I have to keep the pieces of each set separate (I should say that he has to keep them separate).

  18. 23
    Carrie says

    My son is 5 and just starting to outgrow his train table. We flipped the “train scene” over to the green side and now it’s a Lego table. His trains are still in the drawers for now (because he still plays with them on occasion), but when he’s totally outgrown it we’ll put the Legos in the drawers (with dividers of course). For now, they’re in the blue storage box his starter set came in.

  19. 24
    Amber (Bringing Good says

    I thought you wrote a post about Lego storage, too… are we both crazy?

    Seems like you said you used a rolling cart with drawers…

  20. 25
    Jenny says

    That is amazing!!
    Umm…I remember you doing a post on lego storage!!

  21. 26
    Megan @ Disorder2Ord says

    I am embarrassed to say, I use tupperware. I am not proud of it, but we are just now getting into the need and love for legos.

    My kids are small… what can I say…

  22. 27
    Tara says

    I ended up throwing my boys legos away because I got tired of picking them up off the ground after I had stepped on them, love this idea and I’m so happy to have found your blog since I’m quite the organizing freak myself. I just love it! Thanks!

    • 27.1
      Dawn Jones says

      You should have donated those to other children or a school! How wasteful! At least recycle them!

  23. 28
    Laura says

    Such great ideas everyone!

    Jenny you mean I’m not losing my marbles…you remember it too?

    Megan there is absolutely nothing wrong with using tupperware except of course when the Lego starts to multiply on it’s own overnight while you sleep :)

  24. 29
    phoward336 says

    We are just starting to get legos and so my DH and I found a terrific table at a garage sale – it has the lego base on one side and a car track on the other. The top lifts off and legos can be stored inside! It was only $15 to boot!

  25. 31
    Jessica says

    Laura…thanks so much for the mention!

  26. 32
    amy says

    i have 3 large bin TOPS that can be pushed underneath the coffee table. we do not separate..we dump. he also has a large bin TOP that is under a table in his bedroom- where he is being his creative self at this moment. The large spread out space allows him an easier way to find things yet easy enough to put away. I also have boxes marked “DS creations.” He likes building his own ‘minis.’ We put them in a box because he does not want to take them apart. We will need to start getting a bigger box.

  27. 33
    Midge says

    We store the larger lego’s for toddlers in a crate, and the boys legos are in under the bed storage contaniers.

  28. 34
    Laura says

    Luckily we don’t have that many still. We have 2 different sizes at the moment. Ones which are mega big. Those are stored in the original box it came in. The medium size ones I got at a garage sale and those too are in their container that they came in. Of course, I find them all over the house at times and that’s when I have to put them way up high so the kids don’t reach them and they come down again when they are good and promise not to put them all over the house again.

  29. 35
    mamafitz says

    we are lego nuts here, and i saved all my legos from when i was kid and now we have a LOT. i use the plastic drawer things (sterilite? i think that’s the brand), and we sort by color, train tracks, people, bionicle. most colors have 2 drawers. you can see a little bit here though we’ve added another drawer unit to that.

    for the instructions, we sort them by type (space, castle, town, etc), and put them in plastic sleeves, and those go in binders.

    lastly (yes we are really lego maniacs), you can open a free account at, and inventory your sets. then, when you want to build a set, you look up your set, it tells you how many you need of each piece and in what color, and you can find the pieces easy. we do this each winter when the kids want to build the train around the christmas tree. around thanksgiving i start collecting the pieces in a box, and then come mid-december when we put the tree up, they can build the train as if we just took it fresh out of the box.

    that all said, those wooden drawers are beautiful. i may have to try and do something like that.

  30. 36
    Mrs. Phillips says

    Holy mud! That’s awesome. I would have LOVED that as a wee one. I’m totally stealing the idea for my craft room!

  31. 37
    Aly in GA says

    This is my first visit to your site. I’m humbled by your organization, as I live in clutter-central. My 8yo is a Lego fanatic and it’s going to swallow my house whole, if I don’t get it under control. I, too, have looked into the Box4Blox concept ( – the video makes it look very appealing, though it seems pricey. They had a 10% off sale not too long ago, so I’m going to try and hold out for that again.

    Thanks for all of these amazing ideas. I’ll be poking around some more!

  32. 38
    Jo says

    I love the Lego table, but our place is too small. The Bricksacks at are the best solution we’ve found to organize and store all of my sons Legos.

  33. 39
    twinmama says

    Thank you Jo! I had one of these when I was a kid and it was perfect. Easy clean up for me and my Mom loved it! I was thinking of making one, but now I can save myself the trouble! Thank you!

  34. 40
    Tess says

    We use a product called GoGoSac playmat that converts into a toy storage sack. It is great for LEGO storage as contains all the lego bits on the playmat, then when playtime is finished it just pull up on the handles and away goes all the mess. We like the GoGoSac because unlike other similar products the GoGoSac has hidden drawstrings which means its less of a tripping hazard for the little ones. On the website they also give your suggestions on how to teach your kids to play on the GoGoSac teach your kids to play on the GoGoSac which makes it fun for them and easy for you. Great product we are using 3 at the moment.

  35. 41
    mamacina says

    My son inherited a massive LEGO collection from his cousin and it continues to grow. He has always been a builder so we decided to designate space for it instead of stuffing it away everyday. We put our dining room table ( that was all we had in the dining room) in our kitchen area and bought an Ikea bookshelf w/bottom cabinet and an open bookshelf that we put on its side. These come with wicker baskets that fit in the 6 square openings. We store all the instructions in one and then sets or large pieces in each basket. We left a few squares open for display. We also got one of the sterlite drawer sets already mentioned. The bookshelf on its side leaves a big display area for finished scenes or models. My son prefers to sit on a rug or floor cushion and spread out but we have a small table he uses some. At least this way when he outgrows this or we want our dining room back the storage is attractive and ready for dining storage.


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