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Kristin’s Top 10 Packing Tips for a Successful Move + FREE printable

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The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Kristin at The O.C.D Life. Moving is not the most enjoyable activity in the entire world! I have actually been dreading it for over a month now. The packing process, the unpacking process, and the pure anxiety that I experience from worrying about things getting broken […]

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Keep the purging going even after you move

I did so much purging of stuff before I moved (which I highly recommend) but as I learned you may also need to do more of it on the other side of your move as well once you see the space you have available to you. Turns out my new home has a lot less […]

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A moving tip that made life so much easier!

Yep that’s right, this moving tip is all about Glad Press’n Seal!  I gleaned this fantastic advice from a reader who was kind enough to leave it in a comment for me on my how do I move my jewelry post.   Oh my word, this one required a super big happy dance and then some!  […]

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The Ultimate Collection of Moving Tips!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve found several terrific moving posts from around blogland that have been helpful and I wanted to compile them here for anyone else in the midst of moving. 10 Best Shortcuts to Get Your House Ready for a Move ~ @ Buttoned Up Free Moving Label Kit ~ @ […]

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Packing jewelry for a move

Today is the day I’m going to ask YOU a question because I’m really stumped on this one and could use a little help here.   Remember last year when I shared my inexpensive jewelry organizer with you?   It’s been working great but now I need to know how I’m suppose to move it to another […]

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