DIY Moving Tips: Glass Plates

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home.

Today’s moving organizational tip is not original to my own brainstorming. It’s actually my Mom’s tip that she has used for as long as I can remember (but she doesn’t blog so I’m sharing it for her). 🙂

DIY Moving Tips for Packing Glass Plates - excellent tips!!

We’ve moved many times and packing the kitchen is one of my least favorites jobs because I envision everything breaking along the way. To negate that fear, I go over-board with bubble wrap and packing paper. It’s not friendly on the wallet nor on the environment, so this past move I tried my Mom’s trick – sandwich each glass plate between styrofoam plates then pack standing on their edges securely in the box.

foam protecting glass plates

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, it’s still not the world’s best environmentally friendly packing material, but it was a giant leap in the right direction for me. It only took one package of foam plates to safely pack all of our flat dinnerware, including the fragile china plates!

Great tip to pack glass plates using foam dividers

Use these foam plates to protect glass plates during a move

The bonus was how quickly packing like this goes. Glass plate, styrofoam plate, glass plate, styrofoam plate…. then into the moving box and taped shut, with a colored tape label of course. 🙂

glass plates divided by foam plates during a move

Another added bonus was the unpacking side. We salvaged as many foam plates possible and ate off them for the first week of unpacking and take-out meals. I’ll spare you the picture of half eaten pizza on foam plates amidst a backdrop of unpacked boxes, I’m sure you get the idea. 😉

Using foam plates to protet glass plates

This is definitely one of my easiest tips for moving and might be one of my favorites too. Oh, and I should mention that ALL my glass plates arrived safely and without chips or cracks, not bad huh?!! You can read more on the DIY Moving Tips series HERE and HERE and stay tuned as I continue building this series. Happy weekend, Friends!


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    Lauren says

    I recently used this tip while moving and it worked amazingly! I highly recommend packing your glass plates like this. Thanks for sharing!


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