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Storage Star ~ Purse Storage

You know organizing gets me excited but what gets me most excited is taking something intended for one purpose and turning it into a fabulous storage solution instead.  It’s even more exciting when that product would have just been given away or thrown out.  Re-purposing makes me GIDDY!   I get just as excited when I […]

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Storage Star ~ Shoe Shelves

I haven’t posted a Storage Star in awhile but I knew it was time when I saw how Kara, from Kara’s Korner, took a problem that annoyed her and persevered until she found a storage solution that worked for her.  Kara had these awesome shelves in her closet dividing her and her husband’s space. Kara […]

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Storage Star ~ Storage Crates

I am really drawn to the creative crafty types (because I’m so not one of them!) especially when it comes to organizing solutions.  Today’s storage star is being awarded to someone who not only found a way to use space that is so often neglected but did so in a fun and creative way.  Awesome! […]

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Storage Star ~ Packed Activity Bags

One of the reasons I am so addicted to organizing is because of the freedom it allows me to have by being prepared for most things that might be thrown at me.   Of course I can’t possibly predict and be ready for everything but most definitely I can eliminate many stresses simply by taking the […]

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Storage Star ~ Recycled Containers

I love highlighting posts of lovely ladies that do a great job of coming up with creative storage solutions.  Just yesterday I came across a most excellent post written by Michelle over at Dilly Dally and Flitter.  Michelle takes you through a step by step tutorial on how to take ordinary everyday ugly food containers […]

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