DIY Moving Tips: Time Budgeting (the FINAL six weeks)

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home.

These are the awkward days in moving, right? You’re beginning to box things up but there’s a certain amount of daily necessities that remain unpacked for a short time. If I don’t keep some semblance of organization during this chaotic stage of packing, then I get overwhelmed. Organization at this stage comes in the form of a checklist accompanied by a few generalized dates.

DIY Moving Tips The final 6 weeks - tips to keep you organized in your move

So, let’s dig into general guidelines for making the most of the short weeks prior to your moving date.


– Pack, pack, pack the non-essential things in life (using your packing station, of course)! I’m usually surprised how many household items fit within the description of non-essential. Obviously trinkets, china and artwork can be boxed early on, but go ahead and tackle the kitchen. You’ll be amazed how many meals you can prepared using a single sauce pan and a pairing knife. 🙂 The more you pack, the more thankful you’ll be on moving day!

Pack the Non-essentials first thing

– Contact utility companies and make insurance updates or transfers. Obviously, moving out of town presents a little more work by researching providers and deals. However, the sooner you get this task out of the way, the better. Dealing with various providers can be potentially time consuming and best be done well in advance. My hubby always takes on this task himself, probably because he doesn’t want to be stuck packing the breakables with me. So, when in doubt, delegate.

– Are you renting? Be sure to notify the landlord of your moving date. Follow your facility guidelines for a full security deposit refund. That extra cash can pay for your pizza and drinks on moving day. 😉


– Set aside valuables. I always make a pile of what I want to personally transport rather than ship via the moving truck or container system. Some things are more precious to me than spatulas and bath towels. Once the pile is relatively complete, I box it up and label it carefully. In my mind, moving it personally equals a safer transit.

– Make pet, child care, and plant arrangements. In other words, attend to that which is living in the house other than the adults. Moving can be hard on little ones and animals, but they’ll adjust. Making plans ahead of time to care for their needs helps the adjustment period run as smoothly as possible.

arrange for pet care before you move


Head to your local post office or go online to set up a change of address and forwarding system. This is another thing my husband assumes when we move, but according to him you can set it up easily and choose a forwarding start date so no mail gets lost along the way (although I’d love to abandon that junk mail trail!).

Might as well contact the banks and credit card companies at this stage too, so they can get your updated address. If done too soon, someone at the forwarding address may have access to your personal accounts. If done too late, the new occupants of your previous location may have access (although the mail forwarding should help eliminate this scenario). Either way, work out the details with each company and/or bank so your identity remains safe.

– Get started packing those more essentially used items around the house. The goal is to be able to live out of a suitcase by moving week with everything else boxed and labeled.


– Eat yourself out of house and home, literally. Eat everything in your pantry and fridge possible. I always keep sports drinks and bottled water in the fridge towards the end so there’s something to hand friends who drop in to help pack/move, otherwise nothing really needs to be stockpiled right now. Basically, make a meal plan designed to eat up your storage items in these last days so there’s no packing of excess canned goods or refrigerated items.

Most importantly, finish packing the daily used items now (aka EVERYTHING)!

It goes without saying that you’ll be packing just about everything right now. Be sure to leave out a few cleaning supplies so that you can leave your place in tidy condition. It also helps to have those same supplies ready for giving a quick once-over in the new place too. The only time we never had to clean before moving into a new residence was when we built our home in Georgia. Otherwise, a quick cleaning (or not so quick cleaning, depending on what you’re purchasing) is usually a necessity.


We’re getting close, but you aren’t stressed because you’ve followed all of the above mentioned tips, right? 🙂 That said, build yourself an “essentials kit” and include important documents (more on this next time). That kit and those documents will keep you sane provided it doesn’t get packed in the moving van (experience speaking here… sigh).

Another wise tip, call and confirm everything you’ve arranged up until this point. Confirm ALL details! I’m talking everything from the moving truck company to the pet sitter. Don’t assume anything but rather take a few minutes to double check that everyone is on the same page as you and has the correct dates and/or times.


Keep track of your essentials kit and important documents as well as necessary phone numbers. Keep electronic chargers handy because phone batteries always die at the most inconvenient time.

Do a final “once-over” of hiding spots like the refrigerator, freezer, pantry, cupboards, and closets. I like to vacuum my way out the door at this point, but I realize that might be a little over-the-top for most people. Call me crazy, but I leave my home in good condition if at all possible. Plus, cleaning is always a stress reliever for me, so it’s a win-win for all parties involved in the move. 🙂

Finally, if ever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed along the way, grab several of your besties and tell them you’ll supply munchies and drinks if they’ll join the packing party. Nothing gets me into gear better than like-minded friends offering a helping hand. Let your guard down and let memories happen sharing laughter (or tears) with friends while surrounded by bubble wrap and boxes.

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