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I haven’t posted a Storage Star in awhile but I knew it was time when I saw how Kara, from Kara’s Korner, took a problem that annoyed her and persevered until she found a storage solution that worked for her.  Kara had these awesome shelves in her closet dividing her and her husband’s space.

Kara used these shelves for shoes but the problem was she had more shoes than shelf.  The shelves are really tall so when she tried to stack her shoes on top of each other to maximize space it was difficult to pull out just the pair she needed without shoes falling to the floor.  Yep that would drive me nutso too.

Recognizing what a great space she did have she knew she could improve on its efficiency.  She tried various ideas, including beautiful baskets but that didn’t work for her.  She was still annoyed.  Finally she had her husband add an additional shelf between each of the existing shelves essentially doubling her space and now look at her shoe storage!

Oh my goodness that just makes me giddy.  I love how excited she is by it and I don’t blame her.  I’d be thrilled to have all those shelves in my closet too :)   The additional shelving didn’t cost them any money either because they already had the wood lying around.  Such a great idea and I’m glad that she didn’t give up but kept at it until she found just the right fit for her.

Sometimes we get a system in place that works for many others and then think there must be something wrong with us when it doesn’t work for us.  For example, while baskets work for me (that’s what I use in my closet for shoes) it isn’t necessarily what’s right for others.  Everyone is different and we all have our own unique organizing threshold.  And you know what?  It’s okay.  Do what works for you and don’t give up if you find a system isn’t working as you dreamed it might, just try something else.  Organizing is a PROCESS and sometimes it does take a few tries to get it to where we are satisfied with how the system is working for us.

Check out Kara’s post for more pictures and to read about the journey she took until she got her closet functioning just right for her.  Beautiful!

Which systems in your home could use a little (or a lot) of tweaking?

Try following my PROCESS steps to help you through the journey.  You can do it, I know you can!!

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9 Responses to Storage Star ~ Shoe Shelves

  1. 1
    Lain Ehmann says

    Love the idea of letting our irritations guide us for solutions. Sometimes the answer is the simplest ones — too many shoes and not enough shelves? Add more shelves!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. 2
    Sharisse says

    I also have a shoe issue in my walk in closet. Sad part is I don’t even share my walk in closet. Our master bedroom has one walk in and one reach in. I LOVE sneakers and wear them everyday. I got rid of 7-8 pairs of sneakers and still have 15 pairs left on top of all my other shoes. I have NO shoe shelves in my closet. Only have racks for clothes. I need to figure out how I can install nice shelves. There are store bought shoe racks but they don’t seem to hold very much and are not very spacious.

  3. 4
    Colleen P. says

    My kitchen-the actual cooking area is tiny, badly designed, old, falling apart…The positive is that it’s an eat-in kitchen (a real rarity in our area-believe me, we looked!) so there’s loads of space to remodel and add all the cabinetry my little heart desires. The negative is that one requires infusions of cash to remodel, and that I do not possess! LOL!

  4. 5
    Clearly Composed says

    Now that is cool. I am having a moment of closet envy. *breathes*

  5. 6
    Callipygian says

    Shelves would be much better than my hanging shoe sorter thing. Now I just need to find where to put the shelves…

  6. 8
    Heather! says

    Awesome! I’m jealous, too. ;) BUT the cool thing is that it might not be that difficult to create something like this myself, using a second-hand bookshelf, perhaps? Hmmm…I need to work on this one!


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