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Utilize Extra Storage Space Above Your Doors

I love it when I receive emails from my readers letting me know how they have maximized space in their home by creating storage space where none use to exist. This idea submitted by Kate of ENUFFstuff is super clever and creative.  In fact she is definitely deserving of one of my Storage Stars. I […]

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Storage Star ~ Oven Rack Makeover

Hi all, I’ve been away on vacation for the last week (didn’t want to announce it earlier just in case of any crazies out there) and I was pretty much unplugged the entire time.  Thank goodness for being able to schedule posts.  With my youngest starting grade one this week I’ll finally have some time […]

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Storage Star ~ Laundry Basket Dresser

I’ve talked about the awesomeness of Ana White before but I only recently found her blog again.  Apparently she switched over to WordPress and all her RSS subscribers were lost…including me and I didn’t even know.  I was so happy to get reacquainted with her site.  She truly is one talented woman when it comes […]

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